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  1. Every piece of ayon i got impresses me. I have ayon sigma and it's so good for what it cost compared to many that cost a lot more. I can only imagine s5 been superb. Good luck to your sale.
  2. High end integrated amps

    I am a big fan of Ayon gears
  3. High end integrated amps

    Very interesting to know and hope u enjoyed the Munich show. Seen a lot of pics of new up coming stuffs from the show. I am never fan of Japanese hi end electronics but I have to say their phono cartridges are well make and sound special and awesome. I hope I will have a chance to exprience TAD one day
  4. High end integrated amps

    Are we still on High end integrated?
  5. High end integrated amps

    I have never heard TAD but heard a lot comments about them. How do they compare to WB act evo? Have u heard magico s5mk2 before choosing tad r1?
  6. High end integrated amps

    They might as sia025 been out for awhile and I still think sia025 is really hard to beat.
  7. High end integrated amps

    Is that the TB u reckon is good? What speakers have u hook them up to?
  8. High end integrated amps

    I have not heard tb but dartzeel is a great looking unit with great sound too. It all also down to your budget
  9. High end integrated amps

    Above mentioned integrated are really good I believe. Who can say no to dartzeel and absolare?! The price of those u mentioned are at serious price range! R u saying vitus is replacing ri100?
  10. Does bel canto makes phono??
  11. @Toyboyo chillipepper is a perfect example, he ended up having a brinkmann bardo that cost way more than 4k and that's just the table. We haven't add phono pre amp and cartridge !
  12. That's why I agreed with vince. You might have a chance in 2nd hand market but no chance with new. I been there and I know it well. Is it wrong to be truthful in sna? Why are people been so pissed at his comment?! 4k will get u a good digital set up for sure but not full tt set up in brand new.
  13. brinkmann bardo is a good dd tt from what i read. Does bardo kick start the platter with dd and the rest done by magnetic? Do u have isolation platform goes under it?
  14. I so agreed with that comment. 4k for full tt set up new just waste the money and effort. You would rather spend 4k on a new DAC and listen to digital. You save the hassle of setting up and using tt and sound better.
  15. Devialet

    Devialet are great for what u get for the price and with Louis vuttion investing in them, u don't worry about they will go bust Vitus sound really nice to me especially pure class A but they are pricey. Meitner ma01 don't sound and don't feel like what's it cost. The software upgrade should at least offer free to original owner.