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  1. Most impressed with the longer ribbon tweeter as well but don't have, yet.
  2. Problem is for me, my Wife saw them and actually keeps nagging about them "how big is the bass box? Why the separate top box ? and "Gee, they would look nice in my living room" I try to ignore hopefully will stop in a day or 3.
  3. Auracle is a bit of a Legend, thanks for coming along Mate, very much enjoyed your input and humor One I had never heard was "fur children" for dogs
  4. No worries Kieth If I lived up that that I would be around for a listen as I see the quality cabs and drivers. Any photos of the crossovers ? That could tip a prospective buyer as the crossover can hold a lot of value
  5. Very good, 1 starter, going to work on @Aussieamps as well
  6. Yeaaaa, could live with that in the rack
  7. Notes from experimentation @Will C SMPS Vrs Battery, the study and experiment The thing is, it's not just battery or SMPS it's both together that work well. THis example system is powered with an 8Kva power inverter from a large battery, maintained via a solar array and charged with a converting ac frequency governed coupling SMA Sunny Island and Sunny Boy, Absolite 48v 400Ah battery. This system is noise and distortion less as a mains supply and brings out the best or worst in any component, you could call it a medicinal grade mains power supply. There are 3 systems to operate and compare within the lounge, the PSE144 Point Source, the Martin Logan CLS's Electrostatic full range and a domestic JAMO Concert with Alpine X series book shelved within the Sound Lounge, on with the story Now, the SMPS vrs battery comparison is way more than first encountered and difficult to test as the SQ between the both is very close. I'm predominantly listening for processor veiling of image and actual noise floor among other traits of good and bad Test was a second battery provided power to the Burson LYCAN in a single ended system is a galvanic isolation point and noise free, free to display the full character and resolve of the device, further improvement in speed can be made with the addition of capacitance to the battery as a supply stiffener quite lovely actually, in this case I made a LifePo4 24v 10Ah Battery and used a 10 000uF 50v cap The SMPS however doesn't have this galvanic isolation and can let through switching or other noise induced into the earth loop if directly connected to mains so in saying that one has to introduce this galvanic isolation to the SMPS Power supply before it can even compete at the level of an isolated battery. Have since been experimenting with a fully isolated DCDC converter from Victron Energy which is excellent Enter the IsolationTransformer. Beyond connecting the SMPS to the isolated transformer then to the mains connection reveals a power supply comparable with the battery with additional capacitance It took a fair amount of work to achieve this result, but at end of the day, I am listening to a V5 OPA via an SMPS that has a galvanic Isolation to the rear end of the system. The other test rig is a Raspberry PI feeding digital to a miniDSP So at the end of the day, the smps is simply easier to augment in comparison to a battery, the galvanic Isolation is required to bring out the best of the connected device, either via linear supply, iso TX or isolated DCDC converter, all power supplies correctly connected are very comparable in SQ and both easily lived with although the battery and it's maintenance via solar is about 100 times more expensive than a quality wall wart and Iso. Tx. Linear or dcdc converter Matt
  8. wow, looks great, well done
  9. Cool, both the battery and iFi supply are very similar in SQ' Nice system, any photos ?
  10. Hopefully @Red MacKay can get to the NW while he in in Tasmania Welcome Mate All manner of interesting stereo gear here
  11. The Hobart Easter GTG was fantastic. the People, the gear and the Lounges The friendships and connections continue to grow and now in planning to have another GTG in the North West in the coming months if the Southerners are keen. A weekend in June 3 systems in Burnie (at the Tassie Lounge) and one in Penguin at Ray's place. Hopefully an overnight-er with accommodation in Burnie Tassie Lounge This one is to celebrate the Launch of the all new Holton NX 050 Desk top Amplifier from @Aussieamps and have the PSE144 running from a pair via the miniDSP and if I get really organised another pair running as mono blocks for the 18" low mid bass Wife is keen to cook up another hot soup for those that liked it last time. Lunch dinner and breakfast will be put on at my place Another thing we could do is drag out our old stuff in the cupboard and have a sell/swap meeting of Stereo Stuff Cheers Matt
  12. Photo or it didn't happen
  13. Yes a clever Aussie mob. They do good things and have been round a while.