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  1. Worrying request

    Did pretty much exactly that with some ACT's I sent to Hanoi, got the buyer to transfer full amount to a dormant account and arrange freight from a depot close to me dropped them off and both parties signed the delivery note turned out to be a good guy, sent me a big thank you once he set them up agree you need to be careful though
  2. Music in the Dark.

    + one for the dark, I think I hear more detail at low volume in the dark than louder during the day maybe the circadian rhythm kicking in relaxing the body and mind preparing for sleep Twilight is my favourite part of the day visually
  3. FS: CD's for sale

    Hi there Hydro beasties - Ill communication fun loving criminals - 100% Colombian radiohead - Pablo honey sneaker pimps - becoming x jose Gonzalez - veneer if available
  4. Your favourite SNA thread.

    This thread reminds me of Cramer's coffee table book about coffee tables I like the pic's of carts I can't afford and the vintage gear threads
  5. FS: Ortofon VMS 20E Mkll Cartridge

    Hi Mr Rogers, any idea of hours on this?
  6. had the bigger brother of these in a share house back in the day, good no nonsense party speakers
  7. FS: ATC SCM19s

    My ACT's sounded best when they were loud, never heard the actives but think I'd find it tough to tame the volume knob good luck neighbors
  8. FS: ATC SCM19s

    Very nice
  9. Seen this one in the flesh, piece of art good luck Julian
  10. Buy with confidence records as discribed, "Mint"
  11. And split them he did, thanks Glen on my table now
  12. Bowers and Wilkins 803 D2

    Roger that
  13. Vintage Speaker Recommendations

    You just need to take a punt, do your research as @BATMAQN said, many good manufacturers put out some poor speakers. With vintage availability is everything so don't limit yourself to a brand or model, see what comes up and do the homework. May take a few goes but that's half the fun of vintage. Good thing with this sites classified's is you can normally on sell at a similar price if the fit is not right, bad thing is the good stuff goes fast so research quick and pull the trigger. the best way is to test two or three sets at once and move along the ones that don't suit. currently have JBL's but would revisit B&W and always wanted some Rogers