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  1. Yes, apparently a deal was done with Esoteric to supply transports for the Vivaldi's only. (asked the question at the Rossini launch)
  2. That would be the smart choice !! Don't have to stress about them getting damaged or lost in the post either...... Will be interesting to hear how they go, the Takatsuki's are supposed to be pretty special.
  3. Welcome @Billiam56. There's a good community here too, enjoy.
  4. Hmmmm..... is it..... 53 ??
  5. Just remember the bias adjustment pots are inside the amp anyway so a bit of electrical safety will have to adhered to regardless. The bias meters in one way may actually be more awkward as they require swapping the tubes out to fit the adapter.
  6. Class AB push pull. Most common configuration for quad el34 or kt88 etc amps. I found this link which has a bit of info on it.
  7. Not an electronic guru but this would be a similar resistor. Might also be worth possibly upgrading the resistors to modern technology resistors like possibly high quality ceramic. @Red MacKay is the one to ask what the best option would be.
  8. Never heard of a DCS Dac ?? What're they teaching you youngens' these days ???
  9. Err just slumming it with my DCS at the moment......
  10. Shiit, that means I have to get my TT setup ready to go by then.....
  11. It's for your own good @Sime !!
  12. Shame on you both....... now go buy a turntable !!!
  13. Smart man your friend !! Looks like he did a nice job of it too !!