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  1. My AudiaFlight phono stage is probably the most open-sounding Ive heard. It was immediately noticeable when I first got it. Downside is that it doesnt hide anything - everything is out there for you to hear, the good and the bad.
  2. Hi Terry, I assume you are asking because youre looking for a cart for yourself. There are many great options in this price range but the 'best' will be highly dependant on: 1. Your "sound" preference. 2. The tonearm you intend on mounting it on. 3. The rest of your system (and how this interrelates to 1. ). Answer those three and you will narrow your field considerably. HAving said that, in the sub $1000 arena I am a big fan of Audio Techina and I think there 'AT-0C9-III' is probably the "best". CHeers Tim
  3. SOLD - pending pick-up.
  4. Sorry All! SOLD- Pending pick-up.
  5. Item: 7 Classical & Soundtrack Vinyl Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay (Pick up only) Price: $20 for the lot. Item Condition: Mostly Very Good ( could use a clean) Reason for selling: Need to make room for new vinyl! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The 'Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail" is a beautiful original 1954 GERMAN Deutsche Grammophon boxset - worth more than $20 by itself. Pictures:
  6. Item: 28 Assorted Vinyls - Some very collectable, some moderately collectable, some cheapies + Bonus Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay (pick-up only) Price: $180 (One of these vinyls is worth $100 by itself). Item Condition: Varying - From NM to Good (-) Reason for selling: Need to make space for more vinyl! Most of these are double ups. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Notable inclusions: 1. Dark Side of the Moon (original Aussie Quad 1st press) - 2. Breakfast in America (Canadian Audiophile Press) 3. Renegades by Rage against the machine (First US press - very collectable) 4. Dark side of the Moon (original German release). 5. Jeff Buckley Grace (Legacy Vinyl Re-press - sounds fantastic). 6. Two copies of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (one original Aussie, the other repress). 7. Life by Sly & the Family Stone (Great new repress) 8. The Verve As stated, I will also include a bonus bunch of 10 other vinyls that aren't worth photographing. Pictures:
  7. Thanks Hergest. If I were to go for the SME 20/3, I would probably go for the V over the IV. How do you find the rumble performance of the SME? As I said to Craig, I'm fairly sensitive to bearing and motor noise.. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Craig. Few follow up questions/comments: Regarding the dampening, how do you feel the the separate horizontal and vertical dampening has an effect on the sound? I would have thought some dampening in both planes would be beneficial. What cartridge do you use with the 4Point? I agree on the badass look - very Bond villain. How do you find the rumble performance of the deck? I am sensitive to motor/bearing noise. Do you think their is any noticeable rumble? It's funny you should say that if you like tweaking, it might not be for me, because I am leaning to the 4Point (over the SME combo) for specifically that reason. It appears that everything can be adjusted on the 4Point (and with ease and accuracy). Whereas a SME V is far less adjustable. Did you get the opportunity to A/B the Kuzma against the SME or Feickert?
  9. Thanks Herg, Seems to be a common theme with SME owners- they seem to keep them forever. Im pretty impressed with the build quality, second to none. Been speaking to Warwick already, very helpful. Just thought Id throw the line out to the SNA'ers to see consumer opinion. Any particular reason you dont 'love it' or is it more of a case that it just does things right? CHeers
  10. Anything really Eltech. Personal experience, things to be weary of, particular strengths, weaknesses. I know they are all "good" hence this will be a big upgrade for me.
  11. What do you like about it Craig? As in which performance aspects make it appealing? Low rumble, accurate speed? Cheers Fish
  12. Hi All, Contemplating the move to a new turntable. Would love some opinions on the following TTs: Dr. Feickert Blackbird 2 SME 20/3 Kuzma Stabi Ref 2 I'm not necessarily interested in a comparison between the three (although that would be more than welcome), any experience or feedback would be appreciated. Reluctant to give any further parameters (re: tonearm etc.) as I want some pure opinions on the turntables themselves. Cheers, Fish
  13. EBay/Online. Did a ring around to Australian suppliers a few years ago and no one has them.
  14. Ha! yes and/or a head-amp.
  15. If you want a fantastic MM stage that will also do medium to high output MC look for a secondhand Lehmann Audio. Their black cube range is amazing value for money. Its a simple product that will cover most carts from about 0.4mv and up. Little limited on loading choices, however paired with a suitable SUT in combo with the MM stage and youll be singing.