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  1. To add, my amp power supply comes from a 6Kva Isolation Transformer, but it is an inverter (SMA SI 6) hanging off a large battery, charged by over 4Kva of solar. The silence in a treated room with the system up is lovely
  2. Found that if the amp transformers are noisy and physically chattering there is DC on the mains the DC blocker fixes that and other than that not a big need for the Iso Tx on the amps, particularly if linear power supplied Isolating the front end is very useful eliminating ground loops, meaning a small Iso Tx used to drive all front end devices and in particular those with switch mode PSU's If I were running from a dirty retail supply (now a distant memory) and wanted to get the best from a system that's how i would do it.
  3. My worst DIY error was building a rubber suspended batten and frame ceiling in a sound lounge. Spent around a week of spare time cutting gluing and screwing all the timber and steel only to find that there was a fundamental mistake that made me pull it all down, buy new materials and start again, took me 2 weeks to recover from that after cleaning up all the mess and starting again. Lesson learnt from it, don't rush, draw a plan
  4. Cheers Brian, was a little slack and didn't take all that many photos The amps were fun swapping them out every hour or so, one was stripped down on the bench, while it was still watm for it's transformer. Still quite vividly remember those new speakers sitting in the doorway of the workshop with us looking out onto the paddock from the couch at you place and hope it isn't too long between visits
  5. Thanks for the kind words Sam heart felt Mate. Lovely to host Mate, seeing Guys from different walks of live and fair distance separating them come together and have such an honestly enjoyable play and dabble with our hobby. Auditioning the gear listening to everyone's stories is one of the spices to our lives, the few hours us Blokes put aside every so often to GTG.
  6. After you go down that road it's difficult to justify going back, Linc. Especially when the people that make them are such great Friends as well as Audiophiles Those paper horns were better in the flesh, have a feeling you will get those right soon and get the mini horn rig going for the shed will be watching on as you have a crack at more with a lot of interest. Always fantastic to catch up Mate, thanks a lot for coming along, will be in Hobart with bells on for the next GTG adventure
  7. You don't make a bad amp either, Steve. I think we were all fairly impressed with what both your class A creations achieved. The ML CLS's are a challenge for any amp and both the 5w Valve and Nelson Pass are lovely sounding things, the Pass with the power edge both sounding very similar in the Lounge. The little amp shoot out was a blast with each amp all showing their own character quite clearly to my ears Sam's amp was nice too but seemed to lack the lustre of the DIY amps (the DIY and Tassie made amps were stars of the shootout) and may have done better with a different speaker set. The Holton 050 100w amp sounded as well as the Class A amps but had a few more watts under the hood extracting another clean 3dB or 2 from the stats. Anthony's larger amp the Vinci is certainly an engineering masterpiece and would drive the ML's to arc across the input connectors creating a spark and resultant crack. Have the speakers running again now and they survived the day ok Thanks again for being here
  8. Thanks Steve Always welcome Mate
  9. There will be more Mate and you were missed
  10. Our little Elsa also liked to get into the sweet spot seat as well as tidy up any spilled bacon
  11. Absolutely fantastic GTG, listened to 4 different amps on the pair of Martin Logan CLS's, which was very interesting Lots of music and great conversation about everything Audio among other things Excellent to meet @kranky who represents the East Coast of Tassie @Upfront @Auracle @Aussieamps, Joel, Shamus, Ray and my Lovely Mrs who cooked us dinner again and set up the house for everyone who stayed over. Travel safe everyone and can't wait for the next GTG, Hobart Photo, Everyone was surprisingly well at 1 bell as we listened on into the evening, the big horn rig is pretty good but needs a little more tweaking to get rid of a hole in the response at 50Hz, battery driven PSU drove all the gear all weekend W/O a problem and a little help from the mains
  12. Yep you are right Russell I have a book for it as well, with settings and parts list, made in Hobart at old Hydro Building. You may be able to use some of the bits out of it or the case or something. Super seeded by smaller switchmode chargers or Inverter/chargers It's 24v output and good for 60A, so thumping great transformer inside, selenium rectifier as well as some other really old regulator cct stuff
  13. It's yours Russell, will load it next gtg
  14. Listening along here, to some James Taylor, lovel We need hair to listen to the music properly Our aging bodies haven't rejected it yet
  15. HAHAHA Ok