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  1. Item: Acoustic Elegance drivers Price Range: Below $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Seeking a pair of Dipole 15-8's or Dipole 18-8's for my OB system. Please let me know what you have available. PM me for phone number to discuss.
  2. I could pick up some solder for you, Jaycar is on the Gold Coast, will pass through there on the way south. Russell.
  3. I had a look at the PDF file included in the software package and page 3 that states that the zip drive is to be (SCSI/USB/ATAPI).
  4. Reading the BOSS web site I found this article which seems to indicate that the actual format of the zip drive is proprietary but can be read on a Windows machine. From that I would speculate that the drive is a standard with just the data structure being different from a Windows machine. The software mentioned in that article is downloadable it would seem. Another article seems to indicate that the data can easily be read on a Windows machine. Looking a bit further down my Google search I came across these , other searches may turn up users/sellers of the BR-8 who may be able to help? Further reading turns up a reference to the adapter having to be ATAPI compliant IDE, this may be the sticking point. Do you have any manuals? I have the User manual and the software, just downloaded it out of interest, but nothing else. Interesting dilemma, best of luck with it.
  5. You may have success with an adaptor - IDE to SD card? Were available on eBay not too sure they are available now. Seems there are plenty available search for ide to sd card item number 351131262531.
  6. Seems like the owl has seen the size of the driver?
  7. Another shot, same subject, same time.
  8. Had a garden visitor this morning who was very co-operative, sat around for some time interspersed with flitting to the ground feeding.
  9. Many many more skills at work from @acg on this project than just Sketchup!!
  10. Bid less than 10 seconds before the end of any timed auction, it prevents to some extent giving others a chance to out bid you whether they are shilling or not. There are ways to approach this late bidding tactic, "Sniper" software.
  11. Looking forward to getting the new terminals and putting them in place for testing. Did you pick up the drivers as well?
  12. Item: Audax HM210G0 X 4 drivers Location: Kingston, Tasmania Price: $ 50 each + postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Would prefer local pickup. No original packaging but can provide packaging if postage is required. Pictures:
  13. My wife and I have planned visit to the Gold Coast early in May and would like to know if there is a possibility of catching up with anyone who may have a few hours to spend talking and listening? Thanks, Russell.
  14. Thanks Dave for letting us listen to your system, impressed with what you have done. I made a comment today that all systems that we have heard this weekend some quite similar. Brian's systems for me take the cake for his humungous task in designing and building both the DTQWT and the "shed" system we saw and heard, very impressive effort, gold medal status. Well that three day GTG was something else, four systems, all similar sound. Thanks everyone for participating, when is the next one?