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  1. I have a question regarding another speaker and didn't want to start up a seperate thread just to ask one question. I've got a X300A on the way and it has a USB input, would it benefit from using a Wyred or Uptone Regen between the computer and the speaker?
  2. I'd just go with the Cardas HDMI. They make only one model and it is very very good. I reckon you can drop by A2A and grab a good discount if you're going to be picking up 3 cables.
  3. What are you upgrading to?
  4. Sigh. Beautiful!
  5. Hey mate, I'll take the power cable if it's still available. Regards, Joe
  6. That's a very very good price and a super set up. I have the same with the Ethers. GLWS!
  7. Geoff's work is nothing less than impressive. The cables are so flexible Spiderman would be proud..
  8. May I ask which DAC you're looking to upgrade to?
  9. I've sent my Audeze terminated Heimdall 2's to be re-terminated to Mr Speakers Ethers to Geoff at Aurealis.
  10. Do the Hiface USB input play nice with Macs?