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  1. hi, is this still for sale ?
  2. help, I have an Emotiva Fusion 8100 which I bought second hand. It has an annoying intermittent fault - sometime it won't successfully power up. There appears to be a self checking sequence (?) which frequently / randomly fails. I don't have decent statistics but feel that it fails more frequently at temperature "extremes" ie. really cold (below 6 deg say) or really hot (above 25 deg say) I'm an electronics neophyte ... and the amp only cost about $200 so not worth spending a whole lot on professional attention. I do own a simple cheap analogue multi-meter, I can just about remember kirschoff;s law from 1st year physics - but that's the full extent of my electrical knowledge ... well that and don't touch mains supplies ! Can anyone advise what sort of process might lead me to tracking this problem down .... and hopefully fixing it. Even pointing to web sites which define debugging processes would be good (the ones I found weren't all that helpful ... maybe I wanted too much had-holding) A little more detail on the symptoms - Main power on (toggle switch on back of unit, next to power cable) - relay audibly trips - Status light solid turns red 2nd Relay trips (?) audibly - Status light begins flashing After a while status light turns "solid red" ie. flashing ceases Press "standby/power" button ... status turns blue Panel initially "dark", then brightens (or not if power up fails before "lightening") Either power up is successful and status light remains blue Or powerup fails, relay trips audibly and status flashes red Sometimes the process fails before the panel brightens At this time of year, the power-up fails quite consistently early in the morning ... but leave it a few seconds (main power switch still on) and it will often start on the second attempt In summer the unit fails much more consistently - at all times of the day - and will often not start at all in the height of summer I'm grateful for any advice , thanks
  3. hi Matt, could you ship the SVS to Melbourne ? R
  4. hi folks, a new member joining to research and view classifieds ... somehow I seem addicted to hifi ... can't imagine where I contracted the bug