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  1. Roughly a week in with the new Dots and the home-CEO's favourite thing is the 'Song Quiz' skill to test out her knowledge of "80s Hair Bands". Maybe these weren't such a good idea. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  2. I had a stab at pulling this together on Spotify for those that are interested... there were some I struggled to find so if you track down a missing one let me know the link and I'll add it... I also didn't add the ones that looked to be whole albums rather than individual tracks. Now to start listening - some old favourites on there and I'm hoping to discover some new ones too!
  3. Two Dots arrived yesterday, got them up and running pretty quickly with the Hue, WeMo, Arlo and ANOVA (sous vide stick!) - seems to work well but need to spend time finding fun things to do with them next... Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  4. Best ripping & tagging software for Mac?

    I'm still using Phile Audio, haven't really found a compelling reason to switch. It does a decent job grabbing metadata from iTunes and FreeDB, rips to a bunch of formats (of which I only really use FLAC), and the end result sounds ok for how I use it - a couple of Cyrus Streamers around the house for sitting down to listen, some LG MusicFlow speakers we got cheap for background music as needed in the house and a Pioneer XDP-100R for outside.
  5. Apple TV or similar?

    I put an Xbox One S in the living recently courtesy of some good EOFY offers, added the $29 USB Tuner Dongle which adds a Live TV capability and my wife is finding it incredibly easy to use for TV, Netflix, Stan, TenPlay, Plex and others as well as it happily playing her DVDs and BluRay discs. It's a remarkably competent Media Centre and has the added benefit of occupying children with games when they visit... ... Add in the Xbox Smartglass capability (we're using it on Windows 10 and Android) that streams whatever is playing on the Xbox to another computer or Tablet and it's honestly hard to beat if you find one at the right price. Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  6. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    No worries, look forward to hearing how you go if you take the plunge! Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  7. Mac Pro 2013 Onwards

    Another Mac Mini + Plex Media Server combination user here and as it happens I was originally running this on an older 2010 Core2Duo model before upgrading last year to an i7 2012 model. I'm not sure what you've checked on the ATV and what all the settings on it are but I was having problems with the server when it decided it wanted to transcode streams. In my case my clients were Amazon Fire devices and from time to time they'd randomly decide that even though they were on the local network they'd convince the server they were connecting from outside - this was forcing the server to transcode and causing me issues. I have a recollection this was a documented (and possibly fixed?) issue at some point in time. I also had to be careful with my encoding at times, particularly on audio streams as with the Core2Duo processor anything that wouldn't "DirectPlay" was an issue. These days, using the i7 2012 Mac Mini, I see no issues at all, even when I've been transcoding Live TV though the NextPVR plugin. A 2013 Mac Pro would definitely be overkill for what you're trying to achieve but a well priced Mac Mini could well be a good upgrade. That said, a 2013 Mac Pro with a custom wrap would look simply fantastic! Cheers, Pete Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  8. I'm currently using a bunch of the Broadlink stuff at home, including the WiFi IR unit you've listed here and I've got my (non-LG) Aircon controlled with it amongst other things. The app is a little clunky compared to some out there and there's noticeably more lag through the Broadlink than through the Harmony Hub I use in the lounge but... ... The Broadlink works just fine and often has deals on at Gearbest that makes it a ridiculously cheap solution. If you don't want to spend a lot and can find the remote one last time to program the Broadlink then it's a good option. Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  9. Which DSLR Camera to Buy ?

    Like a few other people here I own and use a range of cameras, some more recent than others... As a long time Minolta user (still have Dynax 5 and Dynax 7 film cameras and my first DSLR, a Minolta 7D I still in use by family in the UK) I have a 'bias' towards Sony gear as my lenses, flash etc could be used with the Sony DSLRs and DSLTs so that's worth bearing in mind here... Older DSLRs, particularly full frame ones, can be had for a good price these days and, unless you really, really need the megapixel count, give excellent quality images. In this category I have a Sony a850 which is a few years old but takes great images - I rarely use this now due to the overall weight of body and 2-3 fast lenses. (I'm selling this in case anyone is interested, I'll come onto why shortly.) In contrast my wife (a photographer) was using a Canon 5D (Mark 1 then upgraded to Mark 2) at the time and while she certainly had a better choice of lenses and was perhaps marginally sharper at 100% zoomed in you wouldn't be able to see much difference on screen or "normal" size printing. Arthritis in the spine eventually meant it became impractical to keep carrying this thing around all day, every day on holidays or photography days out so I treated myself to a Sony a7R. As I mostly shoot landscape and manually focus the slow autofocus on the original a7 series didn't worry me. The Sony a7R is a full frame mirror less camera and gives outstanding results for the type of thing I shoot, as it happens the wife also switched over to a Sony a7R and ditched the Canon 5D after seeing the output from mine. While the a7R is smaller and lighter the fact that it's full frame means most of the lenses are still relatively large and heavy, not as bad as my a850 but it's still a noticeable weight with a full kit bag. So, for more of a walkabout camera that I can throw in a bag with a handful of fast prime lenses, I also have a Panasonic Micro 4/3rds camera which has a much smaller sensor and correspondingly smaller, lighter lenses. I can, quite literally, carry the body and 4-5 lenses for approximately the same weight as my a7R and a 16-35mm f/4 lens. Does it give the same quality of output as the a850 or a7R? Well, no, to be honest it doesn't BUT, and this is a big BUT, it gives perfectly acceptable results for sharing on the internet or printing at 5x7in so it's fine for most scenarios where I'm not heading out for a specific 'location shoot' where I may be sitting for a couple of hours for the perfect light. As an aside, I also had a Sony NEX-7 in the middle of this little lot, (thanks Google+ for that photography competition prize!) which was also a great camera and a forerunner to the current a6x00 range. This was an APS-C size sensor so lenses could in theory be smaller and lighter than for the full frame Sonys but at the time I replaced this with the a7R there simply weren't high quality lenses that weren't the full frame compatible ones so I wasn't saving much weight. Lots of words there, oops not what I intended, but the gist is that camera systems are a "horses for courses" thing and that the main determining factor in the final quality of the image is usually the photographer rather than the gear. Arguably Micro 4/3rds is an excellent trade off in terms of portability, lens selection, image quality and cost - lenses range from the fairly inexpensive to the four figures mark for the faster "Pro" versions. The 'crop' factor of 2x can be especially handy for wildlife photography as it means (as stated earlier) that a 150mm lenses gives the equivalent zoom of a 300mm lens on a full frame camera - there's a large difference in size and weight between these two, especially if you want faster ones! That said, Micro 4/3rds has its trade-offs too. Typically the smaller sensor sizes with similar megapixel count to APS-C or full frame cameras don't have the same ultimate quality when tested by the likes of DxOMark because everything is just that bit more squished in. My final words (I promise) are that I'd strongly suggest holding and trying any camera and lenses combination you're considering before buying it. The ergonomics vary wildly, the balance of the camera and how you hold it are important too. If you can borrow or rent the things you're considering so you see how it works FOR YOU in practical usage then even better! Happy shopping and even happier shooting. [emoji38] Sent from my SM-T705 using Tapatalk
  10. I've seen this before if there's a "host name" with a non-standard character on the network, any chance of that in this case? If you have an Android device something like the 'Fing - Network Discovery' app can tell you what devices are connected, along with their IP addresses. There's similar types of discovery software for OSX and Windows, I'm not sure about iOS though as I don't currently use any iPads/iPhones.
  11. Moderator - please close this old listing out as I plan to relist the FM Tuner separately.
  12. The Kogan AC repeater has gone to a good home across the street, any takers for the rest? Make me an offer, it's a clearout!
  13. This is now sold, many thanks!
  14. Pre & Power have now been sold via other channels... Tuner still available if someone wants to make an offer...
  15. It mostly works well as long as it's got a stable signal from the main WiFi, one thing we did notice is that because it can also act as a router is that if it loses the WiFi signal it switches into router mode automatically and you have to "reboot" it to force it back into repeater mode. That slight frustration aside we used it with good results for about 9 months before we replaced our main WiFi access point. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk