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  1. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Now moved onto a fav shiny silver disc chez moi! JAZZ A ST GERMAIN a very cool Jazz compilation. Have a nice day! Michael
  2. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Im enjoying this, sinfully I might add on YouTube, but still sounds damn fine. Thierry Lang: Lyoba Revisited (Adyu mon bi payi - my fav!) https://www.allaboutjazz.com/lyoba-revisted-thierry-lang-act-music-review-by-john-kelman.php?width=768d just been trawling the interweb looking for a vinyl version, doesn't look like it exists, just put the CD in my Amazon cart. Cheers, Michael
  3. Vintage Speaker Recommendations

    @Krispy Audio stocks Genelec. Cameron is a gentleman, I'm sure he can sort you out with an audition, options, etc. etc. Cheers, Michael
  4. Totally Gemini07, my post earlier on in this thread. My 2c worth.... Surprised no one else has suggested this: Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Soundtrack; Why so serious? Incredible bass me thinks! (Really kicks in about halfway through) Regards, Michael Can't agree more!
  5. Oswald Mills Audio Video

    Very jealous Stump! Would love a listen to the OMA Minis! They look cool and I reckon would would be sweet in a small (real world) room.
  6. My 2c worth.... Surprised no one else has suggested this: Hans Zimmer, The Dark Knight Soundtrack; Why so serious? Incredible bass me thinks! (Really kicks in about halfway through) Regards, Michael
  7. I enjoyed the video! You may too! http://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/08/oswalds-mill-audio-video.html#more I think the gear looks great! Cheers, Michael
  8. Brinkman 10.5 tonearm - WOW

    Well done John and Greg, I too would like to listen to the new and improved Scuzzi system, it sounded very sweet last time already! I can supply the Pinot next time! That lighting certainly was tricky and unkind Greg! Not to mention the pressure John must have been putting you under to go from long sleeves to t-shirt, no doubt a sweaty business that fancy tonearm setup! Looks great! Cheers, Michael
  9. I agree Jonny! I personally believe Oswald Mills Audio produce the most lustworthy audio gear. Apparently it also sounds damn fine! I remember a blog I read a couple of years ago called (I think) Down the Rabbit Hole Part 1, 2 and possibly 3. I'll try to track it down. Found it/them: http://thehighfidelityreport.com/down-the-rabbit-hole/ http://thehighfidelityreport.com/down-the-rabbit-hole-part-2/
  10. Of course! Each to their own. Never the idea to denigrate other's pride and joy!
  11. Hi all, I have become been lurking on SNA, DAR, Stereophile, Analog Planet, Mono and Stereo, Part Time Audiophile, HiFi Pig, etc. etc. for sometime now, commenting only occcasionally, hopefully helpfully........ I have also met some very friendly people through SNA and listened to many very good and disparate systems. I have a modest system, nothing special and certainly not high end: Benz Glider, Roksan Xerxes X, Pure Audio Vinyl Phono, Cambridge Audio 840a and 650c and Elac BS244s. Sounds pretty good in our small living room. I am mightily impressed with many of the system pics in the Showcase your System thread here on SNA and do also like the morning views of many feet/socks/rooms/stereos and ploughed through oodles of galleries on many forums of 'system' photo posts, etc. However, in the planning of a new listening room (me) reading room (wife) I am mindful, that for me, unless my eyes are closed or I'm knitting @Hergest I need the view from the listening seat to be more than a pile of cables, hifi separates scattered all over the place and speakers taking up much of the room. My mind boggles when I think that it must be difficult for some to even get to the turntable without trampling and knocking over expensive gear. Some of the most bizarre examples of this seem to crop up in Japan, I think I saw photos of all sorts - violin bodies, etc, hanging in the room of one bloke as he dealt with 'resonances'! I must admit I am a bit of a 'neat freak' and that would drive me crazy. So do you think what you are looking at helps the ears? I am mindful of, and totally understanding of the fact that, form (the view) must follow function (the music). A great example of a very cool must have design piece, the 'Juicy Salif' by Phillipe Starck, looks very cool (I had to have one), but it is very crappy to juice citrus on! Is too little attention paid to what the room, listening space, rack, cable mess looks like? Not really talking about the home cinema here, just two channel aural and optical bliss! Maybe a new acronym is called for: AAA - Acceptable Audiophile Aesthetics? (Politically correct too, OK, I do live in the Inner West) Some of the coolest rooms I would love to have a sit down and listen in, not to mention the very cool looking gear, can be found 'Googling' Oswald Mills Audio as a starting point to what (I think) looks good, I am aware that they have received some scorn hereabouts as to their apparent cost no object, and overly prettied up, designs, but I would love to take their gear for a test drive to see if it sounds as good as it looks! A few piccies: What do you all think? He says, expecting sharp criticism........... Am I on another planet? As he dims the lights and heads over to turn on the lava lamp........ Regards, Michael
  12. Thanks. My BIL is in Spain, think he needs 9".
  13. Hi Nic, how long is it? Regards, Michael
  14. dealer to align cartridge

    Buy from Cameron, he's a good businessman and a gentleman. You don't get service like he is offering, offers, online! He will set up your TT, cart, etc. and is even likely to help you out with the 'upgrade bug' when it bites! Regards, Michael (Cameron setup the Glider I bought from him for me, I have been very happy with it!)
  15. Spectacular Speakers!!

    Hi, thought it time to add a few piccies of 'speaker porn' from Diesis Audio. Look fab! Well to me! Roma, Caput Mundi, Aura and Ludos. Kind regards, Michael