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  1. I also visited the show, but on Sunday and I also noticed that I'm very interested in sounding of Audio Note's room at the event. Even my wife said she is impressed with it very realistic, soft and colourful sound. I didn't want to even leave the room as it was a very good session.
  2. Any thoughts about Audio Note preamps?
  3. Thank you for the clarification. Also will consider solid preamp into tube amp combo.
  4. So it must be equal? What if it's more?
  5. What if the output impedance of the tube preamp less than the 10X equivalent. I mean if the output is 500 ohms, but the amp input is 15000.
  6. My budget is around $8000 for both and looking for used gears. I also thought to give a try to keep the Primare and find the right tube preamp for it, but don't know actually what preamp will match. Would be excellent to find someone who could help by trying it in my setup.
  7. It might be a very beautiful combo, but also costly as my budget is about $8000 for both.
  8. Hi all. I am about to think of an upgrate of my system. Not the whole setup, but two main components, my preamp which is Marantz AV7701 and solid state Primare A32. I have recently changed turntable and phono stage, so now it is the right time for the rest half of my system to be changed. I have never had a tube preamp or power amp or anything, but I would like to start from a combo with a tube and solid state power amp and the tube preamp is considered to have XLR inputs. My speakers are Cremonas M and I listen to mostly vinyl records. I would be very appreciating to you if any of you could advise me what a possible combo might be worth replacing of what I have got. I was looking for McIntosh gears, but couldn't find anything here. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the comment, Cafad. I am listening to many kinds of music, but all of them instrumental with vocals. I am very much a fan of blues, country, jazz someimes, but I am definately a fan of Pink FLoyd and Roger Waters. I would say Progressive Rock is beloved. Interesting as I would not say Cremona M sounding warm, but again it is just about personal taste.
  10. Thanks, Cafad. Unfortunately your are far away. From all of us as I can see you have an experience with KWI200. That is why I would like to ask you if you could tell me your personal thinking of how it might sound in my system? It is a Kuzma turntable with Miyajima Takumi cartridge. My phono stage is Audia Flight and speakers are Cremona M.
  11. Thanks, Rantan. I hope I will have a chance to try one in my system as I belive it might have the right sound for me. I've got a Kuzma turntable with Miyajima Takumi cartridge. My phono stage is Audia Flight and speakers which I really like at this time is Cremona M. As you can see they all line up almost on the same sound range. But Modwright KWI200's warm expression can add to the whole picture the correct direction. Could you give me your personal thoughts?
  12. Hi guys, I am about to buy an integrated amplifier Modwright KWI200, however I do not have opportunioty of listening it and most important to compare it with what I have currently in my setup. That is why I would like to find someone who has a KWI200 in Sydney and would be very thankful if we could arrange a listening session at my place. Please, if you can help with it I would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. Item: Marantz AV7701 Preamp and Primare A32 Power Amplifier both in black Location: Sydney Price: Both for $3300, separately Marantz Preamp for $1100 and Primare Amp for $2500 Item Condition: In Excellent Conditions Reason for selling: A few months ago started a simple upgrade, thinking about to sell them for a new component investment. Payment Method: Discussable Extra Info: This is an expression of interest if someone is interested in. I am in a process of upgrading my setup. The components in great conditions and have their original boxes, manuals and remote control for the amp. I did not submit pictures of them, but I will certanly do it soon. If you are really interested in these gears please let me know. Pictures:
  14. FS: whest phono stage

    Thanks Tony.
  15. Linn Uphorik Output Sensitivity

    What cartridge are you using with this phono stage? Thanks