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  1. 7.5s each over a 177.5 second period at 1050hz with possible harmonics. Does it sound like this?
  2. I don't suppose there's any chance you'd consider posting these?
  3. Check this out -
  4. I am generally not a fan of the Sabre DAC chips but I must admit, the one in the Mini really did sound good to me. Not as good as outputting digital to a DAC of my choice but certainly quite entertaining to listen to.
  5. Can you send me the link too? I'll PM you. Mark
  6. Wink wink. Say no more.
  7. The Devialet gets to about 50-55 centigrade when running full bore for extended periods of time. Most quality components are going to be derated above about 80 centagrade - at a guess. The SMPS is why it runs cool which gets around the form factor.
  8. Show off. Though I did have SN0001 of Clay's PSU so I know what it feels to be a member of an exclusive and very cool club.
  9. Would you consider a bank deposit and postage to Brisbane? I'd like to compare this to the ifi iusb
  10. Item: Audioquest Cinnamon OptiLink Optical Cable - 1.5m Location: Brisbane Price: $60 + postage @ $8.50 inside Aus Item Condition: 9.5/10. Some minor scuffing on the plastic housings but not on the insertion pins Reason for selling: I'm using a PUC2 which uses coaxial / AES/EBU so no need to hang on to this. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash but prefer Paypal (as a friend). Postage - Paypal (as a friend) Extra Info: Cinnamon Features: Lower-Dispersion Higher-Purity Fiber Low-Jitter (Digital Timing Errors) Precision Polished Fiber Ends Cool red colour. Pictures: Stock.
  11. Item: Gustard U12 Location: Brisbane Price: $140 firm + postage ( I don't have original box, but can pack well for anyone interstate.) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus to needs. Payment Method: Pickup- Paypal preferred. Postage - Paypal as a friend. Extra Info: The Gustard U-12 is an XMOS U8 based transport. would characterise is as having incredible detail and is capable of giving your DAC a massive step up in performance. In terms of balance, the unit digs low and has extended highs. I think it would be an especially good fit for a DAC / AMP combo that needs some oomph or has a "dark" character. Very good quality parts inside and good specs': - Native 32 bit 384Khz 8 X-core XMOS chip. Multi-thread. USB class 2.0 Async.- Seperate 0.1ppm TCXO clocks, Temperature Controlled High Precision Active Crystal. One for each clocking ratio.- Independent Linear Power Supply. Sealing Torodial Transformer, Multiple Sets of Multi-Level Regulation- Four outputs: Coaxial (RCA), Optical Fiber, AES/EBU, IIS (HDMI port).- DSD support to 128. PCM to 384K. Silver in colour. Pictures: Shameless grab from the original classified...
  12. His one is $325 inc' freight. If you buy from Clay you are not paying international freight and markups from distributors and retailers. So a bargain in my books. And it sounds damn good too.
  13. According to Clay, a look inside at the components reveals that the Sbooster are not terribly well spec'ed.
  14. There's a lot of that on SNA at the moment.