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  1. Can't wait to get home and try this out. I already have enough bass to deal with though, due to the size of my room and I am sure hoping it doesn't overload it even more but from the feedback so far it sounds like it's just going to get better.
  2. She's a good "go to" red that one
  3. Yes, the St. Henri is very nice indeed.
  4. Giddy up Surge
  5. Hope you get back to spinning the black circle soon Chanh
  6. Ahh yes I do understand, but the pleasure is worth digging deep and trying at least one
  7. Very tidy work stevesie
  8. Now that's a lovely postcard Steve
  9. Here's to a safe journey brotherenjoy
  10. Haha, fantastic Steve! Yeah back for two days then off again Enjoying a few lovely beers and some Puscifer tonite
  11. Two more sleeps Surge
  12. I went to this a few years back, it was great, vinyl and great priced beer. Bingo! Greet way to spend the arvo. Hope it goes well for you enikoy
  13. Just tried the first bottle in a six pack of Zywiec Porter Sweet Jesus I like this thread Just one...just one Sunday morning at home I want to wake up feeling good.... Maybe next timehaha Gorgeous
  14. Looks like a perfect nights entertainment there Surge
  15. I must admit I did drink from a similar can once, it felt so wrong (bloody bogan)Definitely needs to be poured into glass, I like the incentive.