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  1. I'll take the p2 in there at some point and get some kind of idea what vinyl on that system sounds like, but what I heard yesterday, I'll probably like it.
  2. Depends on what position your in, some rock more than others .......
  3. @rantan exactly and she's in love with it
  4. Dont forget that my van ain't small. If I have a TT in there, it'll be in another room and I'd be far enough away to not hear any motors. And if I do go the TT route, it won't be a p2.
  5. I was very very surprised at how good the Bluetooth was with the RA12. Good bit of kit.
  6. I just had another look, what's making the noise is the motor, not the platter seat. But yes, it's only up close, I'll have a listen to the one in the shop.
  7. Is a Rega P2 drive mechanism supposed to be DEAD silent or is there a bit of noise from it. This ones not noisy but you can hear it.
  8. @rantan nope, the only CD players I've owned of late have been Blu-Ray players. I once owned a Yamaha CD-5050 once, now that was a fine machine.
  9. @rantan yup, especially the tuner. Pretty good.
  10. Also, that RA12 and T11 are seriously well built pieces of kit for the price, I'm going to get one of those T11's for myself.
  11. @powerav the van is on stands, wheels are long gone.
  12. @Benny G lol, I havnt a/b a turntable in at least 20 years.
  13. I don't even want to think of the amount I'd spend on a turntable actually. But id love a Project Xtension 10 Evolution ………
  14. Sooooooooo……………… System is setup, stuck with the Rega Cart for now, and she's chuffed with it. But its funny, I take my system for granted , and I don't realize how much better it is compared to a system like the one I bought today. And also, a revelation, I think I might have to buy a TT for myself, the P2 with a simple cart sounds way better than digital on that little system
  15. Yes, my missus can enjoy the "fun"