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  1. If you were a bit closer I would only be too happy to help out with any DIY.
  2. OK. Sorry, I thought you might have been open to DIY panels that are not the size of Maggies but may have something of the sound you are after. Boxes it is then, for that type of speaker I have no options that I can suggest.
  3. Another option maybe? DIY.
  4. @robin-hobart It was about 7 o'clock. I did try a panorama but it did not turn out too well, the amount of sun light changed in the seconds needed to take the whole sky.
  5. Sunrise this morning over Kingston.
  6. Another day out looking for Orchids, had an interesting visitor. Pterostylis parviflora Corunastylis tasmanicum Grasshopper, insect names not a strong suit.
  7. The underside of the board here looks the same as the underside of the DACs I have that plug onto the Pi main board. Whether drivers for software are available, that is another matter, there are three mentioned here Lots to read on the web page.
  8. I use a Pi B+ with HiFiBerry /DAC + combination. Using either the Element 14 SMPS or an APC power pack 10,000mAh, no discernible difference to my ears in my system. Yet to fully try the HiFiBerry DAC Pro, maybe more to be gained.
  9. My HiFiBerry DAC Pro was delivered last week cost A$71.50.
  10. Interesting, I use Corcom filters, so these are reverse to the Jaycar filter. Looking at the Jaycar site the filter used is wired as per the filter information.
  11. Looking at the power filter, I would have wired it with the incoming power from the plug to the three lead end, load from the two lead end. If it anything like my Pi's you will be pleasantly surprised. Looks good.
  12. Here is a link that some might find useful. Hope someone gets something from it. Russell.
  13. An iconic Australian, here, an introduced species.
  14. OK, was not too sure exactly what you are after. I am now in the middle of reading the information on that link, will get back to you. If I think it is feasible to check out (probably) I will load it onto a spare Pi and see what it does.
  15. Hello, Not too sure that it is exactly what you are asking for but on Zazz ( today there is this Russell.