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  1. I used my gear with the 936's and was really impressed with the bottom end, I run a pair of 10" ascension (SB acoustics drivers) subs as well...first thing I thought is wow, I might not need my subs.... But you are right as painful as it is lugging my gear around it needs to be done
  2. Yeah I've watched a vids with him talking about the JC1 and JC2 gear in it he uses paradigms. If I changed my amps I'd still need speakers and unfortunately that would become a very expensive exercise....that sort of coin would also get me into really nice speaker territory!
  3. Yeah I had number of the beast (my fav Irons's song) and 2 Minutes to midnight (best intro) as well
  4. Parasound P5 and A21
  5. Don't even think there is a retailer for VA's up here....I stand corrected..apparently living sound do them now
  6. I think I was told by a HiFi shop guy that these wouldn't suit my musical tastes.....was also told something similar in regards to Vienna Acoustics. Would that be because they are too revealing?
  7. @darren69 That Aces High poster adorned my bedroom wall for years...saw them live last year and they still kick ass Homer.....
  8. If I stretched to them I'd have no money left for the tempting as your offer is cheers
  9. Sound aside I don't think I could live with the cabs.....but I'm funny that way Cheers anyway mate
  10. Thanks Warweary
  11. Hey Dirk, Yeah I was there yesterday and he did not have the 936's, he told me that they were just a bigger version the the 926's which I have heard and I think there was no comparison (to my ears)... I was listening through a Roksan CD/Integrated set up. The 948's sounded good, nice natural bass but I'd like to hear side by did you find the comparison? Cheers Jason
  12. G'Day, so after being politely told that my current speakers were letting down my system I have begun the search for another pair. I have a budget of around $5k for this so I should be able to get a reasonably good pair at this price point, on advice I have listened to some Aria 936's with my set up in a shop (Parasound P5 and A21 and an Oppo 103 which will be upgraded to the 205 at some stage) and was pretty impressed with the sound. Other speakers I have listened to but without my kit were some Aria 926's which were underwhelming for me and Aria 948's which I didn't mind either, but didn't really get a chance to push them. I wish I could get the 936's and 948's side by side but cant seem to find that here in Brissy. Has anybody had the chance to do this comparison? Also have listened to B&W CM10's meh, CM8's which actually sounded better but still lacked the detail i'm looking for especially with vocals, 805's which sounded quite nice but I can't get my head around bookshelfs as mains...Dali Rubicon 8's which are out of my price range and didn't really do anything for me. At this stage I'm leaning towards the Focals however I just want to make sure I get a good range of speakers auditioned so after some suggestions, I may have to do a road trip down south if it comes to it... Cheers Jason
  13. I agree, my mate and I had this conversation a while back and both agreed he had one of the best rock voices of all time....his unplugged stuff is just outstanding.....a massive loss to the music industry.
  14. Nah mate not at all, I am in exactly the same boat, I still love the music that I've always listened to and yes the more the system reveals for better or worse, bears no influence on whether I stop listening or not. It comes down to how the album was produced on the day, how it was mastered an finally how it was pressed and released to us the music lover (and what our system is)...some sound great, some sound not so great and that is probably the case from the early days till now.....what I think it does do, is push you to open your eyes and explore new artists and genres that you would have not thought of previously...if you can find an artist that makes your system sing and you find you enjoy it, well that's a win win...... Just my 2 cents Jason