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  1. Show us your tubes

    Any photos Dennis....before and after?
  2. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Interesting..... as long as it sounds good that's all that matters Stunning midrange from these TB drivers.
  3. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Trivial pursuit question - Can you fit a golf ball into a Colonial wide mouth can?
  4. Speaker build for a SNA member

    Very nice job on the cabinets @Gee Emm. Curious why the inductor and cap when it's a Tang Band full range driver?
  5. Have you been away Mr M? Must check single malt thread again.....
  6. This is a bargain at this price folks!! I used this amp with some Proac Tabblette 2000's for many years and was very happy. If you have reasonably efficient speakers (88db and above) and want to try tubes then this is worth an audition. psychometrics1 is also a good guy to deal with so buy with confidence. GLWTS
  7. Single malt whisky

    Apologies..... I was thinking it was $200ish...... but hey, what's $40-
  8. currently drinking

    Absolutely G, I made a garlic, chilli,shallots, evo and white wine based pasta......mmmmmmm tasty. The Coates is worth looking up also
  9. Single malt whisky

    Hi Sir Zing, You may get Balvennie 21 for that money.......very tasty
  10. Laminated Russian Birch Ply rack and hardwood cones does a good job for me. The rack is decoupled from the floor with Herbies sliders.
  11. currently drinking

    Ah, home alone tonight....Have Hummel in the background while I cook up a pasta storm. Some cooking wine for the pasta and the cook (that's Sergio ) and a splash for Mr Hummel later. I wish more would give Sav Blac some maturation particularly in French oak, absolutely stunning food wines, love to see this in 5 to 7 years. The Leconfield is a baby at only 8 years of age, holding beautifully.
  12. ha ha ha ............. was thinking the same thing....
  13. currently drinking

    Hi @Zammo ,Yes the pricing put me off for a while but curiosity got the better of me in the end. The wine speaks of a sense of place/ terroir (the season and the soil) no winemaking tricks here. It is a stunning Pinot worth the entry fee for sure. I am looking at trying the Angel Flower over the next few weeks. Definitely worth trying...........highest recommendation (5 thumbs up) Cheers Sergio
  14. currently drinking

    I love your passion Mr P Just got home... time for some pig...
  15. currently drinking

    Out for some wood fired pizza's tonight and thinking Grenache may be the go....