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  1. Nothing like great supplies in a shielded box, noticed the shielded filtered switched IEC, used one myself a while ago in a valve pre amp supply build, good thing. Looks good excellent build, thanks for share
  2. Geez that's cool would sound amazing I bet Nice work Mark
  3. Congratulations Anthony, all the best Anyone out there that's after a compact ss supreme amp to drive hi end bookshelf speakers or efficient floor standers will like this. No thin pressed tin cases here this is the next level
  4. On with the story including testing of a few transformers on another module, the upgraded 100w x 2 Having a good old HiFi feast with bookshelves, raspberry pi and the 050, 50w. In that config has a habit of sounding large and revealing to the media running at the time. Stands up well but miss the ebb of a sealed sub (that's next) Has a friendly inviting nature that wants you to listen in detail all day clinical but not fatiguing. Good power would drive most speakers. Next set for fun is a pair of electrostatics that are about to fall into the lounge someone said they were Martin Logan 5 foot high will find out on saturday. Should be like David vrs Goliath (evil laugh) pictures on Saturday or it didn't happen
  5. About to fire up this little beasty OS and external card code "should be ok" power supply is 5.1 volts dc, easy. This one has an external connection (modification) made to supply the sound card directly and a few other little things
  6. Hi Went back to the 2 core Intel skylake (i3) myself (after an I7) and happy to stay with that for a little as it was better, this is after building and modifying 8 mother boards of various kinds in the last 5 years. I have also found good SQ using Raspberry PI3B/HiFi BerryDAC Pro + and the HiFiBerry I2S/Spdif Pro with galvanic isolation. Although the DC powered ATX is a sweet thing and the king of my streamers will continue to experiment
  7. Still wondering if someone else is going to run a miniATX 1151 on pure DC ") from a solar maintained battery/capacitor bank Anyone ? ignored again and dismissed and will stay my secret weapon.
  8. Sounds like fun Dave Hippy Festival was an eye opener and must say thoroughly enjoyable Not a generator to be heard for 90% of the weekend
  9. You should buy another pair of speakers for these power house amps GLWS
  10. @davewantsmoore Do you still have that impulse decay plot you took at the GTG, with all the human bass traps inside the concrete room, might be interesting.
  11. No they don't, disappoint that is for sure. I have a little collection of Holton Amps, 5 operating on 2 systems and a couple more to build to complete the 2 sets for active speakers
  12. After importing millions of dollars worth of power electronics in hundreds of shipments from all over the World over decades, I still have a feeling shipping makes up the total amount Taxable Shipping makes up the service in goods
  13. Is a bugger that
  14. I have a feeling it does actually include the shipping.
  15. Will take the lot If, it can be thrown in a post bag PM Sent