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  1. which audio nirvana model, ferrite, alinco or neodymium? have you heard the W8-1772, how do the audio nirvana compare? yeah ok, i struggled to get my hard drive to work seamlessly plugged straight into the sms-200 with Roon, might have to try it with Squeezlite and see, although the sotm help line recommended it be plugged into my macbook for superior SQ?? have you tried plugging your external drive into the laptop? heres a thread about the 502ca, my mods are on the last page
  2. yeah ok, i still ask myself, why did you get a macbook? ill try some more over the weekend, as i mentioned above i can still play music with Roon but now ive started this i need to finish...
  3. Hi jh, correct sms to 502 via usb, yes i have done some mods, it all works ok with Roon but im trying to set it up with the squeezlite option as well drivers are Tand Band W8-1772
  4. thanks Snoop, appreciate your help, alas i still cant work it out, i dont know how to define the hard drive, im a pc user usually, i cant seem to find the hard drive as anything but a device, it doesnt have a drive name like D: as it would be in windows
  5. the hard drive is connected directly to the macbook, im having the issue in LMS, i cant find a path to the hard drive in there
  6. rather than start a new thread ill ask here if anyone is using their sms-200 with the squeezlite player on a macbook, im having an issue finding my music on the external hard drive in LMS, anyone help, thanks
  7. Goodfellas is full of great scenes but this one stands out for me Jimi (DeNiro) deciding to 'whack' Morrie, no dialogue necessary...
  8. Item: DIY Floorstanding Speakers Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $750 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Finished Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: My latest project finished, ive been selling a few lately but its only because i simply enjoy building them, i dont need them so on here they go to cover costs and pay for the next one... Below is the build thread but basically they are 18mm Birch Ply cabinets with double thickness baffle, solid, rebated bracing with the Jordan JX92 MkII drivers http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/new-version-of-the-jx92/ They look good overall but there are some bits im not 100% happy with in the veneer, quite disappointing really as the veneer colours and gloss clear look great, the last few photos show the bits but i sanded through the veneer on an edge, one side didnt glue down properly and there is a tiny gap around a section of one of the drivers but i can touch it up and wont be seen, i only noticed it when i got them home 25m MDF plinths, gloss black with Dayton Audio spikes and binding posts They are 1020 x 260 x 210, the plinth is 385 wide at the front x 365 deep, all together weigh 17kg each To the sound, to me they sound amazing, its been said before but you really can achieve awesome results for your dollar with DIY The sound stage really stands out to me, its very deep, vocals are dead centre and so well defined from the music its incredible, imaging is very good, speakers disappear on certain tracks, im certainly no reviewer but i think they sound very good They do lack a bit of bass though being a 4/5" driver, perfect candidate for sub integration Definitely happy for auditions and would be open to allowing locals to try them in your own system, they are quite easy to move around I could also pack and send them at cost price tang-band-w4-1879-specifications.pdf
  9. Sold, pending payment, thanks
  10. Item: Audio GD NFB 11.32 Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $225 including delivery Item Condition: Used but very good, small scratches Reason for selling: I don't use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this in June 2015 and probably used it for less than 20 hours Only ever used it as a headphone amp for HD650, very good little unit This was in the add when i bought it: Sabre Chip ES9018. Has upgraded TXCO Clock and the Coax input replaced in factory with BNC. USB 32 Chipset by VIA 240V unit as the sticky-taped on piece of paper indicates, rest assured it works fine http://audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB1132/NFB11.32EN.htm Pictures:
  11. an old post i know but didnt want to double up on the movie i saw the original one called The Krays many years ago, enjoyed it so much i didnt want to see the 2015 version, thought it might spoil the memory somehow but how wrong i was, i thoroughly enjoyed it, dont know much about Tom Hardy but i thought he did an amazing job, yeah Reggie wasnt totally menacing but the focus was on Ronny for that, could and will easily watch it again one mans trash...another mans treasure i guess
  12. Another full range driver cabinet

    Hi, the original design indicated no damping was required but after my initial listen i decided to add a small amount, i use Acousta-Stuf Polyfill from Parts Express
  13. Another full range driver cabinet

    Thanks Keith appreciate the offer Oh dont worry i have looked at your single range driver speakers with much interest, actually inspired me to use the TB W4-1879 driver in a recent project i like the look of open baffle speakers and the first time i heard one was quite memorable Are you doing any manufacturing at your new location? murray
  14. Another full range driver cabinet

    Hi Alberto, sorry i probably wasnt clear before, i will be using the same veneer for the other speaker so they are a matching pair but there is a 'paper backed' veneer available that is much more stable that i will use next time