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  1. Check out Louis' socks on that album cover! Rolled down white socks, love it! May have been fashionable then, not that Ella and Louis needed to concern themselves with fashion! (Superb album: Foggy Day my fav.)
  2. I'd recommend contacting Cameron at Krispy Audio. He has plenty of options in your price range. I bought a Benz Micro Glider that is suiting me just fine. Slightly over you budget thought but at 6.8g none too heavy! I have it on a Roksan Tabriz arm on my Roksan Xerxes X. The Hana carts are worth investigating too! http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/categories/Turntables/Cartridges/ Cheers, Michael
  3. No one suggested this yet? Wyndham Audio, Graham Slee Loaner Programme. I listened to @scuzzii Reflex M last weekend and it was very good. The Accession is also very sweet, which I've also listened too, but out of your price range as maybe the Reflex M? Wyndham Audio may have other suggestions. Options galore from GSP: https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/collections/types?q=Phono Preamplifiers
  4. Talk too much? Did I say that Tony? Ok I did! Thanks for hosting such a lovely and enjoyable GTG John. I enjoyed listening to both sets of speakers and, John, you must be very pleased with the system you have put together. It 'works' in your room! I enjoyed listening to the BR3s, however, they seemed to pressurise the room a little too much and being front ported I felt as though I would have liked to be a couple more metres back. if someone nicks the CH2s I would check my place in the first instance! Big they are, but they had a lovely effortless and engaging presentation and seemed great in your room. The depth of their soundstage was great! Nuts amount of bass from a 6" driver! So pleased to come away with more positive thoughts about Australian made products (which we as Australians should try to support, it would be a shame to become a nation reliant on service industries, we must try to support our designers, especially considering the high quality of their products, imported doesn't necessarily mean better, etc. (rant over)) I'm sure Keith is very, and justifiably, proud of both speakers. Thanks for leaving the BR3s at John's so we could have a listen. Also fab to come away with some music recommendations to seek out, after all, good music surely drives the hobby! (Did I mention I liked the way Kandace was looking at us from the album cover!) Many thanks, Michael
  5. +1 for mondie's recommendation, it is very good.
  6. Many thanks for your hospitality @jackrinse ! System sounded excellent and a real credit to the care you have taken assembling it. Thankfully your room is large enough to accommodate those super Tannoys, they ain't small! The music selection was great, I enjoyed @Tasebass 'eye of the sky (?)' having not heard it before. Tony was also in good voice on many occasions! @atilsley your speaker work putting the Tannoy drivers together in such lovely cabinetry is real credit to your and Gareth's work. Many thanks again, you may still be going, as it looked like a few of you were just settling in! Regards, Michael
  7. These guys are good, but not 'just around the corner!' http://www.laserwizard.com.au Cheers, Michael
  8. Hi Jack, looks chockers at your place! But if there was room for a couple more?, my BIL @Jezzad and I would like to call in. We are locals in Hurlstone Park and Dulwich Hill respectively. Can we bring anything, drinks, nibbles, etc. Regards, Michael
  9. My wife and I have one episode of Midnight Sun to go. It has been awesome! If the opening scene with the helicopter doesn't get you in, if you are are a fan of scandi noir, nothing will!
  10. Hi all, the School I teach at, Trinity Grammar School, has a Society of the Arts that runs an annual subscription series of musical performances, which are quite eclectic in genre and very good, even affordable!? If you are interested, check out the link below. I think you can also book for individual performances if you wish. I've been subscribing enjoyably for many years. Regards, Michael https://issuu.com/delmargallery/docs/society_of_the_arts_2017_program_we
  11. Item: Turntable and Amp Price Range: $200 - 300 or so.......... Item Condition: Used Extra Info: a friend from work, (Inner West, Sydney) has asked me to keep an eye out for a very basic turntable and amp for his 6 year old son - who played some vinyl on a friends turntable in the holidays and is keen to play some Beatles etc. with his dad. Cool eh? So I immediately thought of asking the friendly SNA crowd. I'm sure he could stretch a bit further....... I don't know, an old vintage turntable and amp, nothing too special, may be just the ticket. I've have some speakers he can have. My mate, his dad, thinks it will be cool to hunt around looking for old 2nd hand records with his boy too, I agree! Maybe be an old NAD, or the like, integrated with phono would be very reasonable? As far as the Turntable goes, well? No rush, he wants to put it away for next birthday! Regards, Michael Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. Could you consider adding ELAC BS244s to your audition list? Tis what I have and I am pleased with them. Detail and quality bass.
  13. Pretty sure you could listen to these at Audio Genesis, very adjacent to The Star at Pyrmont (Sydney). A pleasant stroll across the old Pyrmont Bridge from Birdland and the Bavarian Bier Cafe...... I digress! However, be careful you may end having a listen to the Neat Acoustics Momentum SX5is. They are super and considerably more coin, super sound and incredible bass for such small speakers with their isobaric downfiring woofers. No doubt the Iota Alphas would also be great, must call in again soon........... at all venues mentioned!
  14. CYCLING PROJECTS Shop 1 - 86 King Street, 2193, Ashbury Ashbury, Australia Tel: +61-2-97992407 Fax: +61-2-97992107 Felice is worth chatting to, he can do Exotic with a capital E!