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  1. Aha, a question I can help with! I've got a set of the 8.4s (as part of a matching surround setup) and mine had the hideous silver fronts that I just couldn't live with, so I pulled them apart and painted them. Good news is the only fasteners to remove are the fixing screws for the drivers, then you can remove the fronts. They're glued down with a goopy black...goop, that will stretch out and go everywhere, and WILL get stuck in your carpet for all eternity, so be ready for that; just use a blade or something to cut the strands of goop as you lift the baffle. Also worth noting that unlike the mid and woofer, the tweeter is fixed to the back of the baffle, with just enough wire length to let you lift the baffle and disconnect it before removing the baffle completely. To pry up the baffle I used plastic trim lifter things for a car interior, but you could do it easily with a butter knife if you're careful. With the baffle off you'll have access to the edge of the vinyl and be able to reglue that lifting. Just ask if you've got any other questions about the process! Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  2. I have exactly the same set and love it; I missed out on them when they were available new but was lucky enough to find one second hand 12 months ago. Certainly don't see many of them around, and I doubt anyone is going to be dissapointed with it!
  3. ISF Calibration Photos

    Definitely set to 2.2, I am using the low panel setting though, maybe that has something to do with it. I brought the meter back from the office over the weekend and just had another go at the TV. Think I managed to improve on the white balance, although it is still out at 10%, but I took your advice and erred on the side of blue there. Gamma's still a bit bumpy but overall I'm pretty happy with the results. Thanks again for the help!
  4. ISF Calibration Photos

    I had a go at the calibration this arvo and i think it went pretty well. In fact the greyscale wasn't out by much on the factory settings, just a noticable bump in green/blue around 50-80% grey. Gamma was well out though, luminnace a fair bit too low all the way from 10% to 80%. Actually that's probably the only thing that worries me a bit; to get anywhere near the appropriate luminance I had to push the gamma gain for 20 and 30% stimulus all the way to the end of the scale (+50). It's pulled the curves back into shape, but I'm not sure if it's a safe thing to do?
  5. ISF Calibration Photos

    Awesome, thanks for sharing the knowledge. Just checked and I do have APL patterns too (also just did some reading to figure out what APL meant ) so I'll use those. Very keen to see how I go this time. I've noticed recently that on content (mostly compressed - streaming video etc) that has scenes with a lot of nearly-black content, I see a fair bit of what I can best describe as 'posterisation' on the near-black areas. I have a feeling that I may have messed up the gamma around IRE 10/20 trying to compensate for what looked like a bump in that area last time. Whether it was the old meter or the spud using it I'm not sure...
  6. ISF Calibration Photos

    Panasonic VT60 55”. Thing gets pretty damn hot. At night I can make sure the room is pretty dark, but couldn't guarantee there isn't some light leaking in. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  7. ISF Calibration Photos

    I ended up doing exactly that, got the new Display Pro yesterday. I've already profiled my PC, and as I thought the result is pretty different to the old meter (big red push on the old one). I'm going to have a go at the plasma today, but I'm wondering whether I should set it on the screen, or use the tripod to position it a bit away from the surface? I've read about the heat of the plasma panels affecting the meter's readings, but I'm also worried about stray light and reflections if I can't make the room completely dark. Any advice?
  8. FS: Denon AVR4520 AV Receiver

    I'll let the OP confirm, but I believe this is sold, as it's currently​ sitting in my lounge room. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  9. FS:Paul Spenser TL's

    Ooooohhhhh, pretty.... How did you find these in terms of placement? I imagine they need to be spaced out from the wall a fair way?
  10. YAMAHA RX-A 3040

    Bloke on here looking for one, just down the page. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  11. Bloody hell, you guys just drove to plug them back in and have another listen, now I'm even less sure I'm doing the right thing! A deal's a deal though, Aleks just had better come get them before I do change my mind [emoji12]. In the meantime I better get out and go for a climb or something, lest I continue to sit and see one guess myself. Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk
  12. Wow, didn't expect this sort of response. I figured I'd gotten a decent deal when I picked them up and could pass that along to someone else in the community here, but it seems I'd gotten more of a bargain than I thought! If only I had room for a second system so I could try them with a 2ch amp. Thanks to everyone who got in touch, aaleks was first off the mark so preference goes to him, if that falls through for some reason I'll get in touch with the next in line. Cheers,
  13. Geez, you guys are making me rethink the decision to move them on!
  14. Item: Whatmought Opus 20 floorstanding speakers Location: Enmore NSW 2042 Price: $250 I'm also on the hunt for a AVR upgrade, so if someone has something suitable they're looking to move on I'd be interested in a trade (+cash from me) Item Condition: Functionally great, aesthetically good for their age, but there's definitely some marks on the veneer; I've tried to make the pictures comprehensive enough that you can see all the marks. Grills are in very good shape, no tears or anything (they're also like super beefy! Frames seem to be MDF, no flexy plastic here!) Reason for selling: Ended up being surplus to requirements, more info below. Payment Method: Pickup (cash) only at this stage. Firstly because I'm a relatively new member around here, and I think an in person sale is the best way to make sure buyers know I'm above board, and secondly because trying to sort out packing and freight isn't worth my time for the price. Extra Info: Some of you might have seen a thread I posted a while ago about some coil rub I was getting on my old Wharfedale Diamonds. I tried to get a replacement driver to no avail, and when I saw these on gumtree a couple of months ago I thought I'd grab them as a replacement for the diamond fronts in my 5.1 setup. As luck would have it, the next week I found a driver for the diamonds and got that as well with the plan to move them on in working order. Unfortunately though I just couldn't get the Whatmough's to integrate into my (albeit very budget) system. Running them on their own for 2ch music, even just from my crappy AVR they sounded lovely; top end is much better defined and clearer than the Diamonds. Sadly when the centre and sub were bought into play I just wasn't as keen on them, they lacked some warmth or something. At this point I'm almost tempted to keep them, and hopefully get better results with a new amp and a better matched centre, but I don't have tonnes of space, so if someone will take them off my hands that's great. In terms of specs, these were taken from a review quoted on the Whatmough site: Dimensions: 220 x 830 x 270 Weight: 16kg ea HF: Vifa 25mm fabric dome tweeter LF: 150mm Aerogel w/ forward firing bass port Pictures: Attached, if you'd like to see something I haven't shown, just let me know. Cheers, Shayne.
  15. ISF Calibration Photos

    Cheers mate, your sentiment echoes others I've heard on the display pro. I probably should calibrate my work monitors too, so maybe I can convince the boss we need one for the 'office'... Sent from my HTC 2PS6200 using Tapatalk