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  1. Looks like a perfect nights entertainment there Surge
  2. I must admit I did drink from a similar can once, it felt so wrong (bloody bogan)Definitely needs to be poured into glass, I like the incentive.
  3. This was a nice little find
  4. Absolutely Gee Emm Spinning cans around to see the alcohol content or more specifically how many standard drinks they are is bloody annoying. It would be much more fun selecting if they were bunched together.
  5. Thanks again for highlighting this drop @Kaynin Super smooth straight and makes a fantastic G&T,the best one I've tried so far
  6. Thanks Tasso, great information. Is the vacuum process quite noisy on this machine?
  7. I might just have to track me down a bottle too Thanks @Kaynin
  8. Very nice work,and a good mate, looks fantastic
  9. A great night out with @SETSergio and our two wonderful ladies. A lovely Italian restaurant in East Perth and some absolutely stunning wines. Thank you SET for the invite, and DRC, that bottle was just beautiful
  10. I really wish their first album sounded like this second album on vinyl. Maybe one day. Great band from Melbourne, can't get enough em.
  11. Absolutely subjective opinion and I was indicating that my opinion or observation was weird Didn't relay that too well. No bad intended
  12. For some reason this crowny tastes like Vegemite on toast to me. yep... weirdalright haha
  13. Hope it's a good event tonight all Looking forward to some feedback
  14. That is really disappointing to hear Tasso and it's great that you have posted this as it is certainly something to consider for potential buyers. I had this product on my list a while back but settled on the Nessie, so far so good. These sort of purchases are done sight unseen quite a bit I imagine and it is this sort of valuable feedback that is relied upon to help make the decision easier one way or the other. As you indicate there are probably a great many of these units that work flawlessly and are trouble free but is valuable information for buyers to know of the consequences if it fails. Valuable information too, for the manufacturer. The new unit looks a ripper.
  15. Maybe Mirotone in Malaga has a product for your needs SET