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  1. Planner 3 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rega-Planar-3-Turntable-/322527192382?hash=item4b181e653e:g:CSEAAOSwcB5ZJSuV
  2. Quality build on these, love the look of the boxes for that seventies room
  3. Go on Stu, it's a beautiful thing, you know you want it
  4. I also have a Sansui-JBL combo AU-D11 & 4313b,s
  5. Surprised no one commented here yet! The JBL's are a perfect match for the Sansui, although the L26's weren't the bees knees of the range of that era, I bet they'd sound fine The 7500 may only pack 32w but it could still push the twenty sixes well into the fry zone
  6. Let me know if I can help with one leg of the trip, I'll be travelling the week of the 22nd
  7. You mean on your/mine RB 600 or ever?
  8. Been on now for 9 months, on the whole prefer it to the DL 110 especially with the ATC's there were some albums where the DL was special through the B&W's u all history now, sold them both for a vintage pair of JBL's haven't tried the Denon through them yet
  9. @spin33 MC Rondo Bronze @TOPSHELF RB600
  10. I thought they were ghosted into the finish
  11. Is that a pair of British racing green Jag's?
  12. I've also used axolotl on a few projects - total opposite end of the spectrum $$$$$$ and non reversible. I share my workshop with a crazy old Serbian artist, his work with powdered metals is amazing, similar to axolotl but a bit more homogeneous, always thought it would go good on a set of speakers. @Zaphod Beeblebrox do you have any photos of the ones you have had done
  13. We do a lot of vinyl printing and digital cutting, there are a multitude of grades from cheep hoarding advertising to heavy sand blasting masks for glass and stone. car wraps are applied with soapy water and finished with a heat gun to manipulate the vinyl around the curves, both processes not ideal for speakers. are you speakers old school square boxes or curved? Has the veneer been finished with oiled or polyurethane? if poly has the grain been "choked" totally filled? this will narrow down the product and the application approach, don't want to burst you bubble, but if they don't have a good layer of poly on them removal of the film in the future could be disastrous. there may be better options I also have a spray booth in my workshop