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  1. Yes is fun, will miss the Crew while sweating it out in Class here.
  2. @A9X Would like to come but a series of studies and Exams for a have knocked me out of the Bathurst Classic. Next year hopefully
  3. "My experience", and "we the Team that came together to do the subjective testing" arguments really don't go well. Tell us more of "your experiences" back them with the "written references, of yours and photos" please, I am actually interested in the findings and dialogue matt
  4. Is all cool, all I try to convey is the fact that every amplifier will sound a little bit different even 2 exactly the same if built even slightly differently At the end of the day the hard bit is having the time/resources to get the pair up as good as possible valve/SS doesn't matter, what suits the speakers however does matter a lot Gosh I love this Hobby for the subtle differences All good Brother
  5. Firstly, plan big GTG with a number of our Members and ask them to bring their favourite amplifier to try on the "particular set of speakers" we had a few to try, Nelson Pass, valve, single end Triode, Consumer Crappers and 3 x XXXXXX's which was really cool. Listen to all the amplifiers and designate which one performs best, which in this case was a very lovely souped up XXXXXX 100w x 2 and everyone fairly well agreed to the outcomes over a full day and a half of tinkering, eating and beers. Try also 3 other amplifiers in the same class as the XXXXXX, in higher wattage class discovering additional power no advantage, to dis advantage actually Then reaserarch more with the XXXXXX and try a number of transformers at slightly differing voltage output character and Brand, completing a bias/dc offset commissioning routine at every TX swap as you do if you build amplifiers and totally understand "what the heck you are doing" Continue the tests over many hours and have a good local Mate present to bounce ideas off and try for unbiased evaluation. Finalise 100w x 2 XXXXXX Amplifier as a Customised match for the Speakers.......... Get 6 pack, invite Mate for dinner, enjoy
  6. When you get around to swapping parts around in hand made high end amplifiers to suit a nice pair of very hi end speakers for subjective listening fun, then sit back with a beer and enjoy the subtle difference the proof is my ears aren't made of cauliflower. I dis your comment as ignorance from the menagerie, sorry, a failure on your behalf to believe a strawberry is a strawberry as that is how the comment reads Please continue on Gents.
  7. Hi Rantan Interestingly I have proven rather recently that a particular amplifier driving a pair of speakers can sound different by changing the brand of transformer within it (slightly different voltage with same V/A rating) , let alone anything else, so to those who ignorantly think that ALL SS AMPS SOUND THE SAME I hate to rain on the parade, but they are so wrong it's laughable.
  8. SS Vr's Valve Haven't seen this come up for a while, please continue
  9. NRL Footy Tipping

    sheep stations
  10. @joz These would accompany the Illuminators fairly well Mate
  11. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Me too Mate !
  12. My Room acoustic measurements

    No sorry, but before the room was made into a lounge it had a dirt floor and was a concrete box, still is a concrete box but treated
  13. My Room acoustic measurements

    Here is a graph from a lounge after intensive treatment to look at, response curve at the time was a little nasty, but things have changed since then Posted for something of a reference and another graph to look at. Was done by @davewantsmoore about 6 months ago. More is better, keep treating
  14. Example of scabbed stuff, plug in the TT Pre amp to the line in and voila That front end is ridiculously well sounding