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  1. I actually love the highlights!
  2. For anything Primaluna, I believe Instyle Hifi in Five Dock will be your friend.
  3. Typically with Bluesound products, a source doesn't display unless there is something connected to it. Have you attempted to connect a USB stick with music on it?
  4. Haha! So still going with it? I've been going full steam on Horizon and don't feel as though I've even made a dent yet!
  5. Not sure about this model, but the PMA-2500NE got a great review in Hi-Fi News not long ago.
  6. Noise cancellation is one area in which Bose are miles ahead of the competition. They had been developing and designing headphones for pilots commercially for years before anything was available to the general public. I would suggest having a listen somewhere if you can, they are eerily effective.
  7. Wow, I've largely ignored Radio Paradise on my Node 2, but perhaps I should begin paying attention! Thanks for the pointer @wolster
  8. They've really just transitioned from being a manufacturer to a marketing machine in the last 10-15 years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Revirginizer still peels off better and is more tacky, but the mont marte is certainly better than wood glue. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, that's true. I have been very happy with the OLED thus far though and while it may not be as reliable (can't say at this stage), I still have a few years left on my HN warranty. Incidentally, I got the OLED as a replacement after having two 65" Panasonic plasmas both experience issues with horizontal banding. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Have to say I agree. I sold off my LX509 when I moved a couple of years ago. I was really attached to that TV, but ultimately the OLED was newer, blacks were blacker offered better power consumption and the rest is history. Pioneer knew how to make a good panel, but I feel like the only part of me that regrets selling it is the nostalgic part.
  12. I've never noticed any issues with mine for sport or fast movement. I have all the frame rate BS turned off too.
  13. Yes, this could potentially save you.
  14. Just be aware that most stereo speakers won't have compensation for lip sync, so while you will get audio, there is a chance that it will be out of sync without room for adjustment.
  15. I used to have this problem occasionally with iTunes too. I believe mine happened as a result of relocating my iTunes library to an external drive. From memory, I believe I had some success locating the missing files using time machine, but I have since moved to storing my music on a NAS and don't use iTunes at all anymore.