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  1. Hi Shane. Great. Ive seen photos of that system online.
  2. Hi guys Has anyone had any direct experience good/bad with any of the Kaiser ranger of speakers? Thanks in advance
  3. Just for what its worth I think comments re Alan Shaws knowledge are mis informed at best. Clearly he knows what hes talking about when in relation to his OWN PRODUCTS. What I said in my post didnt relate to the quality of the amp as Im sure we ALL agree that quality of amplifers definately would make a difference. What I was meaning in my posting was that they didnt need mass amounts of grunt. I did ask this when I was looking to purchase my 40.1's from the agent. It may be worth a call to you agent in Au to get their take on the matter. At the end of the day there is no wrong here just someones opinion. There will be loads of info on the Harbeth forum page and joining is very easy if that helps you further. All the best.
  4. Hi there Dont have the Harbeths you do but the 40.1's I did alot of research before buying and the consensus across the board was Harbeths in general are a very friendly speaker to drive. Theres lots of info on the Harbeth forum page and Alan Shaw is very active so Im sure someone there will be able to help if you are still unsure. All the best,Andrew
  5. Had these a couple of weeks now from a fellow sn'er. Totally stoked with them in every way. Waiting on the postman to deliver my new pre amp which will complete things.
  6. 3000 albums...Sha...yit!!! Man alive how the heck do you find the time to play any more than once every 8 yrs...Just the dusting time alone would be staggering!
  7. Hi guys Another integrated albeit expensive is the Absolare. What a beast. I doubt theres a negetive or even lukewarm review anywhere on the planet for these. Theres a couple of models available and the workmanship on the leather work looks fantastic.
  8. Priced from £55k....available from June. Totally insane!
  9. Fiddle at your peril.. If you purchased new from a retailer and you suspect issues dont touch it because as soon as you do all warranty will disappear. Might be worth a call to the agent to see what they suggest. All the best.
  10. Please note it has the digital in/out Shipping weight in the flight case and original box is 48kg
  11. Thanks guys. Its been well cared for and in lovely condition.
  12. Item: AMR 77.1 valve cd player Location:NZ Price: 4500 Item Condition:mint Reason for selling:upgrading Payment Method: numerous Extra Info: I purchased this from a Sn member(can provide his details if required) last year. It comes in its original flight case and has all paperwork. Workmanship is sublime. Can post anywhere with confidence of a safe arrival. Ex review on 6moons Thanks for looking. Please note this is the upgraded player. Pictures:
  13. Item:Pass XP 25 Phono pre amp Location:NZ Price: 8200 Item Condition:Mint Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Totally mint XP 25 phono. Loads of reviews on line for this fantastic phono. I have all the packing and documentation. Delivery anywhere in Au $240 Courier delivery. Purchased new in Au Pictures: