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  1. electric cars

    That is big news. Will be interesting to see if they end up down a MB route with their own battery company.
  2. electric cars

    If only Tesla would do a 3-motor Model 3, that'd be the end of the M3/M4.... https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/magna-shows-tesla-that-three-motors-are-better-than-two/
  3. electric cars

    Nothing new here, though 600km range is questionable - a few already have been down that road and failed for customer relevance - better charging infrastructure's a better investment.
  4. Tube buffer

    Get on Hifi Shark and see if you can get yourself a Gary Dodd battery-powered tube buffer. Used to have one, was stolen (so possibly for sale somewhere in Australia), very very nice bit of kit at a very reasonable price. This if you want a little tube distortion. if you want to buffer sans distortion, many SS options.
  5. F1 2017

    Happens too quickly for external messages to make much of a difference in the most stressful and fast-changing part of a race. Any other line he'd have taken was slower, and anyone that can get a race drive to concede a competitive position via external influence whilst they're at peak concentration... is not human. Anyone who's tried was probably fired by their driver shortly thereafter. Marchionne isn't wondering about how to radio Seb not to run into other cars at the next start, he's more likely wondering how it is Lewis doesn't seem to get himself caught in such situations, and why his effectively-equally-expensive driver does. There'll be an offer to LH to finish his career in red - if it's not there already it'll be there soon.
  6. electric cars

    https://www.fiatusa.com/500e.html A former colleague has one - quite nice for what it is, and the lease rate he was offered was extraordinarily low.
  7. F1 2017

    No such thing exists. Kimi got a great start. Then he got unfortunate. Max got almost as good a start, and was a little immature to be focusing only on Seb (you can actually see him inadvertently close into Kimi prior to contact. In the end it didn't really matter because Seb had a medicore start and either didn't see the two up his left, or was overeager to preserve a lead before checking that he actually had it. Racing incident, and a very sheepish Seb. Sad to see effects on Kimi and Fernando, they're both good in rain and it'd have been great to see them work their magic. Hats off to Sainz for a very mature drive.
  8. Sure, but what are you feeding it?
  9. What's the frequency of your source material, and what can your DAC take?
  10. electric cars

  11. electric cars

    Very true. Answers much as to why Japan supports a hydrogen economy. Still - EVs have their place, I like what they've done with urban mobility in particular - http://www.toyota-global.com/innovation/personal_mobility/i-road/
  12. electric cars

    They'll be getting it for less if we get fleet emissions regs. Unlikely to happen in this model cycle, though if it does, they'll subsidise the s**t out of these to flog more GTIs. Depends how much you'd want to pay for the Prius Prime. It's a pretty good car, it's just not that cheap to make. The last generation Prius PHEV was part of a limited release to public in a pre-production form down here with GoGet carshare; quite a lot of people got to drive them. Nice car. Compared to the regular Prius, you could go hit freeway speeds before the ICE kicked in... a very nice drive.
  13. electric cars

    Chill out, put yourself in the manufacturers' position. None of them really want to make PHEVs. You need everything you need for an ICE and an EV. From a capital cost perspective they're very, very prickly. They're also a lot of work to calibrate, particularly hybrid drive modes. What they do very well though is the following: Get EV-like behaviours into an ICE chassis at minimal development cost - no custom platforms required Drop ICE emissions to very low levels very quickly on any reasonable test cycle (Riffing off the prior point) if fleet emissions legislation changes overnight, they give manufacturers/distributors a way to subsidise one model of car for quick volume sale enough to get the manufacturer fleet emissions down to a viable level very quickly. VW isn't the only one doing this down here: Porsche, MB and BMW are some of the notable marques having PHEV options for these reasons (I don't mean the i3 either). There are some curious segments where PHEVs work on their own (Outlander PHEV is an example), though for the mainstay it's what's described above. As pure EVs fall in price, these sort of PHEVs will become less and less relevant. IMHO this will tip EV adoption a little earlier in the piece. Give it a steer if you can. Same powertrain as the A3 Sportback E-tron, it's pretty good to drive. Only PHEV on the market with a nice gearbox, though I never got more than 30-odd km out of that before the ICE kicked in (kinda defeats the point, though some will like it). I'll be driving a Model 3 next weekend - will let you know how it goes.
  14. SSD vs HDD for audio streaming

    It does, and correctly implemented (NVMe) it cuts OS latency significantly and eliminates the need for SATA chips too, but it also pulls power from the motherboard in an irregular and relatively moderately-powered way. Just as a 'reference' PC will want its SSD powered separately, you'd likely want the same for a M.2 disk. HAven't really been looking for such a product though its likely out there...
  15. Tesla fatal crash using autopilot

    https://www.ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/PR20170912.aspx "The NTSB also determined the operational design of the Tesla’s vehicle automation permitted the car driver’s overreliance on the automation, noting its design allowed prolonged disengagement from the driving task and enabled the driver to use it in ways inconsistent with manufacturer guidance and warnings."