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  1. Thanks heaps getdisdude. That gives me a reasonable idea. I do prefer a slightly warmer sound. Tend to run everything from a mac mini, spotify, Jriver media center, vlc etc. Like the idea of the CXN and looks but the price of an M51 second hand is certainly more attractive.
  2. Thanks blybo, now thats just not fair....teasing someone like that :-)
  3. Thanks Bunno77, Addicted to music. I probably should have mentioned my other gear. Currently listening to Dynaudio Focus 380's paired with one of Arthur's older Elektra Theatron. You gotta start somewhere and moving on and hopefully up is the plan!! Cheers
  4. Have decided to move on from my Parasound P5 to a dedicated PRE and DAC driven via USB and my mac mini. Have read heaps of positive feedback on the M51 and am wondering how different the C510 is in comparison to this, sound wise and components. Also toying with the idea of moving to a streamer like the Cambridge Audio CXN and was hoping someone out there in SNLand has heard/compared the M51/C510 with the CXN and may be able to provide some advice/commentary on the listening experience of these devices. Cheers
  5. Seen em, heard em, touched em!!! Very nice!!
  6. Hi, just wondering how old this unit may be and what how you would go about modifying it for HT bypass?
  7. Hi All I have a ticket to this event which is tonight and am unable to go due to unforeseen circumstances. If anyone is interested please let me know as I am sure Melbourne Hifi would appreciate the use of the ticket. Cheers Edit : Have let Marc (Admin) know I am out.
  8. Wish this had come up a month a go. Bought the previous model. GLWTS.
  9. Thank you all for the welcome
  10. Hi All, new user to the forum. Cheers Paul