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  1. Another full range driver cabinet

    a product called TrueGrain, reconstituted timber veneer, recommended to suit speaker application
  2. Another full range driver cabinet

    these are not finished yet, i have another set ive just finished at home now, there is another DIY thread for them a progress shot of these, waiting on some veneer pricing ATM
  3. Another full range driver cabinet

    yep agree with that, everything here at my disposal so may as well use it i cut 18mm ply in 2 passes fairly quickly, it will do it in 1 pass but slower, the bit is important, i use a 2 flute compression cutter, 12mm first pass then 6mm i use Wisa Birch ply, normally BB/BB grade which has butterfly patches, some sheets have a lot some hardly any, if the patches are an issue there is a S/BB available which is perfect 1 side as i said in the OP, im thinking of doing a timber veneer and gloss clear for this cabinet
  4. yeah @Powerglide is on the ball, flat bed CNC does the job
  5. Hi Joe, yes close to there, maybe send me a PM from here murray
  6. Item: Floorstanding Speakers Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $1500 with a donation to SNA Item Condition: Used DIY Reason for selling: Made new ones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Rear loaded horn design by atilsley (Andrew Tilsley) well known around here for his horn speaker passion I built these nearly 2 years ago, Oct 2015, over the last few months i have been building myself a new set of mains which are finally finished and at home which means these are now not used, i have no room for a second big system, the new ones are exactly the same internal design, same drivers, different external shape and finish The construction of these is stacked MDF horn path (top section) with stacked birch ply horn mouth, 9mm mdf backing (added recently for cosmetic purposes), 5mm aluminium baffle face with the driver rebated flush, 18mm melamine mdf sides and Tang Band W8-1772 drivers. They weigh about 50kg each and are 1100 x 350 x 480 (HxWxD). The side colour is Dulux Burnished Copper Metallic, i cant remember the other colours but have that info at work if required, i could even respray them if a buyer wanted another colour. They are not perfectly finished as the photos show but they are pretty good, i think I need to say that one of the drivers is the original and 1 is new, the reason being, i planned to sell these with both new drivers just so i could say 'new drivers', but one of them didnt want to budge from the baffle so rather than force it and risk damaging it i left it in place, the new driver is at work being 'run in' and has about 120 hours I had these on a tile floor with some rubber material in each corner, given the nature of the construction they don't sit perfectly flat so if on carpet they may need spikes installed which i could do The sound, well i will never forget my first listen, it was that one defining moment of my short audio 'journey', i had been to nearly every shop in Sydney listening to all sorts of speakers/systems but i never thought something i built for a relatively small amount of money could sound this good, im not going to carry on too much but suffice to say i absolutely love them and think you would have to spend a lot to equal them Auditions definitely welcomed I could pack and organise delivery if required Pictures:
  7. Another full range driver cabinet

    im very spoilt, i have a manufacturing business, flat bed CNC, spray booth, pretty much every tool i need
  8. CNC in Sydney or nearby.

    Hello Sir, i do CNC work, factory in Seven Hills murray
  9. 3 new sets of full range driver speakers

    the second finished main speaker, cant wait to hear them together tonight
  10. Another full range driver cabinet

    @Gee Emm no not a kit, make everything from start to finish myself possibly overkill but i reckon the stronger the better im watching your current build with the TB 8" drivers are they the W8-1772? i have had them as my main speakers for the last 2 years in a rear loaded horn design and love them, ive actually just finished a new pair will be interested to hear your impressions of them in a conventional ported cabinet
  11. the fact i know nothing about electronics kind of dictates that i stick to full range driver speakers, which is fine cause i think my amp matches them well, so heres another one im doing i ended up getting some Jordan JX92 MkII 4" drivers (although they measure 6") after some research on them i found a simple ported box design that is measured to be correct for the driver, by all reports they are a pretty good driver with decent bass 18mm birch ply with a double layer baffle, the bracing is rebated for extra strength also makes it much easier to assemble im going to timber veneer and high gloss these i think
  12. Hi Gary, yes sold sorry booking the courier right now
  13. Hi Dimo, yes but i have a potential buyer already should i let you know if it doesn't go ahead?