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  1. High end integrated amps

    I'd also recommend the Hegel H360, wonderful amp. I have had it head to head with an Audio Research VSi60 (valve amp) and was surprised by how much more I liked the Hegel, being an old school valve guy at heart. The AR is very good, but the Hegel has the edge across the board and particularly in the area of bass control which my compromised room really needs. Bass that used to be bloomy now is amazingly tight given the room and modest speakers (Epos M16i, stop-gap that are slated for upgrade but really are reasonably decent).
  2. They are Golden Dragon EL34, this set was from http://www.pmcomponents.co.uk/goldendragontubes.htm Golden Dragon is a rebadging of Shuguang as far as I can tell. The original valve set was from Golden Dragon, so I stuck with them.
  3. Item: Michaelson Audio Odysseus Integrated 45W Class A valve amplifier Location: Melbourne, 3127 Price: $1000 $750 Item Condition: Pretty darn old, but operational and still sounds good Reason for selling: Not in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: [Relisted after initial EOI, dropped price by $250 which should cover most of two quad set of matched EL34 to replace the tired but still working set] It's raining valve amps today! I can guarantee you won't find another of these elsewhere! I'm selling my first-born - first real hifi amp, that is! I bought this new in 1991, for around 1000 pounds. I have replaced the valves a few times, but the current output set are around 9 years old (couple of hundred actual hours of use). The output set are Golden Dragon EL34. Michaelson Audio was an experimental offshoot of Musical Fidelity (Anthony Michaelson is still at Musical Fidelity today). They produced limited runs of 3 or 4 valve amp models, this was the smallest. Reading the limited material via Google today, owners had varied mileage but this one was certainly a peach. I did treat it very well. It has 8 EL-34 output valves, 45W class A (runs really hot). Art Deco styling - I really like it, even all these years later! It sounded beautiful back in the day - wonderful warm old-school valve sound. It still is in working order today (last tried out 2 months ago) but has been sitting idle for several years. I ran it with a pair of Apogee Centaur Minor hybrids - inefficient speakers but it could drive them plenty loud enough, but beyond 12pm on volume dial was too much! It still sounds good, but no doubt can be improved with a fresh valve set, re-capping, etc. I'm offering this as a fixer-upper to an enthusiast who knows what they're doing. There are a few oxidation points around screws, signs of heat (but not too bad given how much this pours out), valves are old, the volume pot is a tad scratch and the linkage oxidixed, and the cdrom input does not work (just use any of the others). It does not have a phone stage, but does have power for one. I'd suggest for a sale I can demo it operational and beyond that no guarantees. 240V model. The design is also self-biasing, so tube rolling is easy. Pictures:
  4. Item: Audio Research VSi60 integrated valve amplifier Location: Melbourne 3127; local pickup only at this stage Price: $4000 ($8495 retail) Item Condition: 9.5/10, just 8 months old Reason for selling: Need more versatility Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: The ARC brand and the VSi60 don't need much introduction from me here! I bought this new from Carlton Audio Video earlier this year (~8 months, will have to dig out receipt). You'll find many highly positive reviews of this online. It does not have an hours counter, but I'd estimate I've put no more than 50 hours on the valves. It has the original valve complement: 4 x Tungsol KT120 and 2 x Sovtek 6H30. This model is still current in the ARC range, retailing at $8495 on the CAV site. The bigger brother VSi75 (KT150 valves) retails at $13495, so did not replace the VSi60 in the ARC range. The ARC VSi60 is perhaps not the prettiest-looking valve amp you ever saw (it still glows nicely in a darker room), but it sings beautifully! It has plenty of oomph to drive trickier speakers, but I've had it on an easy reasonably efficient speaker load. It has the lovely ARC valve sound - reasonably neutral while still displaying some classical valve wamth. I am not replacing it for better sound (I don't think it can be beaten by much at this price point) - instead I need an amp that can also do some HT duties, and I have tired of swapping speaker cables around to listen to music again! I still have the box, and of course include the remote, power cord, manual. Happy to demo to genuinely interested buyers. Aside: Eagle-eyed viewers may noticed that I have futzed with the serial number using Photoshop (paranoid type) Oh, and not sure why I listed as an EOI initially - changed to "for sale" Pictures:
  5. Item: Schiit Audio Bifrost Multibit DAC Location: Melbourne Price: 600 (RRP 979) Item Condition: As new, just 6 months old Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this from Addicted to Audio in Kew a little over 6 months ago. I've been very happy with it, but having nabbed a Gungnir here recently the Bifrost is no longer in use. Plenty of reviews available. I still have the box, power cable etc - if shipping I will overbox it for additional protection. Pictures: (I can take more if anyone needs them)
  6. Item: Apogee Centaur Minor hybrid ribbon speakers Location: Melbourne, Eastern suburbs Price: $400 negotiable Item Condition: Used, some cosmetic damage, woofers a bit tired (see below) Reason for selling: Format not suited to current home Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: These are ages old and are offered "as is". They'd suit anyone who would like to hear the beautiful ribbon midrange sound while understanding that the bass was never the best. Anyone into reconditioning old speakers, or perhaps reusing the ribbon assembly in a DIY custom arrangement, too. Apogees need little introduction. These are the Centaur Minors, which were the baby in the range. They are a hybrid: ribbon for midrange and up, single conventional driver for bass. That made them easier to drive, but they are nevertheless quite low sensitivity and need a bit of grunt/current to drive them. Their strength was always a super-sweet midrange, especially for the likes of female vocal, jazz, acoustic guitar etc. They were never best suited to rock, especially with a weak amp - with a strong amp they were not bad but deep powerful bass was not their strongest suit. I used a 50W class A tube amp with them, and they sung beautifully. They like to be out in the room a bit, not too close to a wall (around 1m minimum). The ribbons play both directions, and like a not-too-damped surface behind them. I bought these new way back in the early 1990s. They're still in working order but please note: - About 10 years ago one of the bass drivers came a little unglued around the periphery - fixed with some glue and didn't sound too much worse off for it. I have not checked their condition since, removing the grilles is not easy! They don't sound loose, but I think they are also off their peak. Would be good to try with a sub, perhaps. - Just last year I managed to scorch the mdf covering in one area in front of a fireplace :-( See pictures - the ribbons still sound pretty sweet, but could do to be tensioned etc. As I say, suits the inquiring mind or enthusiast but they are not end game speakers any more! Come with spikes and some floor protection disks. I still have the boxes (!) but local pickup only - not light. Pictures:
  7. Are these 60cm or 1m? Can't quite read the box. Thanks
  8. One more from Melbourne

    Thanks. All brings back floods of memories, and good to see so many of the brands I knew way back still going strong (if not cheaper!). The bits I kept all this time are some Apogee Centaur Minor hybrid ribbon speakers, and a Michaelson Audio (experimental offshoot of Musical Fiedlity) Odysseus valve amp. They've been hauled around the world, but it is time to decide what I will do with them, both showing some signs of age. I just grabbed a pair of Epos M16i speakers off the classified forums, which look and sound like they'll serve pretty well in getting things going again. With a heavy heart I may retire the old amp, but I'll enjoy looking for replacement components! Gavin
  9. Hi, I am a newly joined member and posting for the first time! My love of hi-fi has been on pause for a number of years while I have been moving around the world, but now I've dusted off the old kit from storage (the bits I had not sold already - miss them!) and looking at updating it sometime. I'm looking forward to trawling the mine of information here and learning more about the Melbourne and Australian audio scene.