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  1. All done. Cheers Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  2. I'll take this if it's still available Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you, missed that part. I noticed the plug and and obviously didn't read well enough. They look like they could provide a fair bit of power. GLWTS
  4. Are these 110v?
  5. Did you end up finishing this project? Looks interesting
  6. Forgot to add that a donation of $20 will be made to SNA when the items are sold.
  7. Item: Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany headphones (serial#1999 of 2000) from the first Massdrop issue. I am also including a Grado 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter for phones or DAPs Location: Canberra ACT Price: 500 posted and insured (450 with headphone amp), will deliver in the ACT Item Condition: 8/10 - small manufacturing blemish and slight cable kink past the y joint (visible in pictures) Reason for selling: Wasted on gaming and need to pay for a recent 2 channel amplifier purchase. Spending more time listening to 2 channel. Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Really easy to drive at 32 Ohms and not demanding at all. Great sounding headphone out of phones or low powered DAPs, I was able to get brilliant audio out of this and a Shozy Alien. One of the best looking headphones available that funny enough, changes hue depending on the light. Beautifully finished and of high quality; equal to the TH-610 which retails for $999 (can be had for $700) but doesn't look as good as the Mahongany. Can be modded to make them sound even better and there is a mod to add a detachable cable. The cable on the TH-X00 is long and is of great quality so I haven't felt the need to. Good 'Bass Head' headphone but is also very detailed and has really nice highs. Very clean sound especially with the SOLO headphone amp. Happy to audition for anyone in Canberra. SALE PENDING ON PAYMENT FOR THE FOSTEX HEADPHONES Item: Graham Slee SOLO headphone amplifier Location: Canberra ACT Price: 250 posted and insured (save money by buying both the headphone and amplifier), will deliver in the ACT Item Condition: 8/10 - one very slight mark on the face and one very slight mark on the body. Also the case doesn't sit completely flush against the back plane (this is pictured.) Reason for selling: Wasted on gaming and need to pay for a recent 2 channel amplifier purchase. Spending more time listening to 2 channel. Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Plain looking but not plain sounding headphone amp that matches the impedance of any headphone it drives. A quote from the " Output impedance cannot therefore be a fixed value that suits all headphones. But, by sensing the headphone current, extra power can be delivered to the headphone to cover for impedance dips, and less power for impedance peaks - thus making for a smoother sound. " Drove both my TH-X00 and my HE-350 easily and will drive power hungry headphones and make them sing. Fantastic match for the Fostex TH-X00, just add a dac for head-fi bliss. I'll probably regret selling these but the boss has spoken and told me to sell some stuff to pay for a amp I just bought. I am negotiable on price especially if you purchase both items and I am happy to audition the phones and amp if your in Canberra. Please inbox me if you have any questions. Pictures:
  8. Lovely looking amplifier. I think this would have been sold already had it been on the East Coast. GLWTS
  9. After auditioning some Martin Logan's, I think I'll be dropping my quest for efficiency. It's hard to have a small efficient speaker and my listening room/study is too small for floor standers. However, I think I might be able to get the sound and the ability to play well in my space with electrostatics. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions/advice.
  10. A steal at $500. If you were in Sydney or Canberra, I'd ignore the missus and face the dog house to buy these. GLWTS.
  11. I've been very tempted with the Kef X300As that have been put up recently. I think I'll just have to audition some stuff and make my mind up then. I auditioned the Klipsch Rp-150m and although the bass was incredible, I felt there was something missing. I think it might have been the source and the NAD Intergrated it was connected to. Maybe a Marantz would have been better.
  12. Good thing to note on these is the made in Austria on the phones. I believe a lot of AKGs stuff is how made in China. GLWTS
  13. Really good articles on capacitors. Explains why some caps sound significantly different to the next. Or why caps from the same batch can sound different. Goes through measurements and lots of technical stuff.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is a link you can use: I have the x1s but I think this is a generic XMOS driver. Fingers crossed this works for you.