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  1. Just want to let you know, that you can get this new/sealed for AUD$200 off Amazon.
  2. Yeah, i agree. I also like that it has a mono feature also.
  3. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    I got them made locally by a guy. I was inspired by Kenrick Audio from Japan.
  4. FS: JBL 4367 Studio Monitors

    I say, take them with you into the apartment. I live in an apartment in Brunswick also and my JBL 4365's sound magnificent .
  5. Wow. With 4 steps, i'm pushing 94db in my room. I guess it's all about the gain in your system.
  6. That sounds great. I will drop him an email. If he can built something to my requirements, i'll definitely consider that.
  7. That's the model i'm looking at.
  8. The reason i looked at the Tortuga was that for $300USD more, you get a professionally made unit with 3 inputs, 2 outputs, remote control and adjustable input impedance. I have never felt my Slagle's rolled off the bass. I have experienced the opposite. I look forward to your comparison.
  9. I've owned the Dave Slagle autoformers for about a year and i love they way the integrate and sound in my system. Easily the best sounding pre i've owned. My only dislike is that i find the attenuation range too narrow. Only 24 steps. So when i want to listen late at night, the first step is too loud. I know he's released a stereo version with 47 steps for $900 USD which i'm thinking of getting. But i'd like to know if anyone owns a Tortuga LDR3 and their thoughts on it. Also if anyone has A/B'd the Slagle's with the Tortuga.
  10. KT88's v EL34's

    I do agree the Sophia's are exxy, but compared to Mullard NOS, they're a quarter of the price for 85-95% sound. I say keep the 77's in and save for the Sophia's. Even if it takes you 6 months, they're worth the wait. We humans can achieve wonderful things when we set our hearts to it. Haha.
  11. KT88's v EL34's

    Hey Andrew, I was running GL KT77's in Audio Note Kits mono blocks. I had the same experience as you. I loved them for 6 months. i then replaced them Sophia Electric EL34's. They smashed the KT77's in every area except for deep bass. The Sophia's have so much more texture, tone and timbre. For me that's more important than get wrenching bass.
  12. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Spun this earlier today.
  13. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Some deep spiritual jazz from Argentina. Ara Tokatlian / Enrique Villegas / Guillermo Bordarampé ‎– Inspiración Cabal, Argentina 1975

    Jimmy Lyons is gone.