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  1. I dont really follow the opinion that modern audiophile pressings are automatically better sounding than 'well pressed and mastered' 60s vinyl. Some example 60s pressings that "rock": 1. Beatles - 'Please Please Me und Andere Knüller' (Original HorZu "Dry" Mix) 2. The Zombies - Begin Here ( Original UK Decca) 3. Led Zep - II (Famous 'RL' hot cut) 4. The Beatles -Abbey Road ( Many original pressings from around the world sound fantastic). In the classical world: 1. A vast majority of Deutsche Grammophon. 2. RCA shaded dogs 3. 50% of DECCA FFS. Jazz: 1. Many Blue Note originals. 2. A few Columbia '6-eyes' .
  2. My opinion is that no one piece of gear will ever be the 'best'. I have an Audiaflight stage and love it. But even the Audiaflight can be 'bested' by much cheaper stages like a Dynavector P75 on some vinyl.
  3. If being an Audiophile can be reduced to simply striving for 'getting as close to the source material as possible' then I think there is a good argument to say that 60s pressings are equal to or better than 70s or 80s by virtue of many of the reasons people already stated: 1. More primitive/honest recording techniques/not over produced. 2. Care and love being put into not only the mastering and cutting process but also the pressing process (keep in mind that the 70s and 80s were grim years for quality pressess- flimsy discs). Also its worth noting that although recording processes were more primitive, (2,3,4 and only very late in the 60s 8 track), cutting technology and techniques were pretty advanced. The techniques and cutting lathes used were pretty impressive and are favoured by some 'audiophile' companies today. Look at 'Electric Recording Company'. As to whether there were 'Audiophile' presses, of course there were. They probably just arent marketed in the same way we look at it in 2017. There are plenty of vinyl records from the period which were released to show off 'amazing sounds'. On a more commercial level look at DECCA's Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound (FFSS). This was a marketing tool for people to buy into the concept that sound quality was important. Sure, not all Decca pressings are 'audiophile' but some are amazing. As for the Beatles, there are plenty of 60s (even early 60s) pressings of every album which sound amazing and which I would classify as 'audiophile'.. You just need to know what to look for.
  4. I am a big fan of the P75. Using it with the Karat in PE mode is very very special and will compete on a level much higher than its cost bracket. It isnt as special in the MM world.
  5. I've owned both a Delos and a Glider - both great carts. Lyra is more dynamic, fast and has a very "exciting" air about it. I would say, it has the best 'bang for buck' of any cart I've owned. I liked it so much I upgraded to a Etna SL after 500 hours. The Glider was a tad warmer but lacked some of the "excitement", it was probably the most romantic sounding cart I've heard and very smooth.
  6. Im a big fan of the Lehmann range and there is a Black Cube 2 for sale at the moment. ALSO, Michael Fremer has done a head-to-head against 8 phono stages on AnalogPlanet and recorded samples for readers to compare. Included are some fine examples of good audio design ( I believe both a Slee and Lehmann).
  7. This is an awesome stage at any price-point.
  8. In 5 years this will be mine!! Love my Audiaflight Integrated and Phono.
  9. 'Open' sounding phono stages.

    My AudiaFlight phono stage is probably the most open-sounding Ive heard. It was immediately noticeable when I first got it. Downside is that it doesnt hide anything - everything is out there for you to hear, the good and the bad.
  10. Best MC Cart under $1000 ?

    Hi Terry, I assume you are asking because youre looking for a cart for yourself. There are many great options in this price range but the 'best' will be highly dependant on: 1. Your "sound" preference. 2. The tonearm you intend on mounting it on. 3. The rest of your system (and how this interrelates to 1. ). Answer those three and you will narrow your field considerably. HAving said that, in the sub $1000 arena I am a big fan of Audio Techina and I think there 'AT-0C9-III' is probably the "best". CHeers Tim
  11. SOLD - pending pick-up.
  12. Sorry All! SOLD- Pending pick-up.
  13. Item: 7 Classical & Soundtrack Vinyl Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay (Pick up only) Price: $20 for the lot. Item Condition: Mostly Very Good ( could use a clean) Reason for selling: Need to make room for new vinyl! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The 'Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail" is a beautiful original 1954 GERMAN Deutsche Grammophon boxset - worth more than $20 by itself. Pictures:
  14. Item: 28 Assorted Vinyls - Some very collectable, some moderately collectable, some cheapies + Bonus Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay (pick-up only) Price: $180 (One of these vinyls is worth $100 by itself). Item Condition: Varying - From NM to Good (-) Reason for selling: Need to make space for more vinyl! Most of these are double ups. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Notable inclusions: 1. Dark Side of the Moon (original Aussie Quad 1st press) - 2. Breakfast in America (Canadian Audiophile Press) 3. Renegades by Rage against the machine (First US press - very collectable) 4. Dark side of the Moon (original German release). 5. Jeff Buckley Grace (Legacy Vinyl Re-press - sounds fantastic). 6. Two copies of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (one original Aussie, the other repress). 7. Life by Sly & the Family Stone (Great new repress) 8. The Verve As stated, I will also include a bonus bunch of 10 other vinyls that aren't worth photographing. Pictures: