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  1. Hi Anthony, Love the amp mate. I hope I can make something remotely similar. I wanted to ask you something. Looking at the bottom photo I can see what appears to be metal rectangular spacers fitted to the inside of the heatsink and what appears to be securing the boards. Would that be correct? If so where can I source? Ozzie
  2. Damn I would love to buy that!
  3. @Full Range Dear God, I have to be honest. My wife considers me to be the most unromantic fellow she has ever laid eyes on. My attempt at swooning in the moonlight would probably result in her wanting to have me assessed Purchasing flowers in my household is met with suspicion
  4. @Full Range Dear God, I have to be honest. My wife considers me to be the most unromantic fellow she has ever laid eyes on. My attempt at swooning in the moonlight would probably result in her wanting to have me assessed Purchasing flowers in my household is met with suspicion
  5. Thank you. I was actually very nonchalant before the parcel arrived. Once I opened the package up, my wife who is as uninterested about audiophile items as a woman can get, could not help but comment how good they looked. Very very good workmanship.
  6. Me too. Next thing is amplifier chassis. Have a few things in mind which will get sorted out shortly. The look absolutely stunning. If you lifted the lid on a chassis and saw these there you would be thoroughly impressed. The pictures dont do justice for just how professional they look. Not cheap at all.
  7. Hi guys, @Full Range @Upfront @Rob181 @125dBmonster @Aussieamps Well I had a parcel arrive late last week with some goodies. It had been a while since I placed the order so I had no preconceived ideas of how the modules would appear once they arrived. Prior to that point I really had no attachment other than knowing that a DIY would be undertaken and in the midst of all this I was having other audiophile issues. When they did arrive all I can say is that Anthony Holton's workmanship is outstanding. I hope the photos do some justice to just how good they present. They are outstanding and look highly professional. In audiophile language, there is plenty of gear out there that is much more expensive to purchase. We all know that. But this gear looks top shelf. If the system performs half has good as it looks then it will be an absolute killer amp. Have a look and let me know your thoughts. Included in the photos are the amplifier modules, power supply modules and power controller. Now if you have a look at the amplifier modules you will notice a slight variation in design. Anthony did this for me as I intend on positioning these modules along with the power supply modules in a vertical position, fixed to the inside with the heat sinks to the outside.
  8. I've heard so many people comment about these speakers so I'd like to ask what is the fuss about them. I have also heard they need a weapon of an amp to drive them.
  9. What a beast! This would grab my maggies by the scruff of the neck
  10. @dolphy Strictly speaking it is a high gain power amp with volume control however for all intents and purposes it operates as an integrated amp. So yes you can switch from one source to another. I treated it as an integrated. I also tried the LightSpeed Attenuator which worked very very well with it when I was using the oppo 103. Cheers Ozzie
  11. Item: PRICE DROP RELIST QUASIMODO POWER AMP Location: GOSFORD Price: $800 $750 ONO Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Too many amps, funding upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fee, COD Only + shipping Extra Info: This is my beloved Quasimodo Power Amp which is more specifically a High Gain Power Amp with volume control. This was built in the last 12 months by the legendary Richard McDonald whose minimalist tagstrip design is really something to behold when you listen to the result that is achieved. These amps very rarely if ever come on to the for sale forums and its easy to see why once you own one. This is a regrettable sale but my path down the active route with my big Tympani 1Ds requires me to source amps which have unconditional stability into 2 ohm loads. This Quasimodo easily drove my maggies which normally presents a 4 ohm load. According to Richard this amp is conservatively rated at 40 wpc into 8 ohms and almost doubles down to 75 wpc into 4 ohms. This is an Australian made amp which punches well above its weight and believe me I have been in Bill McLeans shop and heard some pretty incredible gear. If I was not going down the active path this and the other amps I am selling would not be getting sold. Happy to audition this and the other amps driving a pair of Magnepan IIIAs which like other maggies regularly dip down below 2 ohms in transient states. I have taken photos outside to lay bear the condition of the amp. There is a light mark on the top panel in the bottom right hand corner which is negligible. PLEASE NOTE that this amp has been UPGRADED to the latest spec. This was done with the assistance and consultation of Richard McDonald himself. Pictures:
  12. Looks like they are in exceptional nick.
  13. @rantan Consensus opinion does not equate to an objective truth as should be obvious to you. You asked how else one could interpret the statement and I told you with a legitimate example which was not intended to confuse the situation but rather serve to clarify. I for one prefer to use without CD although in some cases that is not possible. When that occurs I use disc. I dont think disc is the best option. We are audiophiles. We seek the best possible sound with the equipment that we have. And I too respect your right to engage with another opinion. I think in this instance you became fixated on a point which clearly could be interpreted to have an opposite meaning to what you were asserting. That reflects the lens that you see the world through rather than a matter of right or wrong.
  14. @rantan At the risk of coming across as being condescending which is not my attention, but read very slowly the quoted remark which you presented. Now step back a little bit and note the use of the word "meant". Nowhere in the comment is it stated in clear terms "Do not use redbook CD as it cannot be played". Thats not what it is asserting. A baseball bat can be used to beat someone up with, but its not MEANT for that purpose ALTHOUGH it can be. Clearly a baseball bat can have multiple uses in much the same way that this player can be utilised. But that doesnt necessarily mean that EACH use will give the best outcome nor does it suggest what it is meant to be used for. Do you understand. In other words its not asserted as a statement of fact to promote a total exclusion. And no I am not trying to be difficult or supportive of Peter's comments but rather draw you to the possibility that you have made a hasty interpretation which is clearly not what Peter was alluding to. Certainly not to my mind anyhow.
  15. Absolutely note @rantan I interpreted it as not being very good for CD use and NOT that it cant play CD's. To think otherwise is somewhat bemusing particularly when it is something of a belief with many people that I have spoken to and tested for myself that HDD playback is superior to disc spinning. That was something that Bill Mclean endorsed to me in a recent conversation in his store. And he sells the Oppo. Go figure.