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  1. Went to bed with 20 laps to go as it was becoming a procession. Bit of drama with Seb having tyre issues. Not bad by D Ric to get 5th. Speaking of Seb, on you tube, there is an interview between him and Mark Webber from Channel 4, during the weekend. Good bit of banter between them both. Still shake my head had he not spun out in the wet in Korea in 2010, would have won WDC. Oh well, never mind. Matt
  2. Saw all that live. Didn't look pretty in slo mo. Seeing the other 2 riders fly over Cavendish, at what 50-60 kph, ouch! As always, shots of 11th century abbeys and chateaus abound, ( give or take a few centuries here and there!!). Have tuned into Orica Scott, Backstage pass on you tube. Great viewing. Had footage of Luke Durbridge hitting fence in TT. Geez he hit hard. Carry on..... Matt
  3. No Rohan Dennis for the TT I've heard. Argh!!
  4. Always great to watch, will miss Phil and Paul. Mind you, as long as they get the names of the chateaus and castles right, i'm happy. France's tourism industry must sit back and thank the TDF for the fantastic promotion of the country. ie: scenery. Great camera shots from the chopper of fields and gardens of chateaus as neat as a pin. ..........."This Chateau dates back to the 8th century, formerly owned by Louis the IV ..........and now a permanent residence"....... Hope Richie can be up there and Orica have some success. These blokes are machines. On night shift first 3 nights, so will sneak in a bit of viewing. Matt
  5. Have a Parasound A23 which drives my old Richter Excaliburs with ease. ( similar in spec to the CM10's, Excaliburs are a 4 ohm load, probably nowhere near as good though) . I suppose it depends how much grunt people want. Matt
  6. Good luck, sent an email about 6-8 weeks after leaving message on phone. Asked about possibly replacing drivers in my current speakers, gave him the spiel of what I've got blah blah..... reply email stating "send an email to book a time for a phone call" Didn't bother, will get some Osborn's most likely. May have genuine reason, but in your case some form of correspondence wouldn't go astray. Matt
  7. Am reading this discussion with interest, as I am going to be pursuing updating speakers also. Have Parasound P3/A23 combo. Soooo many good speakers between the 5-10k mark new, to which can be had cheaper 2nd hand. For interest sake there are some Dynaudio contour s3.4 Le available from a retailer in SA for a good price. Obviously any of these speakers will be an improvement over my 22 year old Ricther Excaliburs ( well I'd like to think) Krix and Osborn are also worth considering. Like me, I like to crank up the volume occasionally. My 2c Matt
  8. Received today: Before the Flood - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Circe soundtrack- Sigur Ros and others Last week: Father John Misty - Pure Comedy Moody Blues - Long Distance Voyager SHM SACD Thanks to contributors who put these up, so I have a listen on You Tube, establish I like it, then buy it on vinyl. Moody Blues, have been looking out for on Ebay. Had a win. Matt
  9. Ahh yes, the 'ol Denon PMA 1500R.... have one myself... will not part.(in the shed, safely in storage). Will hand down to kids when 2 channel will be cool......again.
  10. Hi Trevor, You'll have to dumb that down to me. Going by my Excalibur specs, it states " 34Hz -22kHz +/- 3db " Obviously the lower the figure, the lower the bass response. I suppose you get used to what you have always listened to. I imagine the bass would be far more taut and controlled. Would be good to test in a home environment. I do like to crank it up a bit, (no-one else at home) when I have the horses I like to use them. Thanks, Matt
  11. From what I've played on You Tube, Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle... would be up there. Also mention Father John Misty as well. Will both be essential vinyl purchases Matt
  12. Hey Cliff, Did the coloured one cost more? As ABG stated, that's a pretty poor response and condescending, more or less saying "stiff [email protected]" !!! Don't know if I would be as diplomatic back to them if I received that sort of message. Matt
  13. I suppose it may had a bit to do with the room, I was sitting no more than 3mtrs from them. Room was size of a shoebox. Salesman acknowledged it wasn't ideal. Was grateful for the time I was allowed. May have to go back and have another listen. Thanks Hugo for advice. Matt
  14. Hi folks, Had the opportunity to listen to the Tannoy and Krix (not ideal listening rooms, but got an idea) and have read very glowing reviews/opinions on the Classic 30's Listen to contemporary rock/ instrumental/ female vocals/soundtracks./ indie folk . No metal etc. Tannoy sounded very good, not as much bass as the Krix, but very refined on vocals(even to my ears) and look the part. Krix, similar in spec to my old Richter Excaliburs, and look and sound imposing. Audio Physics, with their discreet slim build and enclosed subwoofers are appealing. Imagine they would sound very good. Driven by Parasound P3/A23 (decided to keep, thought about going integrated) Marantz SA8005, Rega RP3 with 2M Bronze/TTPSU/Lounge Audio phono stage with Chord Signature Plus and Signet interconnect (Bargain buy at CAV). Just would appreciate peoples thoughts on these. Thanks, Matt
  15. Anyone?.......Obviously not elitist enough for some people....bit too plebby!!!