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  1. I thought I'd answer the what amplifies best question: Yes, transistors, valves, or whatever will amplify best. It comes down to the quality of design, engineering, and the purpose (which consists primarily of the attached speakers and the desired volume levels).
  2. It's just as likely that an item is built to a price point or a particular specification, rather than primarily using DBT for choice of components. DBTs do what they say on the tin. Mods may sometimes work because the product is in use in a different configuration to that used in the DBT. How many models of speaker have there been on the market? If you want to establish that the engineer was wrong, you have to establish a different in the soundwaves. Humans may not be the best measure of this...
  3. Speakers with better measurements will still normally sound better, as long as the speaker/room interface is conducive to that. Since there is no clear definition or standard for the speaker/amplifier interface (I don't mean how you connect the cable by this) the choice of amplifier may or may not be as important as the choice of speaker. The choice of amplifier is dependent on the choice of speaker. The choice of amplifier is "less important" only to the extent that a particular speaker will or won't work with a wide range of amplifiers.
  4. I can take this as an analogy for some people. Others, as we can read here, start off believing that their new component, cable or tweak is somehow magically and massively better, and six months later it's in the sale section. If we stop believing in magic and start by auditioning what measures well, then our subjective choices - they all are in the end - will stay in our systems a lot longer. I'm convinced of this. Though it would be bad news for those seeking bargain used products, of course...
  5. Poor analogy. I like bagpipe music which many of you would consider with the same distaste. A much better way to consider this is to ask someone who's stuck with a dental plate that makes everything taste metallic about enjoying food...
  6. I still don't see why you should want to listen to the sound of a component as opposed to the music. Maybe we should cater with modification for some recordings on a case by case basis, but not overall by having an amp that has high distortion to start with.
  7. A quick look at the D'Agostino website shows all his power amps with an output impedance either at or very close to 0.1%. I presume that there's a misquote somewhere along the line. I doubt D'Agostino would produce such high priced amps with an impedance 10% of his "ideal"!
  8. Speaker Recommendations

    Something like this? http://www.soundocity.com/ Or in-wall speakers. No child will manage to tip over in-wall speakers...
  9. Hello fellow nerds

    Nerds? Us? Never! Welcome.
  10. Except that in the UK back in the 1980s when Naim A4 cable first became available, the same cable was sold in a darker colour by Linn (K20?, still available, I believe). The supplier sold the Naim designed cable to Linn as well. Posts on other forums describe a lawsuit from Naim over that. A lot of UK dealers sold the Linn version in preference to the Naim - they and the customers preferred the darker colour. In fact my Naim cable was a freebie when I bought my Linn Axis turntable and some cleaning products (Linn didn't allow discount pricing and the store sold the Linn version in preference). So, no, Naim didn't get a lot of the cable sales until the split with Linn in the 1990s!
  11. Intel Nuc i3 Bad Audio

    Noted. The one time I heard one of those in use it made next to no difference to my ears - but I've heard cable effects and on one occasion a cheap powered hub improve sound. So I'm never surprised when they work. I actually think it shows up that either USB is inherently poor, or that USB DACs could be much better designed. We put up with a lot with this. Imagine if a brand of printer only worked properly with expensive cables and reclocking devices. Sales would plummet. Why shouldn't this be the same with USB audio?
  12. I think I've found my systems weakness!

    Or just cue it on the turntable... a little fussier of course
  13. When did we become so lazy ??

    When did this thread come back to life? And who was too lazy to start a new one?
  14. Server cloning

    The options I quoted: System image - makes an image of what is on the drive, like Clonezilla. (as opposed to the backup option which does cumulative backups and isn't as good for your particular purpose). System repair disc - if you need to restore the system image, you boot from the repair disc and then choose to restore from the system image. That control panel doesn't exist in Windows Server 2012, which is probably what you have, though, so ignore me on that. Instead you get this help from Microsoft: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc770757(v=ws.11).aspx Clonezilla looks a lot more attractive than that...
  15. Server cloning

    Windows? Just use the Backup and Restore control panel. Use the options to create a system image (to an external drive) and a system repair disc (to a USB flash drive).