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  1. Who remembers?

    C64's then Amiga had excellent sound capabilities... Amiga's even had MIDI support. Heaps of electronic music producers have used Amiga's and their signature sounds over the years. JSmith
  2. Who remembers?

    Yep, me too... they were build so cheaply. JSmith
  3. Who remembers?

    Original "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego". JSmith
  4. Who remembers?

  5. Who remembers?

  6. Who remembers?

  7. Who remembers?

    Yep, a PC wasn't a PC without a copy of LSL somewhere on there... Here's a couple more Sierra goodies; It's just a screenshot from here; http://i.imgur.com/hxoRF6V.png ... likely spun up on an old DOS emulator. JSmith
  8. Who remembers?

    What a blast from the past! Brings back a few memories of copying software and games to boxes of blank floppy disks. A 40MB HDD was a decent size back then... running a 80386 processor @ 16MHz. This probably rings a bell; JSmith
  9. I don't get it

    People must be able to display those pweedy brand badges and bling cables mate. JSmith
  10. ... long gone are the days of television showing locally produced content. I wonder if they'll keep Neighbours kicking along? (no great loss there ) JSmith
  11. Audio MIDI Setup app; Applications > Utilities https://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/audio-midi-setup-your-macs-secret-sound-manager This is a few years back, but should be similar in all OSX 10.xx. JSmith
  12. Rotel RC 995 preamp

    Yep, made in Japan really doesn't mean much at all anymore in most cases. Particularly since the majority of parts are imported from elsewhere... In fact Country of production is often irrelevant now... comes down to general build quality. Everything is produced to a spec and if the factory tasked to produce the product complies with that spec, QC etc. then there is no issue IMO. JSmith
  13. JB HiFi's advertising

    ... don't even list aspect ratio. JSmith
  14. Check the iMac is sending out 2 channel PCM and not 5.1... if it's 5.1 then whitenoise you will get. A discrepancy in sample rates? JSmith
  15. JB HiFi's advertising

    Yeah... sometimes. In this case IMDB and bluray.com (1080p & UHD) all say 1.85:1... but this site refers to 2.40:1; https://www.blurayauthority.com/blu-ray/van-helsing-ultra-hd/ As mentioned, probably misinformation by the supplier. JSmith