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  1. Have a look here, Bloke has an amazing collection, he framed the prints in the pics I put up.
  2. I've a few in mine, although, not sure if all the glass surfaces are a good thing in the tunes room. Self explanatory Mogwai Isis Nick again, by an artist called Emek Got heaps more but not framed,
  3. Full faring, half will show all the oil leaks
  4. I've one of Earles creations.
  5. Getting it for $116, Thursday evening until the next Saturday morning, T4, works out about 9 days. When booking online, click on the cheapest long term option, then upgrade to T4, only time it hasn't worked is school or public holidays. Do it twice a month.
  6. There is some pretty good tutorials on the LR support site, don't have my setting available at the moment but got the prints pretty good after some tweaking, correct profile for your paper is a must.
  7. I do like those Scramblers, I'd recon not much better around for a city bike, except maybe one of these Absolute blast if not too much distance involved. Had this since new, 2005 model, terrific once you get used to the size, pretty easy to throw around after that. And my old favorite, had this since new in 1993, causes me some grief now with the old agedness, aches and pains, best exhaust note out of these older air cooled as well.
  8. Following with interest, pretty much in the same boat, are planning a trip to Radelaide for a listen to the Vafs's.
  9. I'd have to say the Audioengine A5+ are a great bit of kit, they do overheat if pushed, should be fine for nearfield
  10. It is a thing of beauty, many congrats, Ive a KT120 version on order ( 1000 poxes on the Bali ash cloud) can't wait.
  11. McCullin, Not for the squeamish
  12. Maria Brink Fine set of.....errrrr.........pipes
  13. Maria is pretty hot, most splendid set of "lungs" can belt out a fine ballad too. Stevie has to be in here someplace too methinks
  14. Had a lash on this the other day, by crickey its got some stick, rediculously fast but not so good on the rough, bumpy roads here in Vic, shakes the daylights out of you.