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  1. Now SOLD -
  2. Item: Thor PS10 Powerstation Location: St Kilda Price: $650 Item Condition:perfect Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Includes power board. Pictures: Included Pickup only at this stage as it is quite heavy and i don't have packing material nor the time during weekdays. Info from Thor: On top of the pristine power produced by the Smart Station we have included our State of the Art, 8 outlet, Smart Board (pat pending). When attached to the Smart Power Station it delivers DOUBLE the protection and DOUBLE the filtration, incorporating our Dynamic Active Tracking Technology. In addition to this there are 3 isolated banks on the Smart Board ensuring there is no “cross talk” or interference between components connected after the Smart Station. Add the 5 separate earth lines which is a hum/loop reducing feature and performance enhancement is almost a given. This configuration can be argued as being the best combination available for providing pure and precise 240 (or 220) volts to your valuable electrical equipment. Equipment that was designed to run on 240 (or 220) volt power ensuring you get maximum performance and enjoyment for many years. When it comes to minimising risk, we make no wild or glossy promises. Our products do what they say they do - it is that simple!
  3. Now reduced for a short period.
  4. Yup it a great all rounder a bit overkill for my old b&w but you are welcome to come have a listen anytime
  5. They have their own classification of sorts, this is from them: "The eVo2i II is said to deliver 120Wpc into 8 ohms and 200Wpc into 4 ohms. The eVo, or "eVolutionary" design as Bel Canto puts it, is based around the Tripath class-T digital-amplification module. This relies on two N-channel MOSFET switches between power-supply rails, which is what gives digital amplifiers their commonly known tag: switching amplifiers. Unlike traditional switching amplifiers, however, the Tripath module is said to avoid typical drawbacks of class-D designs such as high switching noise and frequency-response changes across loads. The module's noise-shaping algorithms are said to eliminate these compromises. With greater than 90% operating efficiency, Bel Canto's eVo design generates very little of the excess heat one expects from a high-powered amplifier" Class T ?
  6. Item: Bel Canto eVo2i genii Location: Melbourne, St'Kilda [pickup only] Price: SOLD- Pending payment & Pickup Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not getting used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Using Logitech remote no original Pictures: Attached This is the newer improved version of the much esteemed eVo series. Specs are as below and has a fast, tight and detailed sound. It also features a balanced input and lots of power to drive any speakers. Power output per channel into 8 ohms • 120 watts <1% THD+N Power output per channel into 4 ohms • 200 watts <1% THD+N Bandwidth: +/- 3dB •1Hz-80KHz Volume setting for unity gain • 84.0 (Inputs to Line output) Input for full output with volume set to 84.0 • 1.9V RMS Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 watt out • >96 dB A weighted, 20 kHz Distortion @ 1 watt/1kHz • <0.05% Damping Factor • >100 Input configuration and impedance,single-ended/balanced • 10 Kohm/20 Kohm Gain • 16 dB Preamplifier section, 23 dB Amplifier section Standby power • 15 Watts Maximum power • 500 Watts Input Overload, Single Ended/Balanced • 10V RMS Power Requirements • 100-120 VAC 50-60 Hz or 220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz Dimensions • 17.5" W x 14.5" D x 4.5" H (445 mm x 368 mm x 114 mm) Weight • 37 lbs. (13 kg)
  7. Item: Taylor 710CE DreadLocation: St Kilda, MelbournePrice: $2,850 $2,550/- (RRP $4500+)Item Condition: As newReason for selling: Not usedPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Includes Taylor casePictures: Attached More details here: This was bought because i liked the sound but I think I want a smaller body I can carry around easily like the GS Mini Pickup only at this stage, let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Item: Paradigm Monitor 9 v7 (current model) Location: Melb, St Kilda Area Price: 1250/- Item Condition: Brand new condition Reason for selling: Too much gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Only had these for about a month but not seeing much use, so in brand new condition RRP around the 2K mark. Pictures: Attached/ Full rich paradigm sound, great for both movies and music, the perfect all rounder. Any questions please let me know.
  9. Item: ARCAM A38 Location: Melb, St Kilda Road Price: 1250/- Item Condition: Excellent condition Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Just wanted to see if there was any interest in this, it is a fantastic amplifier and one of the best produced by Arcam until now, will drive most speakers will imaging and detail that is second to none at it's price range. Any questions please let me know. Pictures: Attached.
  10. Item: Denon X1000Location: Melbourne [St Kilda Road]Price: 225Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No UsePayment Method: Pickup - CashExtra Info: No box or original accessories Pictures: Included For sale this excellent Denon x1000 one of the best receivers you can get especially at this price. I've had it for 2yrs and it hasn't missed a beat, worked flawlessly. Only selling as I got the upgrade bug. Grab a bargain, pick up only! Note: I don't have the original box, manuals or any accessories that came with it. This sale includes the X1000 AVR + remote + power cord.
  11. Oops thought I added that, apologies. It is a 1 TB SATA
  12. Item: iMac late 2013 Location: Melbourne, St Kilda Road [Pickup]Price: Withdrawn Item Condition: Excellent conditionReason for selling: Using LaptopPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD OnlyExtra Info: Will come with fresh install of macOS SierraPictures: Attached This was purchased for one of the bed rooms but never seen any use because of company laptops. The specs can be viewed in the pictures. No marks or scratches besides a little dust. Comes with apple keyboard and mouse. i5 8 GB 1TB SATA HD Any extra info needed, please let me know. Pick up only - No original box.
  13. A couple of folk want to come around to view this week if that falls through I'll check with pack and send postage options and let you know. Cheers