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  1. Yes boxes are solid. Well worth putting the effort into them. Not sure about the ports, Red is the expert there. I'm sure he'll be happy to help with advice on how to get the best out of them.
  2. Red Mackay is on holiday at the moment so might be out of contact for a bit. I do however have his personal number and can help facilitate if you would like to buy the boxes. Yes the boxes do fit the HPD 385s and that's exactly what was in them previously. If you have any other questions about them I'm happy to try and answer them and help as much as I can. Dimensions: 1045 high, 515 deep, 535 width. 165 litres internal, hole centre is 790 from bottom of box
  3. To help with the sale @peterpan, if anyone is interested in some solid boxes in Melbourne to go with these fine speakers @Red MacKay has a pair of boxes for $100 wanting a new home.
  4. That is unfortunate. I hope Mark will be back with his Turntable very soon, it is very good and well worth hearing. Still I'm very much looking forward to hearing the Thrax gear, hopefully should be a great night.
  5. Wow, what a stunning creation !! That output stage looks even more impressive than a lot of amplifiers out there and not an opamp to be seen !! Definitely on the "must listen to" list !!!
  6. This is one not to miss !! I have no doubt at all this will be very special !!!
  7. In mine the little speed limit sign starts to flash if you go faster than it. I can't find any audible warning for it though. What were your findings with the Bluetooth connection?
  8. We're only making plans for Nigel
  9. The iPhone is the better choice using google maps as it has the live traffic and is a much better app to use than Tomtom. (Live traffic is not available in Australia for R-Link at the moment) The display of the current speed limits and fixed speed cameras can be handy in the R-Link Nav. Also little things like close by service stations are a nice touch. On a side note I find the Bluetooth connection with my iPhone works really well and for music too and the nav voice will come through the stereo then as well though I normally turn her off as I don't like the interruptions !!
  10. The lever at the bottom is for the sat nav voice control. Also the icon in the middle is for the rotary control on the back of the stalk which is for scrolling. The stalk is supposed to be fixed. P.S. Great CD there BTW !!
  11. Yeah I have that problem too..... it's not my fault they put a corner in front of me......
  12. Can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?
  13. Yes agree @Raffinator, amazing collection !! Can I please grab the following if still available: 507 419 38 95 345 346 397 9 18 44 178 Thanks Marty
  14. Congratulations @adman !! Car looks great !! Those Adelaide hills won't know what hit them !!!
  15. Hi can I please grab the following? Beethoven 7th Karajan Carl Orff Carmina Burana Cheers Marty PM sent