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  1. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Order number five would be me. It will be teamed with a pair of ML2 Reference speakers and Arion HS500 monoblocks once Clay has worked his build magic. I'll be happy to report back once the system has been set up and I've had a good listen but that won't be for at least a few weeks.
  2. Another fan of this amp teamed up with the Usher S520s. Listening to the combination right now as a matter of fact.
  3. Hi there from Melbourne

    "...you will be poor again , just like most of us." Yes, just as I suspected! Thanks for the welcome all.
  4. Hi there from Melbourne

    Another Melbourne based new member here. My current setup is an iMac -> Schit Bifrost DAC -> Redgum Sonofa' Gum -> Usher 520s which I enjoy, but can't help wondering what else is out there. My greatest fear is that stereonet will help return me to my student days when all my money was spent on audio equipment and beer (sometimes in that order, sometimes not..) Cheers, Jimmy