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  1. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    They look so cool, what is the retail?
  2. The funny thing is Iam not even trying to "fix" anything just want ensure I have it setup to the optimum. The azimuth adjustment is what I want to test as per Michael's advise to ensure getting the right channel separation that's it. Unlike some who wouldn't care for sure precise tweaking yet decide to chime in on my skills. All talk and no substance, what happened twith constructive advise, but that's something we cannot expect from those that don't know much.
  3. Any further news on the MK4 ?
  4. That tonearm is tiny, 7 inch?
  5. What about mono cartridge for mono records? Need 8 arms
  6. Currently Spinning

    I have to complete my Norah Jones collection. Hoping there was a cheap boxset