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  1. Yes the Seatons do a great job with the Home Theatre. Capable of a really massive sound. All that is really needed is some tweaking and calibration to get the levels and crossover points spot on. Those Kefs really do a great job with the atmos too.
  2. Congratulations, welcome to the RS fold !!! Now that the difficult task of decision making is done all you have to do now is put it into RS mode and fling it into your favourite corner and enjoy !!! I expect photos and a full account of the car when you get it !!!
  3. Is the ever so frequently updated firmware that we see so often these a sign of the larger and more complex firmware that we see evolving rather than just engineers not testing their software enough before releasing it?
  4. Absolutely, only blu ray player I've ever owned and it's given me great service !!! I've never seen a reason to replace it. (unless I make the move to 4k.....) No, no you shouldn't have sold yours.....
  5. If only.....
  6. I know, I know....... I still love my 5000ES btw !! I did suggest to Muriwai that his 5000ES sitting there wouldn't skip with his subs at reference...... and kinda fitting too with the test blu ray we were using did happen to be "Fury" !!
  7. Hehe poor Oppo..... It's almost as dirty a word now as "power cable"....... I'm getting the feeling that they may have to release something really great to come back from this one.....
  8. The Sony UBP-X1000ES that's coming out later also looks interesting. It also plays SACD like the Oppo. Curiously it also talks about anti-vibration technology in it's chassis in the write-ups.
  9. These three points in the most recent firmware are curious ?? 7. Resolved a stuttering playback issue with 3D titles. 8. Resolved an audio dropout issue with UHD title "Deepwater Horizon" 9. Resolved a playback issue with UHD title “Star Trek Into Darkness”
  10. @:) al Today we were able to reliably control whether the 203 would skip or run smoothly. I'm pretty confident we've stumbled on one issue with the unit though I couldn't say in what exactly is being effected inside the unit by vibration where cheaper players aren't efffected. I'm also curious to know what issues the 3 firmware updates fixed. It's quite possible that there are or were multiple issues at play causing problems which would also explain why some of your issues may not have been vibration related and also make it more difficult for the engineers fault find and sort the 203. (Again put out too early into the market) Having only spent an afternoon with the 203 I don't know what other issues might show up later and what other bugs the unit may have. If it does my advice to Muriwai would probably be to take the unit back and buy something else. It could even be argued that the unit shouldn't be that susceptible to vibration. I might take your advice and email Oppo USA as they might find the information useful and take care of one piece in the puzzle. Was there anyone that you were corresponding with at Oppo Al?
  11. @:) al It is pretty clear that the 203 was rushed to the market way too quickly. With the history that the 203 has had in its short life I don't blame anyone for having taken the unit back and gotten their money back. With 3 firmware fixes so far and today's fix do I think the 203 is fully sorted.... ?? Well..... I guess time will tell though it wouldn't surprise me if it still has some bugs that need rectifying. Todays thorough experimentation definitely showed that the drive mechanism isolation was lacking in the unit and was definitely the issue at play today. (Sorry to @muriwai's neighbours testing to reference level......) Anyone who still has one of these units and are suffering skipping audio and video should should try isolating the 203. Note: It needed pretty substantial isolation too though that may be partly due to Muriwai's very serious subs......
  12. Well have spent the afternoon at @muriwai's place and think we may have cracked the issue of the audio and picture skipping with the Oppo...... Isolation is the key. With the subs turned up is where the problems start. With two layers of soft rubber blocks (one layer was not enough) the Oppo will play through happily without skipping.
  13. @Tony M My first high end amp was a Tact Millennium. Truly Revolutionary. Unfortunately many of the great audio geniuses do lack the business prowess and we don't see their full potential because this.
  14. Actually Tony you may be interested to know that Tact is indeed alive and well. It just operates under a different name Lyngdorf after a business restructure (or something on those lines I'm not completely sure what the story was) with Peter Lyngdorf. The Tact Millennium even became the Lyngdorf Millennium. The build quality of the Tact stuff was just amazing. Some of their ideas on digital were way before their time too. P.S. and oh yeah Audio Connection were the Australian Distributor too.
  15. Well it's definitely not a Philips Pro mechanism. What it is I'm not sure ??