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  1. Pricd drop...5,500 plus postage
  2. The Lemon age

    I too bought Miele product (fridge) it was dam expensive based on its competition but ok I wasnt forced into into it... It developed a clicking in the door hinge. After a few calls to an incompetent service twit Miele head office were contacted and vwala a new replacement fridge is on its way!! I was told Mr Miele would not be happy at my experience with his products. I now have other Miele producrs as a result of their stellar service. Quality is not always expensive.
  3. Hi there Not familiar with the Australian market place but for an international price check try Hifi Shark. If there isn't one listed you can see what has been offered for sale in the expired pages of the item in question. All the best if you are selling one Kind regards
  4. Hi guys I have new gear on the way. Interested in sensible offers for this amp. Would suit a new amp buyer.
  5. Item: Classe CA 2300 Location:NZ Price: 5500 AU plus postage. Item Condition:totally mint Reason for selling:changing to integrated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:For sale my Classè stereo amp as Im going to an integrated. I purchased it brand new from agent in NZ. I have the original factory box with all its packing. 3 yrs old. It hasnt had alot of use as I was without a total system for a while. This will drive any speakers easily. Can be posted safely. Not sure of rrp in Au but they are 15k in NZ. Thanks guys Pictures:
  6. Spending 10k - integrated or separates?

    A friend of mine who is the Australian agent for a brand that sells seperates and an integrated amp talks about synergy a lot. Having both amplifer and pre amp from the same stable can be advantageous in many ways. A lot of hard earned money can be saved on interconnect leads for one. Technology has come a long way in recent years too so perhaps the integrated road will be one travelled more often than not and obviously there is the area saved from having added boxes on the floor or in cabinets.
  7. Spectacular Speakers!!

    Mr Weiss is very fond of his own products thats for sure!
  8. Spectacular Speakers!!

    Turntable complete is just under 40 kg. The dam things is so heavy the cabinet door under it now wont shut properly!
  9. Spectacular Speakers!!

  10. Spectacular Speakers!!

    Cant comment on value with the OMA products but have a 401 bolted into one of their 100mm double slate plinths which I purchased built up. The workmanship is very smart indeed but for 6500usd plus delivery it should be!
  11. Good morning Send Chris [Aperalim] a message re your valve request. He is DEFINATELY a valve guru and a decent chap. All the best
  12. Ha ha...,.everyone in Auckland who owns a house is a certified baziliionaire
  13. The price of records here in NZ is criminal for a sector they are trying to build. Clearly we the consumer will never know who the biggest thieves are...the retailer or the manufacturers but one of them sure is raking it in if the sales volumes being moved are to be believed.
  14. Harbeths or PMCs Confused!

    You guys are lucky if dealers there will let gear go for home demo. The Harbeth agent in NZ wont do that. Its a bit of a pity there is only one agent.