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  1. Here are some photos that I took of the internals on my pre
  2. Elektro Harmonix 6922 is correct .There are four installed $200 is for four tubes
  3. Thanks for your kind offer . I`ve made arrangements with beetle - audio .
  4. Thanks Joz , I have heard the PNYX and Reference HD at a MAC meeting last year . Of course different room and equipment than at home so hard to make a valid comparison . I should of mentioned the speakers are B&W 803 D`2 .
  5. Yes ,that is correct . The last firmware update has enabled MQA.
  6. Especially to the guys that own one of these units already , here`s my dilemma . Currently running a Primaluna dialogue premium pre-amp into my Elektra reference amp . Also using an Elektra DAC . Hence the interest. I know that its a hard question to answer , but am I stepping sidewards or upwards with the PNYX. paul
  7. Beetle - Audio , The manual isn't an issue . Im trying to understand the balanced connections on the back . 2 balanced - in ,( one male - one female ) .But it also has 2 line in`s . Are they part of the HT bypass paul
  8. Hi beetle-Audio . Does the phono input act as a standard RCA input at the moment . Do you have the box and manual . paul
  9. Found this that may be of interest Operating manual . Sonica_DAC_User_Manual_V1.14_clickable.pdf
  10. I walked into the B&W , Bluesound room at the audio show last year and thought that the music filling the room was coming from the bookshelf B&W speakers . I was surprised ,when told that the music playing was coming from the new bluesound sound bar . Excellent sound ,worth an audition .
  11. Have you tried changing over the interconnect in case its a cable issue
  12. Try this