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  1. Just an update on this (since someone asked in a private message) - the F1 Chrono sold, but the Carrera is still available currently. I daresay I'll regret selling it, it's a beautiful watch, but I have my eye on something else at the moment...! Also, the Carrera has just recently had a full service / overhaul by a top watchmaker here in Sydney, so it's running in tip-top form at present. That being the case I think $1800 is a very fair price for it! I have all the original packaging with it, as well as the original strap and another rally-style perforated one (used) like the one currently on it. All the straps are from Tag Heuer, not aftermarket. Here's a more recent photo, too - I was playing around with some new lights.
  2. I've just reduced the prices of both of these a little, perhaps they'll tempt someone...!
  3. Hi mate - dimensions as follows: Filing cabinet: 915w x 465d x 710h. Storage cupboard: 900w x 460d x 2000h.
  4. Item: Steelco Tambour Roller Door Stationary Cabinet Location: Surry Hills NSW Price: $250 (reasonable offers considered, though!) Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Moved offices, no longer have space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Big, solid professional units - not Ikea! Pictures: For sale in Surry Hills (it's a bit heavy to ship!), reasonable offers considered. Lockable, keys included.
  5. Just FYI, I would consider (reasonable!) offers on either of these as well. I'd rather they go to a good home than have to fight the Gumtree battle!
  6. Thanks - I do like it a lot still, I'm just not wearing it as much as it deserves.
  7. I managed to take a decent chunk out of a first-generation Tag Heuer F1 crystal, years ago. Not sure how, but I did! R
  8. Thanks! At the risk of stating the obvious, it could be yours...! R
  9. I realise this isn't a watch board per se, but of course we are all discerning folks who like nice things, so perhaps someone will be interested in these! Item: Tag Heuer Carrera Twin Time watch Location: Surry Hills, NSW Price: $1750 (reduced from $2000 - these are $4100 new!) Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Too many watches! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred Extra Info: Purchased from authorised Tag Heuer dealer in Auckland NZ in 2006, has minimal marks from wear, perforated rally-style leather band is nearly new but I also have the previous leather & original croc bands, as well as all original packaging & paperwork. Automatic movement, and extra hand showing a second time zone (sometimes called a GMT watch). More photos available if interested! These are still $4100 brand new from Tag Heuer, so grab a bargain...! Item: Tag Heuer F1 Chronograph watch Location: Surry Hills, NSW Price: $1000 (reduced from $1200 - new model costs $2000!) Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Too many watches! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred Extra Info: Purchased from authorised Tag Heuer dealer in Wellington NZ in 2012, minor wear marks from daily use since then. Includes all original packaging & paperwork. More photos available if interested - the replacement model sells for $2000 new, but I still like this shape better personally!
  10. Item: Cambridge Audio DAC Magic (Black) Location: Sydney Price: Sold pending exchange for other equipment Item Condition: Very good to excellent condition Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup w. cash preferred Extra Info: I bought here about six months ago from another StereoNet user. I was planning to use it with a vintage amp I inherited from my downsizing inlaws, but as it turned out the amp was a dud; I suspect I'll wind up getting an amp with a built-in DAC, so this is now surplus as a result. The only note on condition is that the previous owner evidently dropped the (massive) power adaptor at some stage, as one of the screws broke off; I strapped it back together with electrical tape just to keep everything in place, but there was no sign of any actual electrical problems inside - just a sheared screw point. (I'm not an electrician, but I was a lighting technician for theatre for ten years, so I've seen broken power supplies before and have some idea what a problem would look like.) I paid $180, and it cost $16 to mail it to me, so I'm happy to sell it for that and post it for that price if needed; or for Sydney buyers, I'm just by Central station in Surry Hills. I have the original box & packaging as well, though the previous owner taped it up & labelled it to send to me, so it's not pristine. Pictures:
  11. Item: Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones (black), case, cable, manual Location: Surry Hills, NSW (near Central Station) Price: $140 inc. $10 donation to StereoNet Item Condition: Excellent, just missing the box Reason for selling: Not needed any more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Bought these a couple of years ago to use at work, now I've moved offices and can play what I like on my speakers! So they're just sitting on my desk now, really - and deserve a better home. They have a built-in mic & controls for use with an iPhone, but if you don't want that, you can swap to the alternate cable (included) that just goes straight to a headphone jack. I'd prefer local pickup if possible, I'm right near Central Station in Surry Hills. (Price reduced, as I realised the cost of these new has come down over the past year or so!) Pictures:
  12. I didn't hear anything aside from the buzz from the left channel - which perhaps suggests it blew up years ago...I had a look at the fuses I could see, and they all looked intact (at least superficially). R