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  1. IPA Recommendations Please

    Now this is a great drop!
  2. currently drinking

    And to finish off
  3. currently drinking

    Visiting the @SETSergio house for few amazing wines and a beautiful dinner, unforgettable
  4. Really interested to see how this goes for you. I would assume these products have a cutting compound in them to do what they do, if so, I hope this won't cause damage in the grooves, but if it works out well then this is a great find!
  5. I recently tried a set of these In my system and although it was a fairly brief listen I found them to be very impressive. That's good price too Daz, these are a real bargain. @SA23
  6. Oh Yeah, I think I would like this, I'm in
  7. I've been very happy so far too
  8. Mike I hope you are slipping a DMP in your hand luggage Ive got some time off and I have been chewing through my cd's with this new upgradewow. Im now yearning to hear this new spinner
  9. currently drinking

    That was such a nice drop
  10. currently drinking

    Is that the same Petaluma that you generously offered at the Karri night Surge?
  11. PMC Speaker owners thread

    @Stereophilus have you found the Mola Mola to be a significant improvement over the Audio Research? ( assuming that's a pair of monos there)
  12. I have had a brief amount of time with it and am really happy with it. Loaded with ease into the Directstream and away she went. I was worried about the bass but it has not been an issue at all. Big thumbs up
  13. Can't wait to get home and try this out. I already have enough bass to deal with though, due to the size of my room and I am sure hoping it doesn't overload it even more but from the feedback so far it sounds like it's just going to get better.
  14. currently drinking

    She's a good "go to" red that one
  15. currently drinking

    Yes, the St. Henri is very nice indeed.