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  1. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Nice, two patent applications pending... Did you find the clip leads? Would have helped with the loose connections, but not so much with the mechanical mounting vibration issue. Agree with Brian, nice horns, open and engaging to me. On a winner.
  2. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Linc, did you pinch my three point blue tac idea? Was thinking about putting in for a patent! Photos or it did not happen. What change did it bring to the sound?
  3. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    @Upfront Another great Tasmanian GTG, nice to see so many attend. Thanks to Helen and Linc for the food and drinks. I think you might be onto something with the paper horns Linc, very nice.
  4. Post some pics thread...

    Second West Coast, wheres the birdy? Ruddy Turnstone apparently.
  5. Post some pics thread...

    West Coast trip. Pied Oystercatcher photo was bombed by a Sooty Oystercatcher!
  6. Random smartphone pics of interest.

    Had a few days on the West Coast. This is the view from the End of the World lookout. Three shots stitched (ICE) and resized (XnViewMP).
  7. Random smartphone pics of interest.

    Yesterday had another day out finding orchids. This photo shows how difficult it is sometimes to find them all. How many flowers? How many buds? How many orchid leaves, (not counting the above buds and flowers)?
  8. FS: Auralic Aries Mini

    Thanks for the information.
  9. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    A week to go!! Don't forget to contact @Upfront to confirm yourself a starter, "Don't be shy"!
  10. Post some pics thread...

    Fabulous day out today, LOTS of Caladenia caudata in flower, on the Eastern Shore.
  11. Post some pics thread...

    Apologies for the double post, not sure how that happened, but it did. Would a kind Moderator please delete the second post. Thanks. Perhaps I should edit it to include the birds name? Just for completeness?
  12. Post some pics thread...

    Had a few Eastern Spinebill in our garden for the last few days. These photos are taken through the lounge room window (very dirty) as trying to take photos outside is so far impossible, they just take off.
  13. DIY Speaker cable using RG/213

    As far as the current it really does not need to be constant but repeatable, I am used a wire wound 47ohm (nominal) resistor in series with a 14.4 V (nominal) regulated supply. This measures 47.1713 ohms using the measurement technique. With 47 ohms in series with a ~ 2.4 metre 4 pair Cat 6 UTP Network cable using four wires in parallel in one cable (half the wire available) and it measures 249.7 mA and 46.3mV which is 0.1854 ohms. Second check is with (27ohms nominal in series) through the same cable measures .49A and 90.0 mV which gives .1835 ohms. Two lengths in parallel measure with the same 27 ohms 179.8mV at .49A gives .3669 ohms which means one length measures .1835 ohms. A difference of .0001 ohms between the two current values, not too shabby. It can be done with low currents but it would be best with higher currents up near .5A or more. More investigations later.