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  1. Been under the weather the last 3 weeks, but darlings birthday today, so a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Out for some dinner with friends to celebrate the occasion.......
  2. Wow, that's a mighty effort.... Me hats of to you!!!
  3. Fear not good man................ note the edit
  4. Ha ha .... Only had 1 glass, easy as he goes cowboy.......
  5. Been off the horse for a few weeks, this will get me back on
  6. Sunday arvo chill'n............couple of fav's out of left field.
  7. This is going to get a listen tonight having just arrived......thanks for the tip @guru
  8. Aloha Wally, I just returned 2 days ago, 2 weeks of vacation. Still paradise..... Regards
  9. Extremely nice @DRC
  10. A gtg would be required just to assist you to get them into the house and positioned....... but we are up for it
  11. Hi Cam, yes.....I am pissed I missed it, but away on o/s holidays. Many ways to skin the hifi cat. Hope to hear @Chanh system soon. Take care.... SETsergio
  12. Just get some 15 " woofers..... problems with valves
  13. No, the valve bases are there just not plugged in. Very nicely engineered and love the woodworking B. No valve rectification or am I missing it.