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  1. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    Pitty, nutters are abundant around here.
  2. TAD Reference 1 Mk2

    @murrayp someone needs to start a system showcase thread
  3. I don't get it

    Some may think so
  4. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    The 205 is super quick. 10-15secs tops.
  5. I don't get it

    How many other people have a 2qute in the toot, huh, who else!!!!!
  6. I don't get it

    'That cartridge toot isn't used anymore, got over emptying that once a week
  7. I don't get it

    Mines in the bathroom, so……………
  8. All the threads that got deleted, they were interesting.
  9. I'd be looking at the x9000e Sony's, nice. Will be getting the 49inch in a few. Or the X7000 series
  10. "Anything" analog? Well I bought a pair of ISO Acoustics speaker stands for my Analog speakers and analog wall clock
  11. My Audeze LCD2, Mojo and Node2 headphone setup was miles behind my main system, that's by far not in an optimal room.
  12. Take it easy, don't insult people in a thread you started wanting a favor