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  1. Expression of interest in SEX. Sure.
  2. I can't buy EVERYTHING!!! I'm in selling mode at the moment too (in case no one has noticed). I would have loved to have bought these though - maybe some will pop up later!
  3. GLWS - The stated power output on these things is the real deal by the way - not "fake" watts!
  4. Item: World Oasis 6 Balanced XLR 0.5m Pair Interconnects Location: Brisbane Price: $100 inc' postage inside Aus Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Excess to needs. I bought a few different brands of cables to see what would work best in my system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal. Postage Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: I really like Wireworld cables though admittedly I've only tried ones in their lower price range. This cable offers a very balanced sound which will suit systems that are neutral or bright. Good detail and no hint of glare. These are a short length but if you are running between two components in a rack then this will not be an issue. Well thought out geometry and materials - including solid copper contacts. Oasis 6 is the least expensive cable to utilise their DNA Helix™ cable design and Silver Tube™ plugs to dramatically improve the definition and dynamics of popularly-priced AV systems. Specifications Construction: DNA™ Helix Conductor type: Oxygen-free copper Insulation: Composilex™ Plug contacts: Silver-clad oxygen-free copper Connectors: Silver Tube™ Available lengths: 0.5m & 1.0m, other lengths to order Available terminations: XLR Pictures:
  5. Item: QED Reference Audio 40 RCA Interconnects 1 metre Location: Brisbane Price: $190 inc' postage in Australia.RRP $420 Item Condition: New in box. Unopened. Reason for selling: Surplus to needs. Going to XLR's Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal, postage - Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: I ended up buying the XLR version of this cable as the super-symmetry circuit design in the Pass Labs amplifiers needs a balanced input to gain full use of the technology. I believe this have a sound that is quite detailed in the mid-range and offers detailed but not over-exaggerated bass. Well reviewed. Save a bit over retail. Pictures: Stock piccies:
  6. Auralic Aries vs MicroRendu

    Well in order of goodness I think it has to SMS200 then Aries Mini. 2nd hand they are hovering around the same price I think. If you are not able to use the USB output on the SMS200 then that means you have to go for a converter. I have used both the XMOS based units and of course the PUC2 Lite as you mention. I have not used the top-of-the-heap XMOS Singxer U-12 though so you'll have to read my comments in light of that. XMOS (in general) - subjectively has what I would call a slight "V" - heaps of bass and a slight treble forwardness - not bad by any means and perhaps good in the right system but not good with a Devialet that already leans that way. Very clean and clear and quite "juiced up". The PUC2 Lite (shameless plug - I have mine for sale) is a very different sounding beast. Much smoother, bass and treble not exaggerated in any way - very much more oriented towards digital haters / vinyl lovers who might be put off by brightness or general in-your-faceness of digital (or at least the perception of what digital sounds like). I found the PUC2 went well with my system over the time I've had it. I found it quite relaxing to listen to. In the end, the best combination was SMS200 - PUC2 Lite - Devialet. Now that I've wondered into Class-A Pass Labs and the DSJ I find the PUC2 unnecessary. The SMS200's do pop up 2nd hand on here so perhaps you can get one at a good price. And as I've said before, if it doesn't already come with one, get an aftermarket power supply - an IFI Ipower can be had at sensible prices. So in terms of outlay, if you went 2nd hand you might get the 3 for perhaps $900. I don't think you're going to see Aries for that price 2nd hand so you'll still be spending less. You might be able to grab an AIRES LE at that price but then, bugger, you've got to get a power supply to extract the best out of it! Hope that doesn't leave you more confused that before I can give you the loan of the PUC2 Lite if you are at all interested. At least I can find out if other people hear it the way it do!
  7. I buy, I sell. I don't like wondering what something sounds like - I just have to know!
  8. Looks like a nice little amp "Well, truly, upon firing up the Cayin, you immediately notice that there's something different about it. It doesn't require extended listening or acclimation in order to unearth the magical qualities of this amplifier. It's immediately obvious. It's different, it's musical as hell and it's flat-out enjoyable. Within minutes of hearing it, most listeners will likely have already come to the same summation. You won't have to think about it. You don't have to analyze it. It'll just hit you. You can't miss the added sense of life that the Cayin brings to the music" Tip: Go down to bunnings and find a good sturdy box that it a bit bigger than the amp and pack it like hell and pull the tubes and wrap them in packing paper - if you end up shipping it that is. Pack and send are really expensive. Use these guys freightexchange.com.au and compare with aus post as they can cheaper on some items!
  9. Item: SPL Volume 2 - minimalist active preamp. Balanced/ XLR inputs / outputs. Location: Brisbane Price: $430 firm inc' freight in Australia. RRP $600 plus freight Item Condition: Perfect. Still has box and packaging. Reason for selling: Going to aim higher and get a Pass Labs preamp (gotta start saving for that....) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash (paypal preferred), Postage -Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: This is a truly minimalist active preamp that provides gain and attenuation without any noticeable colouration, distortion or altering of tonal balance. It was been described as approaching "a wire with gain". It's not super flash in design but it features a very well designed layout, well selected components and a sensible lack of bling. It is somewhat like a more techie version of the Schiit gear in terms of aesthetics - you are paying for what's inside, not fancy casework. Features balanced inputs and outputs and an ALPS pot'. A true balanced design. This unit will not fill the roll of a full blown preamp that feature multiple inputs. It would be perfect if you are running active speakers and need a simple, acoustically transparent volume control, or you need a way of adding gain in between something like a PS Audio directstream / junior to a power amp. Can also assist where there is imbalance between the input and output impedance of you source and amplifier. Don't be fooled by the looks or the fact that it is a "pro" piece of gear. it combines very low distortion and colouration and adds a bit of oomph to proceedings. https://spl.info/en/products/monitor-controller/volume2/overview.html http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/spl/volume2_2.html https://spl.info/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/Vol2_profaudio_1206.pdf - can you speak German? Nein? Pictures:
  10. Item: Das Squeezboxen Touch Location: Brisbane Price: $180 inc postage in Australia. Donation on sale to SNA. Item Condition: Good - see description Reason for selling: Another cleanup of impulse buys..... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal, or postage Paypal (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: These probably don't need any introduction but just in case! A very versatile machine that can be used in many different setups and controlled wirelessly or through the front display to stream just about every sort of music (including DSD) I bought this on impulse and realised I'm not going to use it. Just as a note, the soft-feel plastic on the very back section has got that fuzzy thing happening. I've only ever seen that on the remotes and not the back of the unit but there it is. Can be removed apparently. It has no remote hence the lower price - personally, I have never used a squeezebox remote to control any of the Squeezebox devices that I own Price reduced as result these 2 factors. No box but comes with original power supply. Pictures: