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  1. Currently Spinning

    Thank you @scuzzii. Can't say I could afford one either, one came up second hand for a great price and I jumped at the opportunity !!
  2. Currently Spinning

    They don't give away those early South African versions either !! Nice pick up !!
  3. Currently Spinning

    Makes sense, I don't think anyone else in the world was producing a CD of Rodriguez at that time. As far as I know South Africa was the first to do so.
  4. Currently Spinning

    Absolutely great album that one !!
  5. Not much of a drinker myself so you don't have to be the only sober guy there Stump !! Happy to put my hand up for the dinner though @evil c !!
  6. Currently Spinning

    P-03 to be precise, I consider myself very lucky to have it. CD sometimes gets a bad rap but given the right hardware (as long as mastered properly....) it can be amazing. I'm also in the process of building my vinyl rig but that's a story for another thread....
  7. Your favourite SNA thread.

    Weeeell a topic for discussion at least !! You grab the fried chicken and I'll grab the cheap bourbon !!
  8. Your favourite SNA thread.

    Okay I have to say it..... The Official Fat Axl Thread was inspired !!!
  9. Your favourite SNA thread.

    Sorry.... you failed !!
  10. Currently Spinning

    Silver spinny thing.... UK 1995 pressing !! Sound quality is jaw droppingly good for what it's worth !!