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  1. When did we become so lazy ??

    I hate it when those pesky electrons try and escape....
  2. When did we become so lazy ??

    And tied a nice little knot in it to keep things neat too !!
  3. When did we become so lazy ??

    Hmmmmm just trying to figure this out..... are not lazy for being happy to move off the couch to change the volume or just plain lazy for not wiring it up..... ??
  4. When did we become so lazy ??

    Fess up.... did you have a remote control with a cord Noum... ??
  5. Thank you @set_tech. I imagine there still would be value in the Mono Studers too though probably more of interest to musicians and recording studios. It may be worth investigating more musician oriented sites like as well. They might need servicing first before selling in that marketplace though. I also discovered this online which you might find interesting. A80-RC Professional Tape Recorders.pdf
  6. School me on 70's marantz

    Has always been a solid amp. It had plenty of grunt despite the rating and always sounded great. Hooked up to a pair of 70s 12" 3ways and job done !!
  7. School me on 70's marantz

    In the meantime while we're waiting ZB here's my slightly more modest 1122dc. Was my first amplifier and is still going strong.
  8. School me on 70's marantz

    You do realise you have to share photos now don't you ZB !!
  9. @set_tech, if they do end up being more restoration projects after being checked out and not being worth much money I'd be keen to take one on. It would definitely be a learning curve but it would be great to hopefully revive one rather than seeing parted out. Can't wait to see some photos of them (pics are mandatory here on SNA ), not every day you hear of these getting brought out of a garage after 25 years.
  10. School me on 70's marantz

    There ya go, no need to do nasty things to ZB.....
  11. The more things change

    Nope sorry.... even with the sob story I still don't want to take the cotton wool out of my ears...... and for the record the idea of Korean boy bands just scares me.....
  12. 25 years I'm guessing they will need re-capping and servicing. How much wear the heads have will probably need an expert to ascertain.
  13. @set_tech, yes they very nice decks indeed. I just wish I had the money at the moment to buy one. Not sure exactly how much they are worth exactly, probably condition will have a fair bit to do with the price. @Simonon might have more of an idea about it. Con at Telos Audio Distributors ( @conlou ) might be worth contacting too in regards to more info.