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  1. My eyes must have being playing tricks on me this morning, I focused on the trade option P 360 which has 200w. I agree, was running mine with 120w SS and was OK but felt they needed more, hence my comment someone suggested Accuphase as a good match power and warmth wise.
  2. Pair this with the SCM's from @deanB for a stellar set up, was my next move before I sold mine
  3. Bet she sounds as good as she looks
  4. Couldn't agree more. you don't want to be sanding after staining, especially pine, so a non grain raising stain is best my pick is wattyl professional traditional stain, sealer coat straight over the dry stain, thinned down so it drives in deep and dries hard. 400 grit but not to heavy handed if you cut through the stain your farked (sand back and start again). I'm spraying, so a couple of top coats of two pack in one application is all I do super smooth straight off the gun, but the principal is just the same, by hand laying a number of thinner coats with sanding between is better than less thick coats, if you put enough coats on you could cut and polish at the end for piano finish Tannoy would be proud of, that's how the old dudes did it. Hmmmmmm come to think of it, I'm an old dude Happy, PM me if you want me to do it, I've got some American Oak, maybe have some Walnut, I'd choose something in keeping with your gear Teak and Rosewood were used a lot Al
  5. Very, very nice you will have nothing left soon!
  6. Mixed signals often confuse me but I'll go second in line if the sale falls through
  7. Anyone have a current discount code for these guy's
  8. Part of my addition to vintage HI Fi is researching great components from the past. I've come up a little short on these in regards to not finding a concise spec's sheet. I have all the details on construction, components handling ect but nothing on physical size or weight, I am a potential buyer and thought other buyers may be interested. do you have the boxes Duckman?
  9. ill take the Harbeth's
  10. Now, ya got it! Hand me another one of them brews from back there
  11. My fav too for the complete album, however side two of Fandango is my go to ZZ top staple. I could tell that theys was mine from the oil and the gasoline
  12. You can't keep everything I've moved the 601's and the ATC's along and have some refurbished JBL 4313b's that I'm very happy with. id purchase B&W again but probably something in the 800 series
  13. These are great speakers, so close sonically to the CM1's that on aditions retailers found it hard to justify the price difference to potential buyers. As a business move the following 601's were smaller and made in China! For $350 these are a good buy or you should just keep them cause you'll have to fork at least double for anything to match. I had a pair side by side with some ATC SCM20sl's for some time and in my experience at lower volumes the B&W's held their own and even bettered on certain music, turn it up and a totally different story you need to crank those twenties for their best lucky someone