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  1. Hi Al, if the harry potter movies don't sell, i will take them please.thanks, Scott
  2. Goodbye TiVo hello Fetch

    jumping in a bit late, but i have experienced this error message with not just my fetch tv box, but also my Mac Mini and Xbox one - all route through a yamaha 3050 heading to my epson 9300 (4k ready but not properly 4k, which could be part of the issue... ). i simply switch inputs on the amp, and it resolves itself. I'm not sure whats the cause - amp or projector. its an intermittent issue, and only on initial power up. i can swap sources without issue thereafter - might be worth trying at your end? in terms of resolution I run 4K out of the fetch and Xbox, and 1080p from the mac. cheers, Scott
  3. Item: Sony DST-HD500 digital receiver (set top box) Location: SE suburbs of Perth Price: $30 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Original owner of this classy looking set top box. works perfectly, but cannot decode Mpeg4 (HD channel 7 and 9). otherwise does everything a set top box should. Pictures:
  4. Item: LG HDD/DVD recorder RH7521W Location: SE suburbs of Perth Price: $40 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling:no long required Payment Method: local pickup - Cash only Extra Info: otherwise redundant with a single analogue tuner, this unit has a Mini DV input, which will allow you to back up all those MiniDV camcorder tapes hiding in your closet. I have successfully used it for this purpose in the past - it allows you to copy the tape to HDD, edit and the either leave on the HDD, or burn to DVD discs. I am the original owner of the unit, and still remember paying 15x what i'm asking for it..... Pictures:
  5. Classifieds Archives

    okay will do - thanks!
  6. Classifieds Archives

    HI Marc, i wish to withdraw an item from sale - do i simply make a comment in the thread and then report as sold?
  7. I haven't for extended sessions, just when friends have bought over headphones to try out with it. Sennheiser 650 and 800's sounded great with it - enough output for most people, but not crazy loud.
  8. Item: Teac UD-501 Dac / Headphone Amp Location: Southern Suburbs of Perth Price: $650. Item Condition: 9.5/10 - as new. Reason for selling: need funds to try something different. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or Paypal with purchaser to cover associated costs. I do have the original packaging so can also post at purchasers cost if required. Extra Info: plenty of reviews out there to let you know how good this Dac is for the money - links to a couple follow. This is a great unit and i will probably regret selling it, but thats the way it goes! This is a 240v version, originally imported from Italy at a cost of $599 euros - no need for a step down converter as a result. Please PM me if you have any questions at all. Thanks for looking, Scott http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/teac-ud-501-digital-converter/?page=3 http://www.dagogo.com/teac-ud-501-usb-da-converter-review/2 Prefer local sale, but have all original packaging if shipping is requested - costs for the purchaser. Pictures:
  9. Can't hear much difference

    Hence my comment re the primare. That's exactly how I found my gs60's sounding with certain music.
  10. Can't hear much difference

    The process you are going through is something i have been working through over the last few months - I have tried numerous power amps / integrated amps in conjunction with a yamaha Rx3050 (using the front preouts from the yamaha), attempting to find the magical solution whereby i can have everything in one room (ie a HT and a 2channel set up). It's not easy! I have been reviewing some of the primare kit myself, and unfortunately find it doesn't match my Monitor Audio GS60's very well at all. I'm not familiar with the 60XTs, however I wonder if you have a potential mismatch with the primare / 60XTs? There then of course is the additional question of whether the marrantz / primare is a good combination as well - i don't know the answer, just posing the question for consideration as its something i have been grappling with! I can tell you one thing though - running decent music (ie flac not 256kbs junk) directly through an integrated 2 channel gave tangibly better results than any other option. Running a power amp was better than just using the yamaha, but still a fair gap from the integrated route. Good luck with your endeavours!
  11. thanks gents for your comments. at the moment the primare is running back to back with a Roksan K3, and i'm torn to be honest. some songs are just too detailed, to the point of perhaps a little abrasion of my ears, whilst some are truely delightful, hearing things never heard before. Whereas the K3 is a sweet sounding generalist, perhaps without the level of detail on some songs. i however think i could do an extended listening session with the K3 without fatigue, whereas the primare, maybe not. I think the K3 has more in reserve too. will continue to assault my ears
  12. Hi all, I am considering a number of power amp and integrated amp options at the moment, one of which is the primare i32. i have been dealing with Mark Hyland at Frank Prowse HiFi in Nedlands, and cannot speak highly enough of the unbiased advice and flexibility he has provided - being able to try out equipment in my own home has been invaluable. I mention this as a nothing more than a commendation, as we usually only of bad experiences. Mark is currently sourcing a unit for me to try out at the moment, so thought i would see if the forum members can assist with a couple of questions i have. Does anyone have any experiences with this unit they can share? I am also interested in the MM30 board option for the simplicity it could provide, and would be interested in any feedback on the performance of the DAC comparative to a stand alone unit. For additional info, i use a yamaha adventage 3050 (of which the front pre-outs would go to the power amp / bypass on the integrated), a teac UD501 in conjunction with mac mini for server purposes, and my front speakers are monitor audio GS60's. Cheers, Scott
  13. thanks Rob. It's very hard to find decent sized cabinets at a reasonable price! A constant discussion point with the furniture admin officer in my house...
  14. Hi Rob, do you have a link to the new one at all? thanks, Scott