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  1. DAC V1 is basically a pre amp and DAC. I think the naits use a 5 to 5 pin from pre to power supply, and 4 to 4 pin back.
  2. Pre amp to power amp? On something like a NAC 202 + NAP 200 without a power supply.
  3. This DAC is just too cute. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. That's interesting. I've found on the older twenty series the 22 and 24 had a different signature than the 21 and 23 with everything except bass. In terms of bass the 23 and 24 sounded similar and different to the stand mounts.
  5. I have the new ATC SCM 19s. In my opinion only the older models needed to play loud, the new ones sound great at both low and high volumes. The 19s have good bass punch, but don't go super low (compared to a Dynaudio S1.4 for example), they aren't bright either. The 19s are all about the mid range and extracting as much detail as possible from it. This makes them really good for simple vocal music, but at the same time they can delve into the detail of a complex classical piece with ease. I have looked into the C7 ES3 myself, but haven't heard them or the M30.1 yet. The M30.1 has a good looking frequency response graph though.
  6. Hmmm, now I'm interested to hear the Twenty5.22 and Twenty5.23. I compared the old series Twenty.22, Twenty.23, and Twenty.24 and the 23 was the best by far. Maybe they paid extra attention to the 22 and 24 in the new range.
  7. It would, the 63 was just a joke.
  8. Why would an amplifier be able to deliver more current just because it uses Kt88 or Kt90 tubes? Surely it has more to do with the power supply? I would think a 100W Mark Levinson would be capable of good current, and it might just be that it wasn't a good match to the ATCs tonally.
  9. That's what I'm thinking too, which is why I'm only getting my hopes up for 63%.
  10. Good idea mate, the SCM 11s are good, but not nearly in the league of the 23s. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  11. I once demoed these and the smaller D830 to decide which to buy. I took the D830 because the D870 sounded too bright for me. After buying the D830, I discovered the D870 has a treble tweak on their binding posts, and it was likely set to a boosted position. It was very disappointing, but at least others now know about this setting. It can boost low and high treble, only high treble, be set to an even balance, and also tone down the treble a bit.
  12. Those must be the smallest pictures I've ever seen. It's hard to see what's going on in them.
  13. Don't worry, I didn't find "OK fair enough" offensive ;p
  14. I think it was done by mistake, as I received a PM at the same time.