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  1. I'LL GRAB THIS! PM sent and all that.
  2. KDV might be less of a Schluck.
  3. Thanks. We'll see how you go but no doubt you'll get a bite.
  4. If you can't sell locally, I'll put my hand up for an interstate purchase.
  5. Mmmmm, sausages....... Oh poop. Off topic, sorry Clay. I think the Pre/DAC is very spiffy too.
  6. Off topic - where did you get your tube dampers??
  7. How about "sergeant schultz"?
  8. Having experimented a lot with speakers, amplfiers, cables and forth, I have found that whilst "more revealing" is great for us detail freaks, it can get tiring and as you say, you then need to balance the system to make it listenable in the long term. I don't really have much to play with in my system to tame brightness to honest so the PSC might be too much of a good thing.
  9. A challenger to the Curious throne. I gotta try this!
  10. And I still like schnell. Not sure how appropriate that is but "speed" in a DAC is a good thing right?
  11. How about this. It's smaller that the Klein DAC right? So in German, small = Kleiner. So you'd have the Klein DAC and it's little brother is the Kleiner DAC? Just a thought!
  12. Ben, Woops. Forgot to mark this as sold mate. Sorry. Mark
  13. +1 for clay and +1+1 for the pdx level 2 dac . What an exciting, musical and detailed beast the level 2 pdx is.