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  1. Hi mate, I spent a lot of time measuring and re-measuring and then measuring again. I am definitely going to use a drill press. I just got home late after seeing a mate with the view to getting his drill press for the week. Its one of those tools which you hardly use but always seem to have the need for. I've positioned the modules about 3 cms from the bottom edge. Any lower than that would make it problematic I think. Good advice about the opposite corners. Thank you. More photos to come.
  2. @Full Range @125dBmonster @Upfront @Rob181 Time for some drilling and tapping. Masked up the sides, laid it all down, marked up the holes. Now we are ready.
  3. Shame on you selling the maggies Great sub. Should sell this. Great price. GLWTS
  4. Amplifier chassis arrived. I have also taken @Argo advice and got the better input stage regulator. Chassis looks the part. Very big and very heavy without anything added. I'm looking for someone to do some CNC engraving. Can't seem to source though here on the Central Coast. For some perspective, the chassis is 225mm in height. It's big.
  5. Interesting story. I was in Warrens factory when a pair of 1.7s were getting repaired. As is the case, Warren had them on to make sure they worked properly which obviously they were. If I remember correctly he had an ME55 which was driving them. I am pretty sure that these were the ones he had repaired. Sounded stunning. With so much room behind them to breathe in the factory, they were incredible. For the money that you are paying you get a whole lot of speaker. GLWS.

    Sold pending payment.
  7. Item: PRIMARE BD 32 BLU RAY PLAYER Location: GOSFORD Price: $1800 ONO Item Condition: VERY GOOD Reason for selling: FUNDING Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (FEES, NO FEES WHEN SENT AS FRIEND), COD, PLUS SHIPPING. Extra Info: Up for sale is the highly regarded PRIMARE BD 32 Blu Ray Player which by many estimates is truly high end as an AV performer. These units were selling for over $5000 3 years ago. There is loads of information on the net regarding just how good these units are and is indicative of how rare these units appear on the forum for sale. This is very much a reluctant sale. Picture quality is stunning whilst stereo music play is superb. There are multiple options in terms of inputs and outputs. If you want HT then 7.1 is accommodated for. If you want critical listening then balanced and unbalanced connections are there to satisfy your requirements. I noticed a very light scratch to the side which one can see in one of the photos. Overall very good condition. I have included the latest remote which can be used for a variety of Primare products as well the net dongle. I have also included photos to indicate the unit in operation. More than happy to audition for any prospective buyer. Very competitive price point. Some useful spec information: Product Overview The Primare BD32 is a high quality true multi-format/multi-channel Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-A and media player, equipped with dual HDMI 1.4 outputs (3D). It benefits from a proprietary Primare audio stage, multiple custom-engineered power supplies, a superior user interface and added input and control functions. The BD32 is capable of decoding all native audio formats including DSD, Dolby True HD and DTS Master audio. It has a fully-balanced stereo (XLR) output, an unbalanced stereo RCA output, and an 8-channel unbalanced RCA (7.1 multi-channel) output. Specifications/Features High performance multi-format/multi-channel player Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, DVD-A and media Dual simultaneous HDMI 1.4a outputs (3D) Proprietary Primare audio stage Multiple custom-engineered power supplies OLED user interface CD performance: Freq resp -0.19dB @20k; THD+N 1k 0dBFS (22k LPF) 0.0015%; Noise A-weighted. -138dBV SACD (DSD) performance: Freq resp -0,17dB @20k; THD+N 1k 0dBFS (22k LPF) 0.0055%; Noise A-weighted. -125dBV Analogue outputs: 1 pair Stereo XLR and 1 pair RCA both 4,3Vrms 1 multichannel 7.1 RCA input Digital outputs: 1x SPDIF (RCA); 1x AES/EBU (XLR); 1x optical (TOS-link) Inputs: USB, LAN, e-Sata, IR in/out 3.5mm; RS232; Trigger in/out 3.5mm D/A converter: Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 Output impedance: RCA 100Ohm; XLR 110Ohm Power consumption: Standby 0.5W, Idle 50W, Operation 60W Dimensions: 430 x 375 x 106 mm Weight: 8.5kg Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  8. Stands are one things mate. I think it is far better to go the whole hog and do the frames. I did what you are doing right now to my IIIAs which are the exact same size as the 3.7s. They do make a difference. If there is sufficient interest I will post photos. Ozzie
  9. 100% agreement [email protected] @gonefishing999 made superb stands. Aside front the aesthetic appeal they make a pronounced sonic difference. Every Maggie owner would benefit from both stands and hardwood frames. I have ripped apart two sets of Maggie's and I csn tell you Magnepan does everything on the cheap. The inductors look like they were wound on by a drunken sailor. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  10. Understated and damn good amplifier. This should have no issues driving 4 ohm loads. They punch so far above their weight its not funny. Absolute bargain at that money.
  11. Item: PRICE DROP RELIST QUASIMODO INTEGRATED AMP Location: GOSFORD Price: $800 $750 $700, $660 ono Item Condition: VERY GOOD Reason for selling: FUNDING UPGRADE Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fee, COD, + shipping Extra Info: Long story short, after I was led to believe that the amplifier had sold I have had a very disappointing outcome. Despite repeated indications of assurances that the purchaser wanted to buy the item along with equal assurances of payment that never amounted to anything their loss is now someone else's gain. From my perspective, this was disappointing, given my fairness to him by not accepting offers elsewhere. I had agreed to sell for the sum total of $700 which at the time included shipping to WA. So effectively speaking, budgeting for delivery anywhere to Australia for $40, this equates to the amp selling for approximately $660 by itself. I am prepared to honour that total price to anywhere in Australia. This is my beloved Quasimodo Integrated Amp. Richard McDonald described as a high gain power amp with volume control. In any event it functions as both. This was built in the last 12 months by the legendary Richard McDonald whose minimalist tagstrip design is really something to behold when you listen to the result that is achieved. These amps very rarely if ever come on to the for sale forums and its easy to see why once you own one. This is a regrettable sale but my path down the active route with my big Tympani 1Ds requires me to source amps which have unconditional stability into 2 ohm loads. This Quasimodo easily drove my maggies which normally presents a 4 ohm load. According to Richard this amp is conservatively rated at 40 wpc into 8 ohms and almost doubles down to 75 wpc into 4 ohms. This is an Australian made amp which punches well above its weight and believe me I have been in Bill McLeans shop and heard some pretty incredible gear. If I was not going down the active path this and the other amps I am selling would not be getting sold. Happy to audition this and the other amps driving a pair of Magnepan IIIAs which like other maggies regularly dip down below 2 ohms in transient states. I have taken photos outside to lay bear the condition of the amp. There is a light mark on the top panel in the bottom right hand corner which is negligible. PLEASE NOTE that this amp has been UPGRADED to the latest spec. This was done with the assistance and consultation of Richard McDonald himself. Pictures:
  12. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I second this. I just came by an Amazon fire TV which my wife uses in the main bedroom. I just happened to install kodi and it has changed how we watch television. My intention is to go down the route of HTPC to cater for both audio and video. To me its becoming a no brainer. I get to choose how I want the system setup.
  13. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Mate, I agree. Its one of the very reasons why I am heading towards computer audiophile/videophile. I get to choose what system I want. It beggars belief that none of those players facilitate i2s to an external DAC. How about having Kodi support? Its just plain dumb. They are too damn preoccupied with ensuring you cant play ripped ISO images instead of listening to their customer base.
  14. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Who cares. I can see huge benefit in companies like Oppo listening to these types of communities and building products that their fanbase want. These organisations should be trolling these forums to get precisely this sort of feedback and build from that. I would love to i2s capability with these so called high-end blu ray players to give flexibility to purchasers to output to their own external DAC. Why don't they do it? Because let's face it what we want is very rarely met and instead, we end up being given something that is all about building to a cost.