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  1. new RX10 mark IV

    I think honest preview
  2. little too late Apple!!! Onkyo HF player app is and was the answer for years, best app for audio (including hi-res and DSD) on iPhone...
  3. some update on my progress with Beelink...had a chance to compare it back&forth with my current Gigabyte iTX streamer and the outcome is: Round #1 GB with ULN LPSU connected to the router/NAS via LAN cable and through USB to the amplifier Beelink with standard brick SMPS connected to the router/NAS via wifi and through HDMI to the amplifier GB is more detailed but at the same time more aggressive, I didn't notice it before, Beelink is on the other hand more relaxed but missing details, soundstage is kind of flat and imaging is not as pinpoint as it used to be, overall presentation is little boring, it's not night and day difference though Round #2 Beelink with ULN LPSU connected to the router/NAS via LAN cable and through USB to the amplifier, wifi switched off Beelink has finally same level of details as GB but remain relaxed, soundstage is back and deeper than GB, imaging perfectly defined, overall presentation is nicely balanced and engaging, don't know if it's + or - and not sure if it's caused by more aggressive presentation of GB but now I wanna turn the volume up even more without feeling it's too loud, missis told me it's really too loud It seems that well isolated board combined with on board chips (no cables and sockets) powered by good PSU is the right recipe for very well baked streamer, now just new chassis for PSU and I'm quite happy
  4. Nikon D850

    no doubt video out of D850 looks excellent...
  5. new RX10 mark IV

    agree, $1700 is lot of money for PAS camera, I'm not sold what to buy next yet so will be watching how it continues, how will the new range of A7 end up next month, I just sold A7 II with everything so will take time and decide after but as I mentioned earlier biggest drawback of those older RX models was poor AF speed and low light performance so let's see if there's any improvement under real life conditions
  6. new RX10 mark IV

    agree, on the other hand if there will be any new RX100 in the future I'm bit afraid that Sony won't be able to pack all those features from RX10 into such small body, but I might be wrong
  7. new RX10 mark IV

    I haven't tried RX100 but had first RX10 and was pretty happy with it at that time, the main bottleneck was higher ISO performance and unreliable and slow AF, second seems to be addresses with mark IV but not sure about the first one, will see how it performs once available and reviewed
  8. new RX10 mark IV

    no FF camera today , oh well, we have to wait another month...but even RX10 IV looks impressive can't wait to see the real life performance
  9. new RX10 mark IV

    live stream from presentation for those interested http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/live-video-stream-now-sony-camera-announcements/
  10. new RX10 mark IV

    excellent, give me a shout when you plan to be here, will organize something, PM me details
  11. new RX10 mark IV

    will change the title once we know what's going on, if new A7III/A7RIII or new A9R or all together or... how the hell I supposed to be productive at work today if I know something's gonna happen? cheeky rumors http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr4-a7iii-coming-today-a9-sensor-a9-body-battery/ http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/cryptic-message-highly-trusted-source-everyone-will-supprised/
  12. Nikon D850

    @Peter the Greek Sony'll be back and it might be big...
  13. unless you keep continue you won't find out
  14. same here mate, company iPhone, pretty cheap (I paid $199 discounted) DAC/AMP and 20 bucks for earphones , now I don't even need that amp as these in ear are easy to drive straight from the iPhone, excellent sound, don't know what apple did with DAC in their 6+ but is nearly as good as Oppo HA-2 and less device to take care of KZ ZS5, I've been using Ultimate Ears I got from my wife as present several years back but this 20 bucks craziness is nearly as good as my PM-3 and in certain aspects even better (bass presentation, soundstage and imaging) , they aren't as accurate as PM-3 (planar-magnetic are hard to beat in this category) but in everything else they are equal or better, so these become my go to phones for mobile and travelling specs and price here
  15. my mobile rig with new in ear phones, still in burn in process but these are the best phones I've ever heard sorry for bad picture quality...