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  1. MF A5CR or A3CR

    Good catch, I missed that. Those names are very similar.
  2. MF A5CR or A3CR

    I also found my A3.2CR a little smoother than my old Rotel RB-991 (which is very similar to your 1080)/ I thought the Rotel had similar detail resolution, but the tonal balance wasn't as convincing as the Musical Fidelity. My Musical Fidelity was also more relaxed, but my Rotel more exciting. Overall the Musical Fidelity is better and more refined.
  3. MF A5CR or A3CR

    @DonGreen your signature shows a rotel rb-1080 as well. How do you find that compared to the a5cr?
  4. Special 40

    Unfortunately they didn't play the same kind of music on both systems when I was there, so it was hard to compare.
  5. Amp for Dynaudio Contour 1.4 LE

    Interesting. I've never heard that combination.
  6. Lavardin IS

    That was the ISX reference, which is better than the vanilla IS. The IS was replaced by the ISX, and the IS reference by the ISX reference. I heard it at the show on the Harbeth P3ESR, and I thought it was too bright for me, but the mid range was sublime.
  7. Lavardin IS

    It looks like the IT has significantly more capacitors and transformer size than the IS.
  8. Lavardin IS

    I didn't see anything about cables in the manual, other than recommended length of 3m, which I can't use in my system as my rack is on the left, not between my speakers, and I need 5m lengths.
  9. MF A5CR or A3CR

    Wow, I didn't know the A3.2CR was considered a warm sounding amp! I thought it was quite neutral. I guess my other amplifiers aren't bright either in that case, although they sound slightly like it to me. Now I'm glad I didn't go for a A5 when I considered it, as I'd prefer something warmer than the A3.2!
  10. Amp for Dynaudio Contour 1.4 LE

    I wouldn't pair those speakers with any new amplifier for that little money, you'd have to look second hand to get something good enough IMO. I think the Bladelius and Naim mentioned above would both work well, you could also look for a used Naim Nait XS or XS2, which are good with these speakers (once the treble calms down). These usually go for $1500 - $1900 second hand. I own a pair and have had good results with the following amplifiers: Naim Nait XS2 Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR pre and power Cyrus Pre2 DAC and Cyrus Stereo 200 Lavardin IS Audio Research Vsi 75 (way above the price, but had to add it as it sounded great)
  11. Lavardin IS

    I have tried it on my ATC SCM 19s over the weekend, and seems like I have found the speaker's minimum power limit. The tonal balance sounds lean, but not just the bass, the high mid range sounds louder than the bottom mid range, which is the opposite of what these speakers usually sound like. Seeing that the crossover splits the mid range at 2.5k, I can only assume that this amplifier doesn't have the grunt to move that massive bass driver. I actually get more mid range detail (especially on cello) out of my Naim Nait XS2 when using the ATCs, whereas the mid range sounds a bit better on the Lavardin when using my PMCs or Dynaudios.
  12. My speaker Cables

    Some loudspeakers will be constricted in bass with 16awg cables. My ATC manual explicitly states they won't work properly with anything less than 2.5mm2 cross sectional area, which is about 13awg. They don't say anything about bass, but surely enough when I compared my 16awg cables to 12awg and 11awg cables, the bass was much more potent on the thicker ones.
  13. Special 40

    I didn't mean to suggest it was.
  14. Special 40

    The special 40 finish looks good compared to the cheaper Dynaudios, but isn't as good as the Contour S1.4 LE and Confidence C1 Platinum.
  15. Special 40

    They sound flat, less life to them, but they are powerful and controlled.