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  1. I'd pick up the Cambridge Audio 851A that's on sale at the moment in the Classifieds, I have a Gieseler Klein DAC that I'll be listing tomorrow and you cannot go wrong with the Aurealis Duelund speaker cables!
  2. And if you close your ears all DACs sound the same
  3. If they are discontinuing this I don't see why A2A can't sell the black one for the same price.
  4. How does the Node 2 compare to the Ares/LE?
  5. Stunning amp. Splashing all the blu ray $$$ I see!
  6. Will be calling tomorrow to place an order for one as well!
  7. I'd like to know if the jitterbug will make a difference if you already have a Regen in the chain.
  8. I too placed an order last night for this coax cable. I was planning on feeding my F-1 with my Regen and Curious cables but looks like adding a jitterbug to the chain might improve things!
  9. I would also try the R1 Dragon if it is in your price range. They are just sublime.
  10. Oh for the love of God, someone please buy these. Bargain alert!
  11. Email Geoff at Aurealis Audio. He sends cables for home demos.
  12. You're welcome, just when I was saying how rarely these come up for sale. I pulled the trigger on a F-1, full price for me unfortunately.
  13. Dimensions please!