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  1. Hi all Looking for any recommended qualified installers for Cat 6 ethernet cable and data points, for a family member's 2 story home in South East Melbourne. It's a ~20 year old home. They're looking for a couple of data points downstairs and a couple of points upstairs, that all run to the study downstairs. Cheers Sean
  2. Not a problem. I wanted to post more detail there than you probably needed, just to help others that might be reading this too. Cheers again, Sean
  3. Hi mate, the big advantages this has is dual ethernet ports that are already bridged and is fanless and if course the power for DSP, especially multi-room DSP. So via the 2nd bridged ethernet connection, it can connect directly to the Aries endpoint without going through a router or switch. If this is used through a router or switch I doubt there'll be a massive difference with a Nuc which also goes through a router or switch. And if you don't do any DSP now and don't think you EVER will, then the i7 is overkill. I'm selling now because I changed DAC and am not using DSP now but if I changed DAC again at some point I may regret this sale later. But if using the direct connection, and inside the listening room, this is also fanless so quieter than the Nuc, in addition to by-passing switch or router. There's a massive thread on this bridged ethernet connection and improvements here: This is probably more competitive with the upcoming USD2000 Nucleus i7 with the same specs and at half the price. So it really depends, not only on your current setup and system but also possible future system setups - this has more flexibility for future changes in your system, being fanless, having bridged ethernet ports and having grunt for future Roon DSP you may want to use later.
  4. Thread bump, still available Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions. Cheers
  5. Thread bump, still available One advantage with this is it's in an all metal and fanless case and takes a 19Vdc power supply, so with a linear PSU (if you wish) you can have this directly connected to either a USB DAC or a networked DAC via the 2nd ethernet output (it has 2 bridge ethernet outputs). Please PM me if you have any questions.
  6. You can also get some WiFi modems that have a WiFi button on the back, to switch WiFi on and off easily (without going into the settings of the modem each time). That way you can avoid having WiFi on 24/7. It only needs to be on when you're listening to music and using a tablet for Roon Remote?
  7. Dropped the price to $1500 with free shipping around Australia. A saving of $700 on the new price