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  1. Item: Tannoy HPD 385 and crossovers Location: PERTH WA Price: 2k O.N.O Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: I won't be using them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: New surrounds fitted last week. New Felt for gaskets is included, along with the old foam type. Pictures: If the price is unreasonable let me know I just looked at ebay for an idea of value.
  2. Simmons Audio Research Speakers ???

    That looks like a car speaker. Got some from supacrap auto for twelve bux that look identical.
  3. I wish I'd learned Russian at school!
  4. Bet they have a lovely clear sound. The much touted but seldom delivered window into the composers soul.
  5. I don't need a project either but I gotta ask, how can you have too many TT's?
  6. Looks like I'm all done for now. You have too much to tempt me with. If I'm not careful I'll go into a spending frenzy.
  7. Oh yeah, forgot that I'm moving to Vic this year. Keep forgetting sh*t, It's the drugs.
  8. I wish I lived on the east coast, near you would be even better.
  9. and these please, it rhymes I'm a poet Supertramp - Famous Last Words Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - Out Of The Blue
  10. Can I please have the simple minds soulwax and wall of voodoo, cheers, Peter.
  11. What a great idea, I just locked my kids in a cupboard. A bit non PC nowadays
  12. I'll take the hypex units if still available. I'll make a couple of enquiries as well to find if it's possible to get the speakers to me. cheers, Peter
  13. Shingles, very nasty. What pk's are you on? I have Lyrica, Buprenorphine, Morphine, palexsia etc,etc, None of them really work they just keep me off my ****, so I stop functioning.
  14. Hi Jake, Would you be willing to drop these at pack n send? I'm interested in taking the lot. Cheers, Peter.