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  1. Next in line, need the whole speaker. Ta
  2. I'll take it, pm on the way
  3. Project box E

    Ill take this if available pls
  4. @GeoffRoberts @GeoffRoberts Hi, can I have the a pair of the Torvac's please if you could send to Melbourne? ta
  5. Clearance items

    Will be interested in the binding posts, can you post some pics and request postage to Melb? Ta
  6. Music DVD'S

    Next in line please....
  7. Hi, Next in line please..... exactly what I listen to....... Gosh its been so long since I've listened to Gloria Gaynor as a kid (what a track - home made Jam)....
  8. Hi, Interested in the ming da if you could ship to melbourne (post code 3144). Will pay for the packing and shipping ..... Thanks..... ollie
  9. Hi, I am really interested in this amplifier but unfortunately I live in Melbourne. Would you consider dropping off at Pack and Send with no risk to you? My brother -in -law got a pair of tube mono blocks that did not have any packing from a person in Sydney through Pack and Send and they did a wonderful job. Arrived in great condition without any damage..... Please let me know and I will make a payment immediately..... all you will need to do is drop it off at their office....... thanks
  10. Hi David, Is the Geek Pulse still available. If yes, can you tell me how much? Thanks a million.
  11. Hello

    Hi Stereonetians, My name is Ollie and I am from Melbourne. I am crazy about music, sounds and of course systems. Thanks for accepting me into this community. Cheers and keep the music rolling. Regards, Ollie