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  1. All the devices mentioned have ethernet connectivity and don't need to be run wirelessly.@sloper
  2. I get the impression the computer is in a separate location. In which case, you could invest in any number of brands' wireless access points; Yamaha WX-C50 Sonos Connect Heos Link Auralic Aries Mini Bluesound Node 2 There are a large list of products that will do it.
  3. This will be the best solution as it will unsubscribe you. If you mark it as junk, it can actually hurt SNA and will cause more spam filters to mark it as spam, even for those who may wish to see the content.
  4. Not sure how that will react in relation to the input of the headphones/transmitter. It will be trial and error. @Redalfalfa if the sound via the headphones isn't quite right, or you hear audible distortion, the attenuator should fix it. They would reducesthe output gain from the Rega into your BT transmitter. Try first, you may not need them.
  5. Looking at the BT transmitter, it looks to be a 3.5mm socket, correct? If that is the case, you would need a 2 RCA Male to 3.5mm Female adapter. You may still need to look at those attenuators that @aasza mentioned too if the output signal is too hot.
  6. I think the biggest issue would be volume adjustment though. Neither his BT transmitter or headphones have it, and an attenuator, while reducing the output would still leave him with fixed output, albeit at a less deafening level.
  7. You might need to look at something like a Yamaha WX-C50 (or along the lines) which has: a. Analog In to connect from Rec Out b. Volume control c. Bluetooth Output Seems like a task though.
  8. Didn't even noticed the headphone output!
  9. Adam, in theory, you could connect from the rec out to some kind of Bluetooth transmitter. From what I've read in the manual though, it would seem that the Rec Out is a fixed output (full gain, uneffected by the Rega's volume control), meaning either the transmitter or headphones would need a volume control lest you blow your ears off.
  10. For me, I was too young to properly appreciate Soundgarden when they were hot, but I was ready for his sound when he formed Audioslave, so that is what I most associate him with. Tragic loss, a phenomenal vocalist, one who I've modelled my own on in the past. RIP.
  11. Ok, probably the simplest thing to try, have you unplugged all your devices from power for two minutes (including powering off your mac) and switch it back on again? I don't feel as though access to the content would be blocked unless you have created a password to block it. If after power cycling, it is still asking for a login, proceed without entering one and see if that finally gets you over the line. I'm thinking it may be some kind of IP conflict causing it.
  12. Do you have a sign in on the computer itself i.e. when you boot it up after shutting down, do you have a login to open up OSX?
  13. 1. In the system preferences of the MacBook, you have allowed for sharing of files via network? 2. Username and password (if required) will be your own username and password (so on my MBP I have my name as Tarkan and my password) not the mac's name.
  14. Wait, is this to connect to wifi? Or is this to access folders after already connecting to your network?
  15. Have you tried logging in without a username or password?