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  1. 80s music - was it really that bad.

    Reading some of these posts, yes, some music was average, but there were exceptions. I did my HSC back in '85. I remember reading Smash hits magazine, yep that was around then, and mentioned about Simple Minds releasing a new album. Being a 'Minds fan, I took interest in what it said. Going to be produced by Jimmy Iovine and Bob Clearmountain. I, back in my youth, took notice of sleeve notes on albums and had knowledge of those two. I went, you beauty. Hence, when released it had heavy bass and drums, ie: huge production. That's what I love about that album. pompous, bombastic, I didn't give a toss what people thought of it. It left an indelible impression on myself and those at my school at the time. Don't worry. we were all into Dire Straits, U2 and the like. Lloyd Cole got plenty of airtime in our common room. Chicks loved Duran Duran and Japan. Geez, it was a great time to be 18! Then you had from the mid 80's on. Talk Talk, T'pau, Psuchedelic Furs and U2's Joshua tree, which since then they have been just! Also, I'm not the only one who got Enya's Orinoco Flow back in '88. Another one was YES-shoot high aim low.....play that loud....great track. Matt
  2. Currently Spinning

    Geezuz, that RP8 looks alright. Received mine today, considering I pre-ordered it!!! Only 3 weeks after it was released, oh well, never mind I've got it now. Deluxe boxset....good get. Matt
  3. Currently Spinning

    Finally received TWOD's A deeper understanding, sounds bloody alright. Also spinning The National's Sleep well Beast, also very good. First track builds up, thought I didn't have phono selected, that's how quiet it was. Have a good weekend everyone, Matt
  4. Currently Spinning

    Pictures might help!
  5. Currently Spinning

    Just received these in the mail. The National - Sleep Well Beast Peter Gabriel- Passion Will give a spin later today, got to cut some grass.... Still waiting on TWOD - A deeper understanding. The National was only released the other day....go figure. Matt
  6. Currently Spinning

    Just looking forward to receiving mine sometime soon (TWOD - A Deeper Understanding) Have been informed by Warner Music Australia, they are in Oz (Limted Edition Blue Vinyl ) Have been thrashing the CD to death!!! Fantastic Album! Matt
  7. Currently Spinning

    The link on their website to pre-order. $82.75 incl freight (AUD)
  8. Currently Spinning

    Glad you got yours, Hensa. Still effing waiting on mine!!!! Sent a little reminder to Warner Music who stated there is a delay.......Really!!, Thanks for letting me know. Paid for it back in June. Matt
  9. Flat, boring sound at low levels.

    Be careful Neil you don't get ostracised from the forum. This piece of Hifi doesn't end with the letters "ui " or "an". Gosh, praising a Denon. Yes, consider myself loyal to the brand. Their premium stuff is very good. Only had a PMA 1500r, however is one grunty piece of equipment. Even considering this machine your testing to replace my Parasound gear. Matt
  10. 2/3 rds of these drummers ive never heard of! No Bob C Benberg from Supertramp, No Keith Knudsen from Doobie Brothers, No Andy Newmark from Roxy Music, No Mel Gaynor from Simple Minds Could go on and on..... Matt
  11. Hello from Melbourne!

    Geez, where bringing in the big guns, welcome Robert. Just had Ralph Waters sign up, now another Australian icon. (Not that my Excaliburs can compare to any SGR's) Had the pleasure of your gear playing some Patrick O'hearn (Stuart let me) some years ago on some huge speakers....yeah sounded all right at a show in Melbourne. Welcome, I'm just a peasant amongst some of the gear others netters have.. What caught my attention, was your intro...similar to what Jim Kerr said to the crowd on the opening of their concert in 1984 at the Glasshouse...."Hello Melbourne"' ....(16 at the time....Waterfront....huge)) Matt
  12. Lotto win amp purchase

    And a couple of packets of WIA welding rods!!!!
  13. Any cyclists here?

    Only discovered this thread the other day, well here's my steed I've had since January. Put deposit down on it Oct '16, as I needed to start doing something. Got out my old Avanti Ventura from 1994! Started to get back into it, then realised how ridiculously small it is and in general (MTB's) back then were. I'm 6'4 so my bike Is an XL : Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29. No fancy carbon here. Was nearly 99kg at Christmas, and said to myself , I ain't cracking 100kg! Now down to 90kg and also watching what I eat. Use Map my Ride app on phone, great tool. Done over 800km since 12th January, when I picked it up. Doesn't sound much but we have a few healthy fire tracks around the Grampians, ie: uphill and gets the lungs and thighs burning. Just got back from a ride, took the dogs for run, and a bit wet at the moment. Shots dirty and clean. Thanks, Matt
  14. Richter Days

    Hi Ralph, Have sent you a PM, some photos in the link. Matt
  15. Richter Days

    Hello Ralph, Well who would have thought! Bought my Excaliburs as stated in the link, you were a guest of George at a Hifi show in 1995 in Melbourne. That's where I heard them and put a deposit down. As you know there are great Australian speaker manufacturers about. Still can't part with these though. I do believe Richter are releasing a new Excalibur/ Dragon model one day. Thanks. Matt.