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  1. Hiya, whereabouts in Melbourne? I will pick it up.
  2. Item: Tannoy HPD 385 and crossovers Location: PERTH WA Price: 2k O.N.O Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: I won't be using them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: New surrounds fitted last week. New Felt for gaskets is included, along with the old foam type. Pictures: If the price is unreasonable let me know I just looked at ebay for an idea of value.
  3. Simmons Audio Research Speakers ???

    That looks like a car speaker. Got some from supacrap auto for twelve bux that look identical.
  4. Well, it's all Greek to me.
  5. I wish I'd learned Russian at school!
  6. Bet they have a lovely clear sound. The much touted but seldom delivered window into the composers soul.

    I don't need a project either but I gotta ask, how can you have too many TT's?
  8. FS: Mid-Feb VINYL RIOT! s/hand wax

    Looks like I'm all done for now. You have too much to tempt me with. If I'm not careful I'll go into a spending frenzy.
  9. FS: Mid-Feb VINYL RIOT! s/hand wax

    Oh yeah, forgot that I'm moving to Vic this year. Keep forgetting sh*t, It's the drugs.
  10. FS: Mid-Feb VINYL RIOT! s/hand wax

    I wish I lived on the east coast, near you would be even better.
  11. FS: Mid-Feb VINYL RIOT! s/hand wax

    and these please, it rhymes I'm a poet Supertramp - Famous Last Words Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Out Of The Blue
  12. Can I please have the simple minds soulwax and wall of voodoo, cheers, Peter.
  13. What a great idea, I just locked my kids in a cupboard. A bit non PC nowadays
  14. I'll take the hypex units if still available. I'll make a couple of enquiries as well to find if it's possible to get the speakers to me. cheers, Peter