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  1. Fantastic Pre. One with the lot. GLWTS.
  2. Cannot believe this does not have a red sticker on it already!!!
  3. Interesting Richard states that as the manual lists the 8 ohm requirement. I wonder what constitutes large and hard to drive.
  4. @DMax very tempting. Just not sure where I'd fit another a21. And this one is a complete bargain.
  5. Oh @srms where was this 2 months ago. Love my A21. GLWTS.
  6. Nice. Having owned and tried a variety of Arthurs gear myself its rock solid and sounds magnificent. Arthurs also a true gentleman to deal with. GLWTS @blybo
  7. Lotto win amp purchase

    Given we are dreaming 7.1 worth of these http://www.parasound.com/jc1.php
  8. IF ONLY.....love my JC2, A21 combo anyway..but those monos are very tempting...and @Darren69 silver does sound best!! GLWTS
  9. Sale pending sorting out shipping.
  10. Thanks @Sonny168
  11. Item: Dynaudio Focus 380 Location:3072 Price: $3300 Item Condition: Looks 9/10, functionally perfect, there are a few swirl marks etc on the gloss piano black from cleaning and the original owner. Reason for selling:Upgrading Payment Method: Would prefer pickup given they are floor standers - Cash, Paypal (at buyers expense), COD Only Extra Info: Flagship of the Focus range and the only Focus to include Dynaudio's renowned Esotar2 tweeter normally only found in higher end Dyns. Loved having these speakers, fantastic detail and upper frequencies combined with plenty of bottom end to create the tone and musical balance the Focus series is known for. They come in the original packaging including double boxing. The speakers themselves are around 5 years old, I have had them for around 2 of these myself. Specifications: Dynadio Focus 380 Specs Owners Manual : Owners Manual Original Pricing : Original Price Guide Pictures: All pictures are of the actual speakers being sold.
  12. Yeh c'mon @Sirmorebeer admit to the world where you have gone...!!!
  13. Awesome sounding Amp and Pre.
  14. Cheers All, Sale Pending.