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  1. Well it would have probably cost at least as much as the price of the thing to fly over there and listen to it, wouldn't it?
  2. Why does it say "do not remove cover or any screws"? How do they expect you to change the tubes?
  3. Is there a consensus as to whether these are good/bad in terms of audio use? I've got so many things plugged in that I've run out of wall outlets to use. I know there are fancy filter powerboards like Isotek and such but I don't want to shell out that kind of cash if I don't need to.
  4. Anyone else experienced this? I've been trying out a new source over the past week and it's cleaned up and taken on body and dimensionality an awful lot from day 1 to now. I mean, way past what I would consider 'subtle'. This seems to go against the idea that burn-in is the physical 'settling' of parts in a newly manufactured parts. I wonder if it's a case (in layman's terms) of the whole of your system getting accustomed to the signal getting through. Either that or my brain doing very weird things.
  5. I might give it a go. I can't use audiophilleo because the adapter doesn't fit my DAC. I'm not thrilled about needing another power outlet to plug the Singxer - battery power is more ideal for me.
  6. These usb cable consortiums.. it's criminal I tell you...
  7. Sounds like too much of pain in the arse to bother with.
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread, any SU-1 owners in melb? The wine still offer applies.
  9. I was thinking of more of HDMI, BNC than USB in particular.
  10. Yes I understand the importance of spdif converters, I was just interested in comparing the Singxer to other converters. Probably need to do an audition to determine that.
  11. I usually give this one a spin once a year, great album
  12. I just wonder if this unit is an upgrade from the units already on offer if SPDIF is the only input your DAC has available. Considering there is said to be inferior quality with that input. Some other units plug straight into the DAC.
  13. A "nick cave":
  14. Is there a reason it should? (not disputing it, just curious)