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  1. Yeah have one of this, very nice little dac...good price too..
  2. How about us who are already here in Sydney, will we get invited too ? Just kidding, a dream speaker for me, this will be really good with my MC452...wish i had the $$$...but sadly i don't... GLWS....nah you don;t need it with this...
  3. checking the web, found below: http://www.sasaudiolabs.com/sasaudio.htm
  4. Wow, is it possible to have a listen too if i have the $$$ these would be ideal for my MC452 GLWS !!!
  5. Amp - isolation platform

    Ordered this Auralex Gramma, i'll see what it does...for $89 i guess it's worth trying I'll report back once received and tested...
  6. Amp - isolation platform

    Thank you Sir.
  7. Amp - isolation platform

    Thank you so much Darren for sharing....you have a lovely system there..... the Auralex Gramma are reasonably price that is why i am leaning towards using them... are they okay to use on wood floor boards? I mean, it will not scratch the wood floor boards ? Is it the V2 you are using or the great gramma ? cheers Arni
  8. Hi, i am currently looking for an isolation platform for my power amp. what would you recommend and your experience... not really after the uber expensive ones but reasonable ones that are effective... some info: - Amp weighs around 50 kgs -DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 9-7/16" (23.97cm) (including feet) x 22" (55.88cm) (including front panel, handles and cables) - will be sitting on wood floor boards Has anyone used this? http://www.auralex.com/product/great-gramma/ thank you
  9. Hi is there also a lid for this?
  10. Hi Lenny, Sorry to hear about your McIntosh CD and tube amp. I am also a McIntosh owner, have the MC452 and C46 and before that have two MC275s and I have had no reliability issue whatsoever, very happy with them... Anyway, if you decide to offload the C2600 , I might be interested. Good luck with the sale. Cheers Arni
  11. What a beast!!! Definitely an end-game amplifier.... what platform is in on?
  12. Thoughts on Kimber Kable?

    I am using 8TC as well and stop looking at upgrading until now i wonder what 12TC would sound like