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  1. Hey guy's, some really good advice there which I will be sure to follow once I get the room painted up. @Darren69 I had a good read of your post that you linked the other night and when I read about you not having the full range going to your speaker I laughed as I had been thinking along the same lines, the P5 allows for mains and sub woofer crossover control and I had set up to take the load off just like you....flicked the switch off on the mains and big difference there straight away, I had the crossover set up to stop everything below 80hz going to the mains and everything below 80hz to the sub. I have a feeling that my first reflection point on the ceiling will be where my A/C duct is, that kind of thing is inevitable with me Also on the side it will be where my doorway is. I also have acoustic batts in the wall for noise reduction....doesn't do a lot but works well in conjunction with the electronics to heat up the room....was an oven with the old @Ooogh I agree with your comments on setting up the listening position as I'm the only one that really appreciates the sound. Cheers Guys
  2. Hey Ooogh, this is where my knowledge as limited as it already is, really lacks, I have no idea on how to treat a room, although there is probably a myriad of threads here on that topic....I will need to focus on this a bit more me thinks. I still have the Chord Carnival Speaker cable the I swapped out for the Kimber so I might put that back into service and see how it goes, although the Kimber does seem to be more revealing......again not so good with descriptions. I'm not that far out of the big smoke only 50k's so if there are any willing members who want to educate me I'm more than happy for that. Thanks for the insightful reply Hey Darren, same as my reply to Ooogh, I need to focus on this, I looked at the link you provided, did you make those panels? I'm currently painting thruogh my house (awesome fun job) so once I finish that I'll have time to play around a bit more. Broke, I have a very similar sized room, although I don't seem to have an issue with bass. OK so I took some pics of my room for you guys to see what I'm dealing with and don't flame me for my equipment set up, it's temporary till I finish my DIY rack and I place the P5 away from the A21 when in use. It's probably not an ideal configuration, but it's what I've got to work with.....
  3. Yeah, definately bright Sent from my Lenovo YT-X703F using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure what you mean here. Are you saying they are tooo bright for the genre of music you listen to? What I've found is that when the songs get really dynamic it sounds harsh to my volume that is(but not exceedingly loud) I'm thinking that recording quality is the culprit here? I'm not good at describing or using vocabulary to describe what I'm hearing... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys, just a follow up on this thread, I bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and pulled the trigger on a set of Aria 936's plus an Oppo 205 plus some Kimber 8TC speaker cable....still coming to grips with the new set up as it sounds vastly different than what my ears were used to hearing, have around 100 hrs on the arias now and starting to sound better each time I listen...helps that I'm on holidays painting so can run them all day. I've heard that these need at least 200 hrs to really start freeing up, does this sound about right? I also think I need to find some good acoustic or laid back tunes to listen to, most of my collection is in your face and the loudness war becomes very apparent with higher quality speakers so open to suggestions here! Cheers for the feedback Jason
  6. Hey Rawl, no I cannot provide a standard however if you do a quick google on the term hard solder, most refer to brazing which as was stated involves much higher temps. In my experience in the industry I have never seen wire "hard soldered" (not saying that it has never happened). Alternatively if you can provide proof that they are hard soldered then I'm more than happy to be proven wrong
  7. I'm still gob smacked that $30 worth of lead sells for $450, definitely in the wrong business!
  8. @Weka assuming that the screen was tied to the earth conductor as you said, was it tied in at both ends?
  9. No to mention this! Taken from AS/NZS 3000
  10. Hmmm never tried Coopers stout, Have been into the Montieths Black lately MMMMMM
  11. And this Answer: “Actually, the component sits between two power conductors: the hot and the neutral. AC power oscillates (alternates) back and forth at a 50-60 Hz rate. So power does not pour into the component at all. The component's power supply is within a complex network of wires and connectors. ALL of the wire and connectors can and do affect the performance of the component's power supply.” What about in rush when you power up, that doesn't come from the component?
  12. Don't be like that bro I do have a very nice single malt actually but I don't drink with Kiwi's I do agree with the XXXX comment though....urghhh
  13. It was the mention of beer wasn't it Sorry mate I'm in South East Qld
  14. OK, so who would like to lend/trial me some after market power cables? I'll supply beer
  15. I might try and make this into a test, I'll obtain some screen from a VSD cable, enough length to cover the OEM cable, then I'll heat shrink over that, tie that in to my house earth and then I'll get a mate to do a listening test between a stock version and my hacked one.