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  1. Not many fish in this channel either it would seem. Crazy price for this Amp.
  2. FYI - http://www.deniswhite.com.au/cyrus-lyric-05-one-box-qualilty-hifi.html
  3. I thought John C Reilly (think that is right) made the movie.
  4. It will be interesting how the future unfolds. I have two sons - 7 and 9. They both enjoy music but the 7 year old is more "into" it. He likes to spend time listening with me whereas the older one tends to do it only to make me happy. I have hundreds of CDs that mostly sit in the CD cabinet (which is in the living room - you can't actually see the CDs) - they are all ripped to file. We sit and play from the various apps. I made them each a CD of their favourites. The older child has never played it (but has asked for the ability to easily record his own music and playback on the computer) whereas the younger one loves his CD - he is also the one that shows his mum how to use the music player in her car and can sing along to just about every song we have. He loves all the mediums. So on a 50/50 basis - the future in my house looks like the CD will survive for the purist/music lover and the streaming will do for the rest
  5. Thanks Tony. I thought I had read somewhere that these came in crates so that shipping price is a relief. I appreciate the effort.
  6. Hi Tony Just wondering with regard to your speakers what type of packaging they have - just trying to work out how much it would cost to get them to Brisbane. Thanks Paul
  7. These are fantastic speakers - and some wonderful packaging. GLWTS.
  8. I agree actually. I wanted to like it more but the droid was the best bit. Without it the whole thing was a bit flat - not saying it was bad, just not as a enjoyable as TFA. I liked Donnie's character but my wife pick the CGI before I spoiled it for her.
  9. You are welcome to try my Gato (even just to borrow and report on) but after summer - it is my Summer amp. I put it away after I bought a Line Magnetic (which I preferred to the Luxman in the small room) but my listening room is too hot for the tubes in Summer so I put the Gato back in. I had always preferred the Luxman to the Gato but the Gato has more functionality - great Dac included. Now that it is back in I think I might have not appreciated it enough last time so would be interested in your thoughts.
  10. This was exactly my experience first time I heard a 507 (your test amp was mine once I believe).
  11. Or this one (shameless plug): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182351422780?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  12. Sums up this amp perfectly. I recently purchased one as well (would have bought this one but the silver and gold matched my system better) and it has finally got me off the merry go around. I actually prefer this over my Luxman for exactly the reasons Rantan mentioned above. And it can double as a heater in winter.