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  1. Or this the Denon DP57L at a good price on eBay. In Sydney.
  2. Lavardin IS

    Lavardin are quite specific that you use their own cabling like Naim used to. Could explain strange results. Last heard an IS Reference in 2001 when shopping for a CD player. If I had had the money, I would have walked out the shop with it. Still an ah ha moment in my memory. Can't remember source but ? Red Rose speakers.
  3. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    Runs for cover now. Can I hide behind my 1.7i's? All loudspeakers are a compromise whether cone, planar, horn, omni. You simply choose the flavour that suits you (are you a chocolate or hazelnut ice-cream eater?). I recently went from cone to panel but do miss the thwack of dynamic bass but prefer the rest. Accuracy be damned. Enjoyment of what you are listening to is to be encouraged. Keith
  4. Great Buys on Gumtree

    https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/stereo-systems/simon-yorke-designs-turntable-for-sale/1143484405 Seems like a good price, esp including the arm. If only I had the $$$s could take a punt at what was regarded as a good TT - only 500 SY turntables ever made in 30yrs before went belly up in 2013 as part of the Spanish economy tanking from GFC. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/crows-nest/other-audio/decca-london-international-tonearm-nice-condition-with-mods/1151461896 Interesting. Possibly one of these? From vinyl engine... a modified version put out by the HiFi News and Record Review magazines accessory club, as a 99 piece limited edition, probably around 1990. It is a modified version which has been rewired and features a modern magnesium headshell instead of the original unit. Ken Kessler reviewed the unit and was extremely complementary
  5. Duc at golden age audio in Melbourne @lovetube did my SP10
  6. RCA - BNC

    Chord Co can easily make up custom terminated cables if contact U.K. Made BNC to RCA for me. Factory terminated with no adaptors got to be better?
  7. All in One ?

    Audio Connection have a Linn Classik Movie for $800 at the moment.
  8. All in One ?

    Your probably better off looking 2nd hand for an Arcam Music or Solo Movie 2.1 or Movie 5.1 or Linn Classik Music or Movie. Both will blow sub $1000 new units out of the water. I think you will need a stand alone turntable however and speakers. Long term much more satisfying than cheap setup you will want to upgrade later. Probably no USB on Linn but is on latr Arcams. New try Cambridge Audio One, only 2.0 https://www.pacifichifi.com.au/products/cambridge-audio-one-all-one-music-system StereoNet review http://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/cambridge-audio-one-all-in-one-music-system Keith
  9. In Search of a New Wand

    Addicted to Audio sale now on https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/hi-fi/products/design-build-listen-the-wand-9-tonearm https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/hi-fi/products/the-funk-firm-fx3-tonearm-9-inch-din Both of these heavily discounted I went with one of @lovetube Univector tonearms. Have a look at his website or search on SNA http://www.goldenageaudio.com.au/univector-tonearm.html Keith
  10. SH Japanese DD can be cheap just don't go my route! SP10 > rebuild > custom plinth > Univector arm > Soundsmith cart and still looking at phonostage/tonearm cable. Wife goes, how much did that cost? Oh the TT was only ~$700 on eBay. I think I should work on Trumps press team. Keith
  11. To say looks are unimportant is patently an error. It is well known that the same food presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner tastes better than the same food plonked on plate. Coffee tastes better from a white cup than blue or brown, facts. Of course the looks are important. I admit to being superficial and paid @lovetube to do extra on my TT rebuild to make it look great but not necessarily sound better. There is pride in ownership. If 2 things sound pretty equivalent, I might well decide if one looks like it was built by me to buy the other. Keith
  12. Quality RCA input selector

    Used Manley Skipjack?
  13. Phono stage advice

    Thanks for all the input. I think I'm somewhere very different to where I started which I think is the value of a forum full of experiences. Options now seem to be after lots of self educating on products heard of but not known as such 1) GSP Audio ?reflex C that can be ordered with 1k ohm loading, using Perreaux/Naim for Linn 2) Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+, loads of gain/loading options and simply swap leads/load between decks 3) ?Soundsmiths own MCP2 phonostage - fixed gain but variable loading for 2 LOMC type carts. All in price range (just). Thanks again for the help Keith
  14. Phono stage advice

    This looked really good but on Regas site, the MC loading available is only to 400ohms, less than 470 recommended by Soundsmith and a bit short of @TLL 100k ohms. Bugger was looking good till then. Keith
  15. Phono stage advice

    Open heart surgery for a severely leaking congenitally weakened heart valve. Had put it off for 2 years but eventually the Drs and SHMBO put the hard word on me and had the op last Thursday. Went well and got home Wed but not fun in the usual sense of the word. Actually hurt just washing my 4 yr olds hair tonight Got a bit bored so opened the boxes at least. The spare arm board alone is a work of an artisan @lovetube. No way on earth I can get the TT out of the box though. Bit big as built for a 12" arm and heavier than usual as I asked Duc to rebate the TT to be level with top level of the plinth so he just added another layer of birch ply to build up rather than grinding down, why didn't I think of that? Can't get enough open to take photos but Duc respayed the TT BMW high gloss black and it might well look like the proverbial dogs dangly things especially with an ebony Univector. God I'm superficial. Keith