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  1. I agree Jonny! I personally believe Oswald Mills Audio produce the most lustworthy audio gear. Apparently it also sounds damn fine! I remember a blog I read a couple of years ago called (I think) Down the Rabbit Hole Part 1, 2 and possibly 3. I'll try to track it down. Found it/them: http://thehighfidelityreport.com/down-the-rabbit-hole/ http://thehighfidelityreport.com/down-the-rabbit-hole-part-2/
  2. Of course! Each to their own. Never the idea to denigrate other's pride and joy!
  3. Hi all, I have become been lurking on SNA, DAR, Stereophile, Analog Planet, Mono and Stereo, Part Time Audiophile, HiFi Pig, etc. etc. for sometime now, commenting only occcasionally, hopefully helpfully........ I have also met some very friendly people through SNA and listened to many very good and disparate systems. I have a modest system, nothing special and certainly not high end: Benz Glider, Roksan Xerxes X, Pure Audio Vinyl Phono, Cambridge Audio 840a and 650c and Elac BS244s. Sounds pretty good in our small living room. I am mightily impressed with many of the system pics in the Showcase your System thread here on SNA and do also like the morning views of many feet/socks/rooms/stereos and ploughed through oodles of galleries on many forums of 'system' photo posts, etc. However, in the planning of a new listening room (me) reading room (wife) I am mindful, that for me, unless my eyes are closed or I'm knitting @Hergest I need the view from the listening seat to be more than a pile of cables, hifi separates scattered all over the place and speakers taking up much of the room. My mind boggles when I think that it must be difficult for some to even get to the turntable without trampling and knocking over expensive gear. Some of the most bizarre examples of this seem to crop up in Japan, I think I saw photos of all sorts - violin bodies, etc, hanging in the room of one bloke as he dealt with 'resonances'! I must admit I am a bit of a 'neat freak' and that would drive me crazy. So do you think what you are looking at helps the ears? I am mindful of, and totally understanding of the fact that, form (the view) must follow function (the music). A great example of a very cool must have design piece, the 'Juicy Salif' by Phillipe Starck, looks very cool (I had to have one), but it is very crappy to juice citrus on! Is too little attention paid to what the room, listening space, rack, cable mess looks like? Not really talking about the home cinema here, just two channel aural and optical bliss! Maybe a new acronym is called for: AAA - Acceptable Audiophile Aesthetics? (Politically correct too, OK, I do live in the Inner West) Some of the coolest rooms I would love to have a sit down and listen in, not to mention the very cool looking gear, can be found 'Googling' Oswald Mills Audio as a starting point to what (I think) looks good, I am aware that they have received some scorn hereabouts as to their apparent cost no object, and overly prettied up, designs, but I would love to take their gear for a test drive to see if it sounds as good as it looks! A few piccies: What do you all think? He says, expecting sharp criticism........... Am I on another planet? As he dims the lights and heads over to turn on the lava lamp........ Regards, Michael
  4. Thanks. My BIL is in Spain, think he needs 9".
  5. Hi Nic, how long is it? Regards, Michael
  6. Buy from Cameron, he's a good businessman and a gentleman. You don't get service like he is offering, offers, online! He will set up your TT, cart, etc. and is even likely to help you out with the 'upgrade bug' when it bites! Regards, Michael (Cameron setup the Glider I bought from him for me, I have been very happy with it!)
  7. Hi, thought it time to add a few piccies of 'speaker porn' from Diesis Audio. Look fab! Well to me! Roma, Caput Mundi, Aura and Ludos. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Agree! I often find myself listening to Bonobo's Black Sands on a Sunday morning - trying not to wake the family up! Indulgent I know............
  9. Hi Eagleeyes, I have been to Henry's and listened to both his Twos and Neos, both super and worth an audition if you can sort out one. I agree with Audiogeek's summary re their resolution with different components. I fancy the Neos! Some day.......... If you are interested, I'd imagine after the trip from WA to Henry's + speaker purchase (?) it would place you well in front financially, rather than importing a similarly priced product! Might be a local pair to listen to too? Plenty of other Aussie speaker brands getting good press out there also! Regards, Michael
  10. Lovely! No pressure! My wife is knitting atm, some simple squares on the diagonal for a gingham check rug. The 11th of ninety or so, might be ready for next winter.........
  11. Hi mate, my wife and I have just read through your ad and admired every stitch of it! Certainly made us smile! If we could be so bold to order a red Uruguayan checkerboard she would love one! No problem if that doesn't suit. Listening to 'Beyond the Missouri Sky' (perfect Saturday arvo) at the moment, but we wouldn't be so bold to suggest knitting tunes! Let us know. Kind regards, Michael (and Jessica)
  12. Check out Louis' socks on that album cover! Rolled down white socks, love it! May have been fashionable then, not that Ella and Louis needed to concern themselves with fashion! (Superb album: Foggy Day my fav.)
  13. I'd recommend contacting Cameron at Krispy Audio. He has plenty of options in your price range. I bought a Benz Micro Glider that is suiting me just fine. Slightly over you budget thought but at 6.8g none too heavy! I have it on a Roksan Tabriz arm on my Roksan Xerxes X. The Hana carts are worth investigating too! http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/categories/Turntables/Cartridges/ Cheers, Michael
  14. No one suggested this yet? Wyndham Audio, Graham Slee Loaner Programme. I listened to @scuzzii Reflex M last weekend and it was very good. The Accession is also very sweet, which I've also listened too, but out of your price range as maybe the Reflex M? Wyndham Audio may have other suggestions. Options galore from GSP: https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/collections/types?q=Phono Preamplifiers
  15. Talk too much? Did I say that Tony? Ok I did! Thanks for hosting such a lovely and enjoyable GTG John. I enjoyed listening to both sets of speakers and, John, you must be very pleased with the system you have put together. It 'works' in your room! I enjoyed listening to the BR3s, however, they seemed to pressurise the room a little too much and being front ported I felt as though I would have liked to be a couple more metres back. if someone nicks the CH2s I would check my place in the first instance! Big they are, but they had a lovely effortless and engaging presentation and seemed great in your room. The depth of their soundstage was great! Nuts amount of bass from a 6" driver! So pleased to come away with more positive thoughts about Australian made products (which we as Australians should try to support, it would be a shame to become a nation reliant on service industries, we must try to support our designers, especially considering the high quality of their products, imported doesn't necessarily mean better, etc. (rant over)) I'm sure Keith is very, and justifiably, proud of both speakers. Thanks for leaving the BR3s at John's so we could have a listen. Also fab to come away with some music recommendations to seek out, after all, good music surely drives the hobby! (Did I mention I liked the way Kandace was looking at us from the album cover!) Many thanks, Michael