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  1. This is now sold, many thanks!
  2. Pre & Power have now been sold via other channels... Tuner still available if someone wants to make an offer...
  3. It mostly works well as long as it's got a stable signal from the main WiFi, one thing we did notice is that because it can also act as a router is that if it loses the WiFi signal it switches into router mode automatically and you have to "reboot" it to force it back into repeater mode. That slight frustration aside we used it with good results for about 9 months before we replaced our main WiFi access point. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  4. Item: QED uPlay Plus Bluetooth Streamer (add BT to your existing setup) Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: $100 Item Condition: Good condition, this has generally been hidden from sight whilst being used. Reason for selling: No longer used as switched to a network streamer. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: As part of the ongoing Home-CEO enforced clear out of things I'm no longer using here is my QED uPlay Plus that I was using to stream music via Bluetooth from my laptop and/or phone to my AV Setup until I added a Cyrus Streamer into the rack. I had this hooked up using the optical digital output but it also has analogue outputs available. It uses the BlueCore 5 technology to support apt-X and cVc audio codecs to try and wring the best possible quality out of that Bluetooth connection. More information can be found directly on the product page at . I can also post this at buyer's expense if required. Pictures:
  5. Item: Various Bits of Network Gear that have all been replaced Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: Various Item Condition: All in good condition, can supply additional photos on request. Reason for selling: No longer used, we've swapped out all the old stuff for updated Router, LR Access Point and Faster Powerline gear. Payment Method: Cash on Pickup (CBD or Melbourne SE Suburbs), PayPal Extra Info: All these items have at some stage been used in our smoke-free home but over time have been replaced by updated gear. Happy to consider sensible offers on any of these items as the Home-CEO really just wants me to clear stuff out. I can post things if required at buyer's expense, many items have their original boxes and will be posted in those, anything else will be securely wrapped and sent. If you want to know if I have the original box for something please ask and I'll confirm. Items for sale are: Netgear D6300 WiFi DSL Modem Router ( : $75 (Do not have original box) SOLD Bigpond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway : Free! (Donation to SNA appreciated...) D-Link DAP-1522 Wireless Bridge / Access Point ( : $25 SOLD ELSEWHERE TP-Link TL-WR841N Wireless N Router ( : $20 (Used for ~15 minutes as part of new broadband install this week!) Kogan AC-750 Wireless Repeater/Acces Point ( : $20 TP-Link TL-R600VPN VPN Router ( : $50 2x Edimax HP-5101 500Mbps Powerline ( : $20 the pair D-Link DHP-311AV Powerline 500Mbps & Wireless Starter Kit ( : $50 SOLD Photos: This is another 'victim' of the Home-CEO telling me I have to clear out the things we're no longer using...
  6. Price dropped to $50, any takers before I resort to eBay for this one?
  7. This is now sold!
  8. Item: Apple TV 1st Gen 160GB Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: $75 $50 Item Condition: Good apart from the box Reason for selling: No longer used, we've gone Amazon Fire TV throughout Payment Method: Cash on Pickup (CBD or Melbourne SE Suburbs), PayPal Extra Info: This has been used in the past as a "standard" Apple TV but once all our music and movies were moved into Plex we installed 'Kodi' on it, a very simple process using a USB stick. It has been restore back to original software but I can provide instructions of how we got Kodi up and running if that's of interest. This is another 'victim' of the Home-CEO telling me I have to clear out the things we're no longer using... Pictures:
  9. Item: Sony MZ-G755 Type R - Minidisc Walkman with AM/FM Tuner + Minidiscs Location: Melbourne, SE Suburbs Price: $125 or sensible offers Item Condition: Really pretty good, see pictures, more can be provided on request. Reason for selling: Not used and I have a Pioneer XPD-100R on the way... Payment Method: Pickup (Melbourne CBD or Melbourne SE Suburbs) - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale is my (previously) much loved Sony Minidisc Walkman that has been sadly neglected for a (long) while but still works fantastically well. This thing served me well in the pre-iPod days as I bounced around Europe for work, the recording function helped me capture all the nuances of Capital Gains Tax in the UK... That's enough nostalgia I guess... The Home-CEO is still insisting I have to 'move things on' that aren't getting used so this needs to go, some basic details as follows but if you have questions I'll try to answer them... MDLP Recording & Playback AM/FM Tuner with 40 Presets In-Line Remote Control with Display Quoted at 48 Hours Battery Life on a Single AA Battery (I do remember going about a week at a time between replacements!) I could count them if someone really, really wants to know exactly but there's about 15 Discs, maybe a couple more to go with this. Also a case for both the walkman and a bunch of the Minidiscs. This is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to give their kids that sense of retro cool... honest... it's at least as cool as a pair of Dunlop Volleys! Pictures:
  10. Still available... Surely someone would like a nice, entry-level, pre/power combo for ~$800 and/or a decent tuner for ~$250 ?
  11. I've taken to splitting this up as it seems there may be more interest in the bits separately... the DVD7 has now been taken but the rest is still available.
  12. If you do want to go down the PC type path take a look at as a possible handy bit of software, I find this works very well on my Mac - in my case to output to Chromecast Audio devices.
  13. @Honey Badger - just an FYI, you may hear from a newbie in the shape of @ErikS in relation to this as he has been out auditioning something not too dissimilar over the weekend. I got him to sign up to the Forums today to get involved in the community pretty much as this popped up so just letting you know he's legit if he does reach out as this setup ticks his boxes and saves him money!
  14. Hey Erik, good to see you sign up after all our chats on the topic... welcome to the best community of Audio Enthusiasts this side of the equator!
  15. Perfect timing - this could save me $$ and a trip to JB HiFi... I'll drop you a PM!