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  1. I wanted to write a long and detailed reply to this topic but then I realised I couldn't be bothered...
  2. What's next, playing Slayer at the local church on sunday mornings?
  3. Weird song to play there - everybody knows bunnings are everywhere!
  4. I would recommend this type, but suggest in addition that $30-40k is paying slightly over the odds. Just a tad.
  5. Well, I was only responding to your claims that female golfers are top athletes. But onto other sports, what about the original Ronaldo? There are also a lot of fat rugby players from what I can see. Baseball? Lots of fatties there. Then there are the athletic sports - for hammerthrow, shot put and javelin being overweight seems almost a requirement. The heavier boxing weights too. If you can win tennis titles and be overweight, beating all the "fitter" players, then of course you should be able to get away with it.
  6. Erm.. Here are three female golfers in the current top 10. Inbee Park #7 Arita Jutanugarn #2 Shanshan Feng #6 I challenge you to find even one female tennis player in the top 100 who look as unfit as these.
  7. Maybe that's right for headphones (I wouldn't know), but I'm not using headphones.
  8. The message i'm getting from this thread is that one should go out and buy the cheapest <$200 amp one can find and keep it, never thinking about changing it. If that's the case, why are the classifieds flooded with multi-thousand $$ amps with the seller telling us the reason for the sale is an "upgrade"?
  9. I'll pass on that offer, thanks. If there's one thing worse than watching rugby league it's watching AFL/VFL. Unless it's women playing it.
  10. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-Australians-like-violent-sports/
  11. Had no idea rugby fans were so rude. I thought they were better than AFL fans but I guess I'm wrong.
  12. Oh , Well next time feel free to ignore me, at least then I won't be sitting here for 5 minutes trying to figure out what you mean
  13. My mistake, I thought this was the tipping thread. I must have strolled into the dimwits' insult thread!
  14. Still the same game though, just a bit slower. And with fatter dudes playing it.
  15. National ??? League What does the R stand for?