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  1. Click on the flag and let the admin know to withdraw from sale Neo
  2. Must have changed his mind, it happens. Let's be patient and let the op to work this out Neo
  3. This may shed some light Neo
  4. Another one for sale Neo
  5. Item: Ray Samuels Tomahawk amp + ADL 30 pin to 3.5mm line outLocation: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $130 for the amp and $20 for ADL line out Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct deposit, can post at buyers expense Extra Info: great little unit with plenty of drive 10/10 operation. Still available new from Ray website will cost you well over $400 landed in this color combination, have been using it with an iPod 30 pin out.
  6. Perfect, just enough headroom for 12v 1.5 ampere device Neo
  7. The amps do not matter as long as the power supply has enough headroom. The device will draw what it requires. As long as voltage is correct and your power supply has more amps than required, then the device will draw what it needs. As it was explained to me The ampere is 1.5 on your dac Neo
  8. Yeah you gotta be quick around here sometimes or you will miss out on a gem of a buy Neo
  9. Up to the original poster as to the final figure he spends. Currently there is a cd-s2000 for $880 Neo
  10. In the classifieds now Neo
  11. What about a Yamaha cd-s1000 or cd-s2000. Both are Sacd players 2ch stereo. Still have my cd-s1000 and very happy with it. Great build quality at a healthy 15kg and engineered well, the tray that loads the discs is a work of art, especially for the money asked. Go for the cd-s2000 if you need a balanced out. Neo
  12. Second in line for the meccados, can pick up today Neo
  13. Direct link Neo
  14. Absolutely love my Lehmann SE with 650 and Stephan audio cable as an upgrade. Neo