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  1. @mickj1 There was another orchid enthusiast out and about in Truganini Reserve? There were four when I counted, must have missed one or two? S. T. sighted what looked like a white Goshawk over home tonight.
  2. Some more orchids, nice meeting a SNA member on the track, hope you got your bird photos @mickj1. Corybas diemenicus.
  3. @MattyW Best of luck with your efforts, I am trying to do a similar thing with a miniDSP 8X8, a borrowed UMIK mike and REW and Holmimpulse among other stuff. I am using the in built soundcard of my PC, inputs 7 and 8 for REW etc and inputs 1 and 2 for music, just mute the inputs as needed or use a different configuration. Fun and games, but changes are easy to make but difficult to get anywhere near correct the first time! @andyr Yet to have the miniDSP lose its settings though, at least I have saved a few configurations so I can recover.
  4. I just play (shuffle) from tracks/albums loaded. Dependent on how you have you files setup you should be able to right click and "Enqueue in Foobar2000" from the context menu. You should be able to do this for albums as well. Tracks should just keep playing in the order selected. The "stop after current track" does as it says but is usually reset automatically after the stop. The only dumb questions in my opinion are the ones you don't ask.
  5. Just ran a few checks here with numerous diodes, results are as follows. 13.75V regulated supply with two nominally 9.1ohm 25watt resistors in series (~18.2ohms) gives me ~710mA. Diodes connected were. 1N4004 - .856V 1N5408 - .79V UF5408 - .99V FR607 - .775V BYX20/200 - .872V 1N5819 .384V Schottky for something different and as a check of the setup. From this list I would look into a UF5408 for your requirements, the spec sheet says 1.7V @3A for maximum instantaneous forward voltage see note (1) at the bottom left. I assume we are both measuring steady state at ~700mA, not as tested and perhaps that may be the difference.
  6. The Fairchild data sheet mentions 1.2V forward voltage @ 3A Onsemi lists 1V max @ 3A so different manufacturers say different things.
  7. Never seen printed circuit boards using anything other than "normal" (60/40 tin/lead and other mixes including silver) solder. Most unlikely anyway as the temperatures for brazing would most likely cause failures of the components and boards. Not saying hard soldering on boards has not been done though, just never seen it. I have seen copper wire and steel connected using something like Thermite in a small crucible to ensure power line transmission towers were correctly earthed, an extreme situation though.
  8. You might look into using a cable ties to secure the components.
  9. If it were in fact dead you should be able to see where you let the smoke out!
  10. I own a ribbon driver (Raven R2), its on a flat panel, I'm in! No, no, no, comes the stern reply, not flat enough or maybe not long enough? "Ribbons - a la Audience" should that be "Ribbons- a la Ambience"? You seem to have missed mentioning that cones are OK when used up to 150Hz or did I misread that in the virtual rules previously posted? Seems some sort of double "Standard" at work here about cones?
  11. I was really impressed with the "barn" that the equipment is/was housed in. Workmanship of the wooden parts looked excellent, some other aspects of the system I was not so impressed with. Seeing the part about the slate quarrying process was interesting. Would not speculate on the sound, not heard anything from that manufacturer or any others (that I am aware of) shown in this topic. In my opinion worthy of inclusion here, compares with other offerings in this topic.
  12. I agree that is probably what is meant by flat panel, but one never knows with virtual rules for membership.
  13. I would have thought pretty much anything built as a flat panel not a coffin, surely qualifies as per the Societies name? The thought of the expert only believing they are flat, is an interesting dilemma! Could be a long list, will be interesting to read. No mention as yet of transducer types allowed?
  14. @frankn OB's = to 'flat panels'? In my case yes, though we need to await the full virtual terms of membership to know. A splinter society, well maybe but they are so sharply divisive.