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  1. This driver and PR combo model really well is a moderately sized box. Someone PM'ed looking for some Peerless XLS drivers a few weeks but I've forgotten who it was. Bummer.
  2. I thought the telema was pretty good? I've read a lot about people tweaking the Gustard and the Melodious XMOS units but haven't seen anything on the Singxer to date.
  3. Just as bit of trivia, the tweeter to these units is either a Vifa XT25 dual concentric unit or damn close imitation. Either way, they are the best computer speakers I've heard.
  4. Also, the singxer f1 can be usb powered so an ifi iusb could be employed to provide a good clean power source. Of course the combined cost might be getting into su1 territory but you can use pack of rechargeable batteries to power the iusb as long as you get the voltage right. I think it needs 9v from memory. The f1 with good filtering is supposed to be getting close to the su1.
  5. Which adapter on the audiophilleo are you referring to?
  6. The Auralic Mini analogue outputs versus the Klein? No contest. Klein wins hands down. IMHO
  7. There were a lot of giveaways to the main action points in the trailers for sure. But what was not revealed,and what was the product of much greater horror was the plot. Gore is easy. We have all become desensitised to it. The magnitude of David's psychosis and his twisted attempts to prove himself greater than his creator, indeed to prove himself a god leaves a horrible lump in your stomach much greater than any schlock horror and gore could ever do. The fact that he could believe that he could fall in "love" with Elizabeth and then use her is some barbaric alien experiment is gut renching. The fact that he commits genocide on the Engineers and in doing so actually proves them right in their judgement on Mankind. In the end, we are left with a megalomaniac Android with 2000+ souls to use to propagate a new "perfect" race of Xenomorphs. I actually play of a lot of horror / action PC games so I have a high tolerance to this sort of stuff but I left the theatre feeling quite gutted. Oh and BTW, did anyone else pick the David / Walter swap immediately? Apart from being a reasonably predictable plot device there were enough clues in the way that "walter" was acting to give it away straight away.
  8. On the topic of unanswered questions, I believe Mr Ridley "i can't stop fiddling with the script" Scott has said there will be another prequel. Maybe, just maybe this will answer all the questions. If not, there are going to be some very pi**ed off movie goers.
  9. I have had a few on the Rotels (RA-02 and an RA-10). Great little, simple, honest amp's that are very entertaining to listen to. This is a great price too!
  10. Scum now happy owner of Buggleboys. Where else can you read a sentence like that and it makes perfect sense?
  11. Bass trap sales are like buses. You don't see any for ages and then you see a lot at once. Or is that cops? You know what I mean. GLWS. A great bargain.
  12. Item: Whitesnake 1m coaxial BNC terminate cable Location: Brisbane Price: $70 inc' postage inside Aus. Item Condition: 8.5/10 - The BNC outer housings have become dull. This does not affect the sound in any way. Comes with a high quality BNC to RCA adapter. Reason for selling: Too many cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal. Postage - Paypal only (as a friend or add 3%) Extra Info: I found that this cable offered a great deal of midrange to treble detail and authoritative bass. In my current setup with a Devialet and detailed speakers it veered a little too much into detail but in a less revealing system this cable would be just the ticket. From TNT: "Also in the box that came from DiyParadise was a 75 ohm SPDIF cable, the 'Whitesnake'. Now I am not easily impressed by cables, or more accurately, the claims made for some of them, as my previous cable reviews will show. So I didn't really expect much from the 'Whitesnake'. It's a thickish coaxial cable with a quality BNC plug at either end, something that did impress me as I do think that BNC is superior to RCA for digital connections. DiyParadise actually supply a couple of adaptors in case your equipment uses RCA sockets. Anyway, I replaced my usual SPDIF cable with the 'Whitesnake' being careful to install it correctly, ie according to the direction arrows on the sheath. Straight off it sounded slightly different, and as I played more music, and perhaps something changed in the cable or connections, it became quite apparent that there was an increase in the level of information coming out of the speakers, but particularly with the bass. It is quite obvious that the 'Whitesnake' is making an improvement, so in my opinion it is one cable that is worth adding to your system (more so because it is sold for a sensible price!)." Pictures: Stock pictures, can take some when I get back to the office next week The image below shows RCA conectors, the cable that I have has BNC connectors as above..............
  13. A great little device - this is an invaluable guide to anyone who grabs this -