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  1. Yamaha CA-810 (not working)

    A different track might be to nicely ask a Melbourne member to collect the item and send it to you.
  2. Lotto win amp purchase

    Something rust resistant while I live in my newly purchased island while I pickle my liver away.
  3. I'm pretty sure one of my calls to Sony would still be used for training purposes to this day. Well the words you could hear between the beeps anyway.
  4. Great Buys on Gumtree

    Ok so this is the best amp I've ever run Yamaha NS -1000 or the like with. I love mine. If you have these speakers then seriously buy this. You won't be sorry.
  5. I didn't really want to buy one when I did. I felt the same way. I guess that's the reason I would suggest them. I was pleasantly surprised myself. I think there is now only 4 major companies making panels now anyway. Kogan were told not to advertise the fact that their panels are LG. Hisense makes Sharp. Etc. The processors are where the differences can be. My point is who knows what's inside. Samsung make the displays or used to for iPhones yet they are the two main competitors in that market.
  6. @crisis I've only had to deal with the Hisense service department in relation to my previous tv. Obviously that usually concerns numerous calls for over the phone problem solving and eventually a tech onsite. With the confirmation of a tech the national manager contacted me to offer a replacement. It was all very easy and smooth. The only reason I didn't take the Hisense was a pure economic reason. I once bought a Sony stereo that in 12 months of ownership I had it in my possession for three of those months. They refused to replace it. Last time I bought a Sony product. Buy a Hisense. Don't buy a Hisense. I think the overall majority here has agreed that they have come a long way. The stigma they attract in Australia is not felt in other countries. Your 10 year old plasma plays that content fine as it was designed for it. A 4K tv trying to upscale lower definition content will show issues in this regard. Hence why they all have lovely 4K content on in the showroom. In any case I'm happy with my QLED with "one connect" and the "one remote" is awesome.
  7. I wouldn't include Hisene as no name and while Sony used to kill the market.. we had a Sony Trinitron professional studio monitor in 1988... I wouldn't say they are the best anymore. And I have had horrible issues withe their service departments. Hisense has a revenue over $15 billion. My Hisense tv while playing 4K content was faultless. Playing HD or SD content can be worse off. All TVs LED and UHD etc are the same except for OLED currently. Even my Samsung QLED can't produce old content that great. The football is still hard to see. Samsung was $3000 and the equivalent size Hisense is $900. If you watch 4K as a primary content spend the extra. If not then go the Hisense. I've owned both. Also the Hisense service area is one of the best I have ever dealt with.
  8. Noooo pedantic would be to correct your spelling.
  9. Also some foam looks like it's missing from the intake grills as they are very see through? Or is this normal for the 750?
  10. Had the Hisense 58 inch. It was fine. For people saying they are low end you need to read up on the brand. Anyway I had an issue with motion blur. The firmware didn't fix it but they sent a tech for free and then offered to replace it. The only issue is I paid $1300 for mine and the replacement had gone down to $900 on special. So I was better off with store credit. I took the opportunity to buy a Samsung QLed but nearly bought the N6 65 inch Hisense. The warranty and service department for Hisense are great so don't be put off. *** I will add that with the new Samsung which is a $3000+ tv I am not greatly happy with the picture compared to the Hisense. If you watch Foxtel or Normal TV then you aren't going to get the best out of any of them anyway. You get blur in all the new TVs. The reason I chose the Samsung was the 200Hz refresh rate reduces some of this. Netflix looks great in 4K but is less than half my viewing
  11. Which Amp for my Yamaha speakers?

    Your last paragraph is the answer...
  12. Lovely stuff. Buy a bigger house and keep them
  13. Haven't had any of these issues. Basically I have been assured that I'm covered up to my value regardless as had a guy at work have issues about verification. So I put it to my insurer and they have assured me that I pay for a value and will review the value. The itemised pieces are simply itemised inside that total value. I don't pay extra. Also I get $1500 out of the house cover. And accidental damage. Dropped a projector this year and they paid out $5500 in days. No question.
  14. Think we have covered this. Have a total amount but I have my guitars and hifi and collections itemised as well. I have a few USB with photos. Also my social media such as StereoNet helps me have a digital record of my stuff. Also contents insurance I find is not much more premium for larger amounts. So total your belongings and add $25000. Oh and for future need I'm off to play my 1954 Fender Strat while taking a glimpse at my Picasso