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  1. Foofighter's early stuff can sound hideous on the wrong system (Rotel amplfier / Cambridge Audio CD player for example). One the right system (PDX DAC, Rega amp) it can sound magic. I haven't read the whole thread but I'm guessing someone's mentioned Oasis. On CD that this.
  2. Must be hand made from the back teeth of virgins at that price.
  3. But, I think you need to listen more amp's before you decry that this is some new class of amplifier. At least listen to more SET amps.
  4. It's a SET design so that's good start. Edgar Kramer seems to thinks it's OK: " The more music played, the further and farther the voyage of discovery became. The SE-35 presents an unimpeded portal into micro detail and otherwise buried low-level minutiae in a totally cohesive and music-enhancing way........ In every area of sonic performance this amplifier not only astonished critically and intellectually. It completely satisfied on a pleasurable emotional level. It exceeded my expectations for what an amplifier can do within my system irrespective of technology and power rating (NuForce Reference 9 V3 Special Edition monoblocks are stable mates). It sings with a voice that mimics 3D reality. It’s built to last, an absolute bargain, as quiet as any solid-state design measured ear to tweeter. Its industrial simplicity is visually stunning. And it’s the best damn all-round performer I’ve ever heard in my system. Period. " Should be worth a listen!
  5. They looked better sideways...............
  6. Excellent drivers in those babies. GLWS.
  7. Item: FIIO Q1 Price Range: $60+ depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I want a cheapish OTG DAC for occasional travel. Might consider other types but needs to have an internal battery. The FIIO Q1 seems to be a well priced unit with good performance.
  8. What is this Klein interconnect you talk of? @Gieseler Audio Clay??? GLWS
  9. Great caps that perform way above their price suggests (you're not paying for bling). Even better at these prices! GLWS.
  10. I don't think BMW have a patent on a knob with buttons around it but I've used Idrive and the Devialet remote and the Devialet is a lot easier. Early Idrive was a shocker in fact. GLWS and sorry for off topic.
  11. Item: Wireworld Starlight 6 coaxial rca 1metre Location: Brisbane Price: $65 +postage if required Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgraded to longer cable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: My initial contact with Wireworld was through one of the mid-priced USB cables. I wasn't super impressed to be honest. This coaxial cable is a different kettle o' fish though. I've had a number of coaxial cables in my setup (it's a problem I admit!). For me, a successful cable meets a number of criteria can that can be difficult to simulatenously reach. Detailed but musical. Exciting but not fatiguing. And it mustn't accentuate or suppress any part of the audio spectrum. In my opinion this cable met all those criteria. It is a sensibly designed cable with attention to internal layout and uses good quality connectors (silver plating over OFC copper). I think it achieved Wireworld's goal of having great performance at a reasonable price. DESIGN Tri DNA Helix SIGNAL CONDUCTORS 26AWG | 0.1 sq. mm CONDUCTOR MATERIAL OCC Silver-clad Copper & Silver-plated OFC INSULATION Composilex 2 PLUG CONTACTS Silver-clad OFC " the Starlight 6 digital cable is an absolute steal." Pictures:
  12. NUC running WIN10 with IFI DC power filter with Jplayer and also Auralic Aries Mini with Clays LPS. Running both into an IFI IUSB3 filter.
  13. Wlhat the heck happened to that product? It was great. I have tried in vain to find it elsewhere.
  14. Blu Tac can go hard and when you remove the driver it can rip the MDF apart. Ask me how I know.
  15. Audioquest SLIP 14/4 - it's about $8. Get some cheap copper spades or bananas (or go raw ends and save precious dollars) and you've got yourself a great set of cables for perhaps $50 if you buy a cheapish set of connectors off Ebay. Is that cheap enough?