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  1. Hi Zippi, postage to Adelaide at your cost would be fine. PM your address and I will send a quote. Andrew
  2. Now sold. Many thanks to all those interested parties.
  3. Item: EPOS M8i Centre Speaker Location: Canberra Price: $200 firm, $270 $380 plus shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR, gone exclusively to two channel music system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Not sure why this speaker has not sold already. It's a great performer and at this price is exceptional with outstanding clarity and dynamics. Also an easy load for all home theatre amps. This Epos originally cost $800. Very soon after purchase, I gave up my home theatre system and have gone exclusively to a two channel music system. It has been sitting in the cupboard unused for the last two years. The M8i comes with a base plate that allows adjustment of tilt angle and is also bi-wireable. This one is in red cherry timber veneer and is absolutely spotless - not a single blemish on it. Functionally, the speaker is also in perfect condition. Edited July 8 by andrewyuri
  4. Item: Isotek GII Sigmas Location: Canberra Price: $1,250 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: This power conditioner is the Sigmas model which sits just above the Aquarius in the Isotek lineup. It sold originally for over $3,000 and because there is no wear and tear, it works as if new. This is a very high quality unit that provides six Australian mains outlets, two high current sockets totalling 16 amps and four standard outlets for 6 amps. There is some minor fading due to sunlight exposure on the front left hand side (shown in photo) otherwise this unit is in perfect working condition. It offers a high degree of protection for your components and also quietens noisy mains electricity in your household supply. The obvious benefit to your sound quality is a lowered noise floor and improved resolution. I am selling it only because I have installed a separate mains spur for my audio system. I am pairing this conditioner with a Voodoo Ultra Wave power lead which comes with the high current C19 fitting. This power cord alone currently retails for $514. Pictures:
  5. I currently run Roon on my iMac desktop (in my study) and send to microrendu in the audio system. This used to be connected through the router but after reading the CA thread mentioned above, I created the ethernet bridge and now go direct to the Rendu. Results are excellent and well worth the small outlay for the thunderbolt bridge/adaptor.
  6. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Hi Clay, Not sure what the size of your customer base is like in Canberra, but I would be happy to coordinate a sample here. If it's not viable on its own then maybe it could be tacked onto the end of the Sydney trial. Many thanks. Andrew
  7. Small Signal Tube Rolling

    Yes the Psvanes are good but in small doses. Too many in one amp and imaging becomes too vague and leading edges on notes slow down. In combination with other tubes in my amp, they are terrific.
  8. I enjoyed some earlier discussion on the KT88 vs EL34 thread that broached this subject but rather than go off topic, I want to start this discussion on my experience with my PrimaLuna Dialogue Premiums - both pre and power amps. I have completed my tube rolling project with the power output tubes and settled on Gold Lion KT77 - and I'm totally satisfied with them. What I wasn't ready for was the size of the difference that occurred with playing around with the input tubes, in my case all twelve of them (!!!) are 12AU7. Common wisdom is that the front gain tubes make the biggest difference and that the remainder were of only minor significance. I found this to be only partly true as changing the followers/splitters has also made an enormous difference in my case. This is no exaggeration as some of the changes have been staggering. In trying the various tubes, the following were subbed in at various stages: NOS Mullard 12AU7 NOS Brimar CV4003 NOS AWV Gold Lion current release Psvane 12AU7 T II NOS Philips JAN 5814A NOS RCA 5963 black plates Stock PrimaLuna 12AU7s I will be trying some Bugle Boys this coming week. I understand that manufacturers are constrained by what models are available in quantity and cost, and that they don't have the luxury of blending. But for us owners, the options are exciting. Whilst some tubes were clearly better in some fashion than the others (imaging, clarity, pace etc), it was equally obvious that none was perfect and the real benefits are to be had by blending. In no case did I get really good results by putting in what I thought was the best tube throughout the amp. Given that there are eight different types of tubes in six positions, the number of combinations and permutations are vast and I can't pretend that I have tried them all. There was however that WTF moment with one particular blend - and I do mean WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I can only describe the differences like going from room to room in a hifi show, saying 'nice system', 'nice system', 'nice system', then ...... 'jeeez this room/system is fantastic, what the hell is going on?' I suspect that the magic is not the unique combination that I used, but the fact that it was 'right' for the circuits in my amp and preamp. For whatever reason, it's that formula which makes everything gel. How big are the differences? Well, if I had spent some thousands on upgrading my amps to attain this improvement, then I'd be happy, very happy. As a matter of interest, the combinations I settled on are: Preamp - Brimar CV4003, Psvane 12AU7 TII, RCA 5963 (the latter being $10 each NOS) Power amp - Gold Lion 12AU7, Psvane, RCA 5963. This has been a bigger and more satisfying exercise than the power tube rolling Andrew
  9. FS: Axis LS38 speakers

    @Islandaudio Many thanks for the offer.
  10. FS: Axis LS38 speakers

    They are going through a resurgence now with the Voice Box which is getting terrific reviews from the American press.
  11. FS: Axis LS38 speakers

    Hi Justin, PM sent with some feedback. Andrew
  12. DAVE and pre amp (tube)- suggestions / thoughts

    Have a look at these reviews from Absolute Sound et al: http://www.primaluna-usa.com/reviews-dialogue-premium-preamplifier I think that some dealer demos are not good as systems are not set up in ideal circumstances. PM me for a proper listen.
  13. DAVE and pre amp (tube)- suggestions / thoughts

    If you are down this way at all, call in and have a listen - you'd be most welcome. This PL valve preamp makes music to die for - especially with the right mix of NOS tubes.
  14. DAVE and pre amp (tube)- suggestions / thoughts

    Hey Thunder, I have tried various combinations of no preamp, SS valve and hybrid pre. Conclusion is that a good preamp is much better than no preamp at all - i.e. just using the DAC as a volume control. Of those that I have tried, the best by a wide margin is the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium which is proving to be a real keeper. There are several reviews online - some comparing the PL to ARC and CJ - and the comments are most favourable. With a bit of tube rolling, the results are magnificent. Also, its output impedance is sufficiently low that it will drive most amps. Andrew
  15. FS: Axis LS38 speakers

    I think that these speakers were made in 2004.