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  1. Any one know what these speakers are?

    Nice score b t cool......
  2. So, some hot glowing glass Dave......
  3. Your favourite SNA thread.

    I've seen this thread called currently drinking........... so much fun
  4. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    The Hop Hog is a ripper as is the Karma Citra...... Feral making some great beer over here in the West. Time for a Super Dry after getting the exercise out of the way......Kampai
  5. currently drinking

    Pizza and Clarendon Hills...... one more to go
  6. currently drinking

    The 1998 Torbreck has had about 3 hours of air time now and I am stunned. This is some serious fruit and winemaking on display here for what was a modestly priced wine upon release. @mtf......there is more lurking....
  7. currently drinking

    I am a big fan of Mataro, an underrated variety. Looking at a couple of Barossa beauties, a young straight Mataro from Damien Tscharke and an aged Torbreck blend of G M S very tasty by Dave Powell. My little kitty thinks she is a wine Wally like Sergio....
  8. Google..... Tubedepot Tubeworldexprerss Thetubestore All safe to deal with.................
  9. Show us your tubes

    A stash of spares, required when 9 rectifier tubes are used in the set up.
  10. Show us your tubes

    Rolling, rolling, rolling..... rawhide
  11. Currently Spinning

    What a catalogue Bobby has compiled over the journey...... loving this tonight