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  1. @frednork no, Prometheus was good, covenant was supposed to continue the Prometheus story. It didn't, not even close. Ridley is a moron.
  2. @Addicted to music it's a pity Ridley Scott wasn't being a perfectionist, and believe me, it's just not a few here hating on this one.
  3. Anyway, it's not laziness, it's modern technology today, I have to drive my car, 10 years from now, I might start reading books.
  4. @Martykt I'd stick with the node, because it's a better playback system, even it it was only 95% that of cd.
  5. I suppose it all system dependent. In my case with a Node and my dac, it's as good as cd, so I don't need to do any more work.
  6. At the National Arboretum today
  7. @Addicted to music the movie, they do a weekly one movie 99c rental, it'll be there eventually.
  8. I'll wait till it's 99c on iTunes.
  9. Telstra TV is a good little alternative if you can get one.
  10. I know I've had a few good rants about some movies of late, but like I've said before, Hollywood is really turning to Schitt. i just turned off that insult of a movie, Kong skull Island. Who the hell are they making movies for these days, seriously.
  11. Problem with these re-releases is that they are a nostalgic novelty that wears off rather quickly.
  12. I've avoided windows updates since 2011. Bought a MacBook.
  13. @darth vader rant, good it will be. Even Mark Hamil has ranted already.