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  1. http://www.dtvforum.info/uploads/monthly_2017_07/Ruipro.png.282a202b9fd41f5e5f36234564b7c5f5.png Many have experienced problems with HDMI running 4K UHD 4:4:4 @ 60Hz, in particular on long runs. In fact Premium Certified HDMI cables don't go over 7.6m (25ft) and although some cables do work past this point, it's very hit and miss... price of cable has nothing to do with it either. So these new cables will ensure that 4K UHD can be reliably passed over longer distances, up to 100m. EzyHD who have been supplying the market here for years will now be the point of call for these new cables in Australia. JSmith
  2. Dr Who

  3. Dr Who

    Interesting find by [email protected]; http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/125629891 JSmith
  4. Dr Who

  5. Dr Who

    Some info from fans @ WP; @54077469 CapnCoastie writes... ["It's also been referenced a few times on the canonical radio plays, I've heard."] @54077475 NorthSiderTom writes... ["I believe it was mentioned off hand in the Doctor's Wife – The Corsair had changed genders."] @54077526 SheldonE writes... ["And also in Hell Bent, one of the Timelord generals regenerates into a female."] Fair calls... I stand corrected! Well now I have no issue at all, it's probably about time then. JSmith
  6. Dr Who

    I am a bit too... I have no issue at all with a female actor playing a major role in anything, but the Dr Who series has never indicated that time lords can change gender, apart from when it happened to The Master recently and that seemed to have only been done to allow this new change. Anyway, I expect Jodie will do quite well in the part as she is a fantastic actor and will certainly please many fans. JSmith
  7. Dr Who

    http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40624288 Jodie Whittaker has been announced as Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord - the first woman to be given the role. The new Doctor's identity was revealed in a trailer broadcast at the end of the Wimbledon men's singles final. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40626224 Few TV casting announcements can have been as long awaited as the name of the new Doctor Who and when the revelation finally came it sent social media into a frenzy. JSmith
  8. Another DTVForum Refugee

    I'm liking this. JSmith
  9. Another DTVForum Refugee

    I'm very glad DTV Forum accepted Marc/Stereonet's offer to save and take over DTV Forum. I know Marc understands there is a lot of information and history there for many in the AV world of AUS, so great to see this now announced publicly. JSmith
  10. Generic power boards

    This makes no sense. JSmith
  11. Generic power boards

    Not sure about a surge protected power board affecting audio output in any way... but what one should be looking for is a low clamping voltage, fast response time, high joules rating and boards that have separate on/off switches for each outlet. If clamping voltage and response time is not listed and low, I don't buy them. A clamping voltage of 750V for e.g. is pretty useless and likely not to protect anything, whereas a clamping voltage of 350V is much better. Also, it's good to have one that as an indicator light confirming the MOV is still working... they die after while. I have found Crest boards to be quote good, but not all of them... YMMV. JSmith
  12. Another DTVForum Refugee

    ... I guess that depends on what the wall is supposed to stop. JSmith
  13. Another DTVForum Refugee

    Hey Snoopy8, welcome. JSmith
  14. Still no sign of this one is there? JSmith
  15. Oppo 203 vs Panasonic UB900

    https://newssummedup.com/summary/Oppos-Latest-UDP-203-4K-Blu-ray-Player-Update-Is-A-Big-Disappointment-97tgkh JSmith