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  1. Beauty. I'll be starting this project next week all being well.
  2. I'm about to embark of creating a Roon Rock device. As per the Roon spec's it will be running the Roon Rock OS sitting on a NUC Gen7 I5 with 8gb of RAM. And a 128Gb SSD. I'll report on my trials and findings if anyone is interested. It will be streaming via ethernet to my new PS Audio Direct Stream Junior. Has anyone got any experience with the Roon Rock OS? Has anyone used Roon with a DSJ? Mark
  3. All that cheap coffee and bad weather. If only......
  4. Hello, I'm just wondering if a kind soul has a pair of XLR cables, any length is fine that I can use to try out connecting a direct stream junior to a pass labds amp'. I only have RCA cables at the moment and the DSJ just can't drive the Pass Labs. The XLR outputs on the DWJ are meant to be 6dB louder and the XLR inputs on the Pass Labs are slightly more sensitive so I just need to see if I can get enough power out of the DSJ otherwise I will need to buy some sort of active preamp. I am one the Northside - Clayfield. NOTE that the XLR inputs on the amplifier are quite far apart so the cables will need to be separate or at least have a sizeable split at the ends. Thanks in advance.
  5. Actually in hindsight I think it's in a similar vein to what @rocky500 has done. A power plug in the chassis like the cannon connections that clay uses wouls be a neat solution feed by an appropriate dc psu.
  6. The SIngxer SU1 runs of AC mains. Clay doesn't make a mains PSU, only DC as as far as I know. How are you going to implement one of Clay's PSU with the Singxer?
  7. So many questions, so few answers!
  8. Hi, Further to that. This runs WIN7? Does it have a normal windows interface? mark
  9. An excellent deal at 200.glws.
  10. It does sound great but I'm going to a PS Audio Direct Stream Junior. Going to use the Bridge (DLNA) so no need for a physical connection. There might be a Curious Cable coming up for sale soon.
  11. Sort of hard to tell whether that was meant as a barb or tongue in check. This is where emoticons are useful. I don't consider 192khz, which I think most commercial FLAC's top out at, to be all that high. Not in the context of DSD and DXD. I personally rip FLAC's at the native bitrate that is on the CD for example. There's no point in wasting disc space to up-sample an original that was captured at a given bitrate and sampling rate. My whiz-bang direct stream junior DAC takes care of up-sampling to DSD rates for me and that's when the magical celestial being start to appear.......
  12. You'll have better luck here -