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  1. Well, I did a controlled test with the aforementioned black nectar. At the first 750ml mark I recorded a 6.3%* improvement in Sound Quality. At the 1.5l mark, SQ had improved 12.6%. From this point result taking became less scientific although someone did note as the evening progressed I appeared to be attempting the more difficult double blind testing method. Sadly, data from this portion of testing is either illegible, unrepeatable or both. *Interestingly, 6.3% coincides with the alcohol percentage of Coopers Best Extra.
  2. Mate of mine back in NZ has had a pair of these for donkeys years (he has 2 pair these days). Listening room was big and tall (12ft stud) and the Wharfies filled the space effortlessly. Too many speakers these days with a stick up their ass, can't do dirty, filthy rock'n'roll. The E-70's can though, would love to hook these up to the Cymer St-80 and put on Mudhoney's SuperFuzzBigMuff. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Well, I've read through this thread and my conclusion is conclusive. I'm buying some Coopers Best Extra stout today.
  4. Dig Lazarus Dig is a good 'un but it is the side project self titled Grinderman album that blows me away. Nothing maudlin going on there. Check out the live version of 'No ***** Blues' from the Jools Holland show.
  5. He's Texas born but has lived in Ithaca, NY for a few decades. His music had me thinking Austin, TX until I did a bit of background research.
  6. Chanh mate, just ease up with the goodies will ya! It took a lot of willpower to resist the WB speakers and now you trot out these lovelies. Which, by the way, are just what my Atc's need.
  7. A Wyred 4 Sound stp-se has been the finishing touch on the amplification side of things, paired up with a Cymer St-80 valve amp. It has lots of rca/xlr input/outputs too.
  8. I've not got any Chuck Berry so having to make do with AC⚡DC TnT. Long live rock n roll.
  9. Part of an order that arrived yesterday from Import Cd's. A bit like my Hank III obsession, I've got to have everthing this guy releases. Also picked up Roy Buchanan's You're Not Alone, Rescue Me and Second Album on two fers and Iggy Pop's latest, Post Pop Depression.
  10. Wound up a 6hr session with one of my favourite Zappa albums.
  11. Gday Bruce, Everyone is probably hanging back, waiting to see who is going to put their neck on the block first coz these threads can get tricky. As you've mentioned a couple of the usual impediments to fulfilling this quest, perhaps focus on a pre loved push pull integrated amp of 35watts or more. 35-75w gives you plenty of choice for compatible speakers. These type of amps will turn up for sale on Stereonet from time to time. Sna members really look after their gear and usually disclose any issues or imperfections in their ads. You haven't mentioned a budget but be patient and assemble as many shekels as you can, the more the better. Try and get something that floats your boat the first time around and leave a little bit in the kitty for pimping things out with a strategically placed vintage valve or two. Lawdy, I've already said too much but welcome to Bright Club
  12. Oh, I know. I've got that ad bookmarked. Good luck with selling the monoblocks.
  13. I know the ad is for the amps but crikey, those Wilson Benesch speakers look damn fine.
  14. Hot damn, I bet that heavy mofo provides the sort of drive that belies it's 50w output spec.
  15. I've got the Sa-t7 valve preamp and SP-331mk hybrid power amp, really enjoyable combo. There is something in the Vincent line up for most tastes and requirements. Like others, I used to have my doubts but it turns out that it's a company that's serious about quality sound and value for money.