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  1. Yep, but only 4GB memory, that's why such price difference just to add, 4GB version goes as low as $155 over here
  2. this thread kind of died out so small resurrection, any updates anyone? I've been working in the background on my streamer but it seems I'm kind of stuck with whole AIO theory to be better than dedicated standalone streamer with external PSU, not sure if it has anything to do with grounding, isolation or just the Celeron board I've been using last few months, don't know why but always when I go back to beebox I find it more pleasure to listen to it... Beebox isn't the perfect solution from simple fact, it's still using lot of add on modules (unnecessary), no isolation of the components on the motherboard and no shielding (plastic box) so couple of weeks back I started to look at more purpose built solutions like 3.5" embedded boards from Axiomtek and similar, unfortunately most of these boards are not available to end users or are in small qties so extremely expensive $500-1K per board (on Mouser or Element14), accidently found kickstarter project called Up squared 2 as shown here but even if it has pretty much all necessary things (I like direct 5V input a lot) few pcs are still missing, top of that if you start counting with chassis, tax, shipping and import fees one might end up paying $350-400 just for board and piece of aluminum without knowing how does it perform in real life (means OS and audio programs installed with all necessary drivers and benchmarks done) so for me no go, another search for couple of last few days until I came across this... latest Apollo Lake N3450 Intel X4 processor, 4-8GB LPDDR3 memory, 64GB eMMC built in expandable through M.2 SSD slot, isolated gigabit LAN, isolated main processor board from surrounding components (that square yellow thingy) , Wifi&BT chip installed (the only drawback), 12V 1.5A DC input, Win10 preinstalled... Auralic Aries type board with x86 processor instead of ARM 8GB version for $220 over here, will report back once it arrives and stress test is done...
  3. Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    btw, I somehow overlooked that NAD has also new direct digital Master series amp M32, inside it doesn't look as sleek as in case of Classe or Lyngdorf but that's not so important, could be another potential candidate for audition
  4. Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    digital inputs should be similar in quality, analog inputs do suffer due to extra AD processing
  5. Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    Lyngdorf TDAI-2170, same technology with missing streamer but extra room correction DSP (mic and cabling part of the package)
  6. Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    yep weird, I can imagine asking for deposit for unexpected events but strictly saying no is unusual in this price range maybe another store? 2200i was my second option but I bitten the bullet already so was just curious about your opinion
  7. Classe Sigma 2200i-impressions

    @blybo any conclusion? have you been able to demo it at home?
  8. not only with chord drivers, there are many other users with different brands experiencing same issue
  9. Logan

    the Wolverine was one of my favorite from the series, can't say the same about Logan, for me too depressing, more like social drama with action/fantasy parts than action/fantasy with bit of a drama in it
  10. for now I bought cheap remote controller which works with LG units as my wife won't be able to use anything else but plan to build some smart solution later on
  11. Life

    to let the story continued? cuz he was busy shitting his pants, or at least I would
  12. bit of a history, new logistics center in Vienna, old Tesla factory where current range is produced and new factory with metal parts production and space for new assembly area.... Interesting when you consider what you get for your money, comments in video from Michael Fremer (Analog Planet editor) as of 40:00
  13. Troels Discovery 18W

    yep... so far it looks good
  14. Life

    watched it yesterday, more horror than sci-fi so I wasn't expecting much but due to well made camera, audio, effects and good choice of actors all together creating sci-fi full of action and tense moments, highly recommended
  15. Nikon D810 replacement

    I think you could'n say it more dificult way so let me try another one, Nikon won't be able to develop such chip no matter how hard they try and how capable their processing chip and electronics around it is, and there's no chip on this planet which could do what A9 chip can and Sony won't let others have that chip technology for some time...to me that means Sony won't share and won't make available that technology untill they decide it becomes standard or whatever, or do you know about someone having same chip technology? It's not about money anymore, it's about prestige and I think Sony was clear in their statement... if I picked it up correctly, sorry had few beers already