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  1. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Nice, am I right you address this to the DAC part of the Konverter and not to the preamp part? Matt
  2. Unfortunately the standard was not on dem. The Innuos system with the SE was IMO certainly one of the worst sounding systems in Munich. Matt
  3. IMO, the standard Innuos Zenith may be a good choice. I heard the much more expensive Zenith SE at High End in Munich and was very disappointed. Matt
  4. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    Hi guys, unfortunately it was not possible to evaluate seriously the sound quality of the new Auralic G2 series at High End Munich. For me the most interesting question is how the upcoming Audirvana 3.1 with UPnP/DLNA output to microRendu or SMS-200 will sound in comparison to the Aries. Matt
  5. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    @Cardiiiii Hi Joe, I do not agree with your opinion about MQA, but I like what Auralic do regarding MQA. They offer their own MQA decoding to customers but are not bound to the restrictions MQA as a company impose on their "partners". Matt
  6. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    This is like I see it too. Auralic developed their own MQA decoding but have NO support from MQA. Basically they do not like MQA at all. This contribution is from Auralics FB site in April: https://music-room.com/magazine/insight/mqa-the-lossy-codec-no-end-user-asked-for-or-needs Matt
  7. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    @Jventer The upcoming Auralic G1 series will be less expensive. Matt
  8. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    @Gieseler Audio Hi Clay, VERY interesting impressions. Would be nice to know what the Aries does with a Gieseler PS and a Gieseler DAC! Matt
  9. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    @Jventer Interesting to read the comments of Elberoth: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/sotm-sms-200-review-r648/?page=2 Matt
  10. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    Auralic announced the prices for the new G2 series, take a deep breath: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/audio-shows/introducing-the-auralic-g-series-components-r650/ Matt
  11. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    Maybe the area where the Aries is superior is WiFi capability. Auralic recommend WiFi vs wired Ethernet, SOTM vice versa and allow WiFi via USB dongle only. WiFi is my preference as well. I will visit both SOTM and Auralic at Munich High End. Matt
  12. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    According to some german audiophiles the SMS-200 is superior to an Aries femto and SOTM will launch the SMS-200ultra in a few days at Munich High End. Matt
  13. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    Thanks, I know this reference. Matt
  14. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    I suppose the Aries is a very good device, but I think it would be nice to have a comparison to something like a SMS-200. Matt
  15. Auralic Aries And Clays DAC's

    Aries 2.0: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2017/04/22/axpona-2017-auralic-sneaky/ http://audio-head.com/the-new-auralic-aries-and-vega-2-0/ Matt